Peace will come

Sung By: Melanie,  Recorded Live in 1971

This song has been in my head for 38 years. I think it is a powerful song, sung by Melanie with such feeling and power. Since becoming a child of the one true GOD and giving my life to Jesus Christ in 1996, this song has taken on a very different meaning in my life. I now have true peace.
Peace can come in your life too, and it can be now. That peace can come from knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior. Many of you have been through such horrible harassment and deception from the Father of Lies (Satan). You can be free from his clutches today. As seen in the many testimonies on this website, there is a hope, a hope for true peace. GOD has a plan, a plan for your life. Accept him in to your life today as your Lord and Savior.
How is this done? By praying the following prayer. Speak out loud; let the Father of Lies know you are giving your allegiance to the true GOD.

Dear GOD, I recognize that I am a sinner. I have broken the commandments of Your Word, the Bible. I have been neglecting Your offer of forgiveness and eternal life. I confess this to you from my heart. I ask You to forgive me because of the price that Jesus Your Son paid when He died for my sins.
Lord Jesus, I ask You to come into my heart and live in my life from this day onward. I give myself to You. I ask You to fill my life with the power of the Holy Spirit. I receive Your forgiveness according to the promise of Your Word. I thank You for my new life. I thank You for Your power in the Holy Spirit. My whole heart praises You for the eternal life You have given me! Praise to GOD the Father and glory to Jesus Christ His Son! Amen.

Peace will come, in your life, peace will come.

If you prayed this prayer and have given your life to Jesus Christ, contact us and we will help you in your new walk to peace.