Jordan and Malone were featured as the basis for the cover story of April 2001's Charisma Magazine.


's senior writer, Andy Butcher, attended a UFO conference which Joe Jordan was ministering at, and the next weekend a "UFO's & The Bible" lecture series hosted by Westside Baptist Church in Titusville FL, which featured Joe Jordan and Guy Malone.
From these experiences and interviews, Butcher produced a whopping 11-page article
quoting not only Alien Resistance, but many other UFO experiencers and abductees as well.
Kudos for Charisma's excellent coverage of this tough topic - a first for any Christian Magazine!

Cover Story (pp 46-60) ALIENS AMONG US
Millions of intelligent people believe in alien life forms, and their fascination with UFOs typically leads them to New Age beliefs. Is the church doing anything to reach this unusual mission field?

Aliens: Friend or Foe?  /  Close Encounters  /  From Outer Space to Inner Peace
"... Most Christians don't want to get involved in engaging the extra-terrestrial culture because they dismiss the whole idea as nonsense or don't understand the significance of what is happening...(Joe) Jordan says. He believes what keeps the church away from the UFO world even more than ignorance is fear. "They don't understand the true nature of the experience," he says."

One alien-abductee turned Christian has set up an evangelism center in the town where many claim the world's greatest UFO cover-up occurred.
"Since the 1970s, Roswell has been the subject of a string of books and documentaries, with claims of the recovery of alien bodies and witnesses threatened into silence. Enough questions and contradictions remain to attract the curious from all over the world. And it is here at the heart of the UFO world that Guy Malone has established his Alien Resistance headquarters..."

For years Cathy Land was plagued by an unsettling sense of being 'visited.' When she realized what was happening, she turned to God to end her abduction experiences.
"The pieces started to fit together the night they dropped her...."

Text reprinted here is 2001; used by permission of Charisma magazine

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