Our Vision Statement: We at CE4 Research Group strive to bring the most comprehensive findings from our many years of research into the so called Alien Abduction experience to full view of our peers and all interested parties. We bring our piece of the UFO puzzle to the table so that a complete picture can be presented of the true nature of the Alien entities.

Our Mission Statement: The mission of CE4 Research Group is to share with the world, the most powerful evidence known that exposes the Alien entities for who they really are. That evidence is in the testimonies of those who have overcome the experience, the oppression, the bondage, the harassment, the control, the lies, the deception that these entities perpetrate, buy calling out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Through this evidence, of these testimonies, we will be able to help others. The world asks for this evidence, and we give it to them. We share this evidence through any means of communication available.

Our Request: If you are a personal testimony to the power in the name and authority of Jesus Christ over these entities, we would like to hear from you. Let us add your testimony to the growing amount of evidence (the testimonies) to our research. Help us defeat the lies of the enemy. Help others get free as you have been set free.

To share your personal testimony with us, which could be used to help someone else get free from this demonically perpetrated UFO / alien abduction deception, please contact us. If you want to help our mission by granting permission to the CE4 Research Group to post your personal testimony on our website, then please specify you give permission in your email letter.
Contact Joe Jordan at CE4Research@gmail.com

For help in stopping abductions please go to AlienResistance.org