Recommended Books

Piercing the Cosmic Veil: You Shall Not Be Afraid of the Terror By Night
by Joseph Jordan and Jason Dezember
New Release - July 7, 2020
"The information in this book that you are about to read is probably the best kept secret in the entire UFO/Alien abduction Research realm. The information shared here may challenge many who read this book. But we ask that you keep an open mind to the end, and leave your preconceived notions behind. Only then can you make an honest decision...We ask that you do not trust us personally. But trust the research findings and the evidence. They stand on their own. The evidence has been tried and tested for over two decades now, and is even repeatable ...The most powerful evidence in the world today showing the true nature of the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon."


Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection
 by Gary Bates
"When actor Richard Dreyfus gazed up into the heavens during the hit film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind audiences looked with him, in rapt attention. Alien encounters cropped up like, well, crop circles. More films were released. Books detailed alleged abductions. NASA funded SETI, an effort to make contact with civilizations from other worlds.
But is all this valid? Are there really alien civilizations in our vast universe? In Alien Intrusion, Gary Bates gives a thorough treatment of this fascinating subject. What is behind the numerous sightings from around the world? Does the U.S. Government have evidence of alien craft? Can we hope to mkae contact in our lifetime?
The author comes from an unapologetic Christian perspective, but lets the facts speak for themselves. His expertise on the subject and ability to 'cover the bases' has earned widespread respect - even from many in the 'UFOlogy community' who may be uncomfortable with the startling conclusions to which he inevitable leads the reader. This was especially evident during an amazing three-hour interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast.
This invaluable book will help Christians understand the issues, and be able to intelligently answer questions and engage in dialogue with a culture sure were are being watched from space. Heavily illustrated with photographs and drawings - an amazingly comprehensive 'cutting-edge' look at the UFO abduction phenomena."


"In dealing with the mystery of UFO's, we are not on the lunatic fringe of theology.
 Instead, we stand on your behalf in front line of battle.
We are in defensive warfare at a major point of assault on humanity." 

Dr. David Allen Lewis, Author, "UFO: End Time Delusion"