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1. Is the Alien Abduction Experience real?
To the people reporting the experience, it is very real, an event that can be very hard to distinguish from any other everyday event. 

2. What kinds of people are “abductees”?

Most of these experiencers, and we will say most of the experiencers, are normal everyday people. If you look at the case testimonies that we’ve come across, and look at the videos that we’ve had available… You’ll see that these people come from all different professions: unlike what most people think, that these people come from back woods or trailer parks. That’s not the way it works. We’re dealing with very professional people, that have had an experience that they cannot explain, and it’s affected their life. And that’s something that’s across the board for society; there’s no separate area that seems to be more than others, perhaps with one exception. It actually seems to be people of a higher intelligence have had this experience more than others.

3. Are Aliens real extraterrestrial biological entities?

In many circles this is readily accepted. This is NOT a proven fact. NO evidence yet today can absolutely show this. It is only a belief, based on sketchy at best circumstantial so-called evidence. The research findings that we have show that this is not an extraterrestrial biological entity that we’re dealing with. Rather, the research shows what we’re dealing with here, is this: it is a spiritual entity, and this is even what the secular realm is starting to see. They call it an “interdimensional" or "extradimensional" entity. Well, they’re only one step away from using the word, “the spirit realm”. Which, they won’t go there, because that would actually get them to accept the fact that if there’s a spiritual realm, then the Bible must be true. And they don’t want to go there, so they call these things interdimensional. Which, we have no problem with that, because we’re actually talking about the same thing. But from a Biblical perspective, we recognize that as, there’s only two realms. There’s a physical realm, and a spiritual realm. And that spiritual realm is another dimension to us. And these entities are from that realm.

4. Are Aliens extra dimensional beings?

Many researchers today are leaning more toward this hypothesis based on their findings. You can read the many quotes of these researchers on our quotes page. CE4 Research also believes, based on their research, this to be more the truth.  

5. Are Abduction Experiencers really taken aboard Alien Space Crafts?

There is no real evidence of this yet today. This is a recorded perception by the experiencer, perpetrated by the Alien Entities. This can happen in a number of the deceptions that these entities use to perpetrate this. You can read about these techniques that they use here.  

6. What are some of the things experiencers are reporting about the abduction experience itself?

You can read about this here.

7. How many of those people were you able to help stop abductions and terminate the abduction experience in their life?

The total cases we’ve probably worked with is right around 400 right now, and they are still coming in. That 400 is both of people saying, “I too have done this, stopped this experience”, and also of people saying “can you help me stop this experience?” Out of these 400 cases, probably a third of those have actually been in the position in which they were asking for help after seeing the testimonies posted on our web sites. So about a third of the 400 at this point are the ones that we’ve actually been able to talk to and share with them what we’ve found, and get them to understand what this phenomenon is about, so that they too can be free from this experience, and we were able to help them stop their abductions and terminate the abduction experience in their life.

8. When it comes to stopping abductions, what method works, and does it work for all types of these entities?
The way we work with helping people is getting them to understand that they have been through a deception. And once that recognition is made, it starts them onto a level to where they can understand and cope with the experience, to a point to where they can self-deliver themselves from the experience. What they’re doing is breaking their stronghold that these entities have on them. They must do that themselves. It’s not something we can do for them. We can share with them what I’ve learned from dealing with all of these cases. We can show them the evidence we have of the name and power of Jesus Christ over these entities. And they must recognize this, themself. And then they must be determined to do something about what they’ve recognized. And this process is in taking the steps through the 8 Rs to Freedom that we work with. The 8 Rs process works with all types of these entities.

9. What are the 8 Rs to Freedom, and could you give some detail on the importance of each step?
The 8 Rs to Freedom is a methodology for people to free themselves of this experience.
The first of the Rs is Recognize, that is when people catch a brief glimpse, Recognition, that something’s wrong here. That things aren’t making sense, that there’s something that they need to recognize; that hey, there’s a problem here. 

Number two is Responsibility. Responsibility means you take responsibility for what you're recognizing: you do something about it. And then the next steps, are what you do about it, is how you take that responsibility.

The third one is Repent. You want to repent to God Almighty for being involved in this experience, completely; and this comes with true repentance. In other words, you’ve Recognized it, you want to do something about it, and you must have true repentance for being involved in it in the first place. You’ve got to get yourself to where you truly believe and, in your heart, that you really shouldn’t have been involved with this at all. And that’s when true repentance will come.

After that, you need to Renounce this experience completely, for what it is. It’s a demonic experience, it’s something you shouldn’t have been involved in, and you need to openly renounce it.

Number five is Remove it. You must remove all connection to this experience in your life. You need to quit searching this stuff on the internet, looking for answers. For so many people, this is a hard one to get through, because they’ve been involved with it for so long that they don’t want to give it up. But if you can Recognize it, take Responsibility, and Repent, truly repent from it, then that repentance means you’ve also got to Renounce it and Remove it.
In other words, you’ve got to: quit dabbling in it, turn away from it completely, turn toward God’s True Word, get this thing out of your life completely, quit going to conferences, quit watching movies on it: you’ve got to actually stop it from being part of your life. And that’s a very hard one for people to do, because they’ve been involved with it for so long they’re going to miss it, they’re going to still be attracted to it, but they’ve got to get to that point to where, they’re done with it: they move on.

The next one is Resist. In the beginning these entities will continue to attack you, because they’re going to test you for what you truly believe. And they’re going to see if you really have taken this to heart, because they know they’ve had a hook on you for a long time. And they don’t want to be able to allow you to be free; they want to make sure that they keep a bondage over you. And that’s why they continue to try to harass you in some form. So that’s something that you have to warn them of, that it says Resist, and there’s a reason for that; is because they will try to deceive you even more.

If you’ve gone through all these steps, if you’ve been able to walk through all of these steps, number seven, is Rejoice. Rejoice in what God has been able to do for you. People can Rejoice in: God has been able to help them Recognize, God has helped them to take Responsibility, God is accepting their Repentance, God is helping them to Renounce it, God is helping them to Remove it and helping them to Resist it. People can Rejoice in all of that happening to them. People should Rejoice in at least the process is working for them and they’re seeing progress in it. That’s very important. That’s a change in mindset. Believe me, that’s, if you go to church, that’s the praise and worship part of the service. That’s the part where you're actually in full rejoicing of being set free and being one of God’s chosen children. And that’s something that’s very important.

And then the last one, that’s a completion of the full 8 Rs, and the completion of the cycle, is Restore. And what that’s referring to is helping someone else get free. And what they’re talking about there is sharing your testimony, because you reach the lost by the Word of God and your testimony.

10. Does invoking the name of JESUS CHRIST to stop an Abduction experience work for everyone that uses it?
No it does not. For those who have accepted JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and Master and have made a personal relationship with him it does work. You can’t use the name Jesus Christ as a magic word. This has to come in true belief, from the heart. And we’ve actually had many testimonies where it didn’t work the first time, but persistence did show that it worked.

11. Can it ever work for anyone who is not a follower of Jesus Christ?
Yes it can, and we have testimonies of that from our research. Because of the out come of it, it changes that person to be a follower of JESUS CHRIST. They become witnesses to the name and authority over them. This makes for the best evidence for what we have found. 

12. Where does the authority of the name JESUS CHRIST come from?
You can read about where the authority that name is given comes from here

13. If I don’t believe in JESUS CHRIST, why should I believe your research findings? 
This is what our research has shown us in the many cases we have worked with. It does work and we can help you stop the experience also if you truly want it to stop. The evidence stands by itself, whether you want to accept it or not. The question we have asked all along is, “how many cases does it take for you to see this is real”? If you need more than the many testimonies we have posted for you to read or hear, you only need to come back later to see or hear more. We have them coming in all the time to our researchers.  

14. Have you found any other name of a religious personage that stops the experience?
We have heard of only a handful of such cases. But never with the life changing evidence that comes with using the name of JESUS CHRIST. It seems the Alien Entities allow this to give the impression of another name working. The real evidence comes from a true life change of being set free from the oppression that comes with the experience. No evidence is shown that the experience can be terminated completely from their life except through the name of JESUS CHRIST and a personal relationship with him.

15. What causes someone to have an abduction experience?    (en Espanol)
The secular researchers have been asking the same question for years and years and years, “What causes these people to have this experience?” And actually working in this for over 15 years, we’ve found a commonality amongst experiencers, and have been able to put our finger on an answer for that, that we believe that would fulfill this question. And it comes under 3 different forms. we at CE4 Research Group have found through our research that people can have this experience because of one of three reasons or a combination of these reasons.

The first answer, is that there are actually people that ask for this experience. And we’ve actually been at conferences and working tables where people come up and go, “You know I’d really like to have this experience to see what it’s about.” Be careful what you ask for. Because you open yourself up to that experience wholeheartedly when you do that. 

The second one is people unknowingly open themselves up to this experience, and it's by dabbling in the occult, or new age practices, or mystical things. Anything that’s ungodly can open you up to this realm, where you're putting up a billboard to the entities, to say that, “You're welcome here. I’m looking for answers. I’m not looking at it in God’s Word, but I’m looking at it elsewhere.” And they are that elsewhere. They will come into your life and affect you in some form or manner. People that are dealing with anything in paranormal, not just UFO stuff, they open themselves up; ghost experiences, people dealing with psychic abilities, they’ve opened themselves up to that particular experience. It’s like the enemy has a million doors out there, wanting you just to pick one: where God says, “I stand at the door and knock.” So we see most of the people that have become involved with this experience, it’s because they have unknowingly opened a door in their lives, to allow this experience to happen; they’ve been dabbling in areas that they shouldn’t have.

The third one, they said they had had these experiences since they were children. And the one thing that puzzled us was, these children weren’t openly asking for this, and they weren’t really unknowingly opening doors, because they weren’t open to these types of things. They weren’t doing other things that would unknowingly allow that to happen. The more we started questioning the past of their lives: what was your family like, what was your family life like, what were your parents into, and what type of work did they do, or what did they believe? That’s when we usually found an open door. And the open door wasn’t caused by the child: the open door was caused by the family itself; the parents. And that opens it up to a generational curse, or generational cycle of the experience, which secular researchers are seeing, they just don’t have an answer to that. They always want to tie it back to “there’s some genetic trait that allows it to happen”. No, it’s not dealing with that at all: it’s dealing with an open door. Kind of like along “the sins of the fathers”, it’s carried on to the next generation. But also keep in mind that it can be broken, that cycle can be broken, at any time: and through that true belief in Jesus Christ and repentance, and taking the initiative to move on and get free from the experience. And then that will carry on through numerous generations, of being free from these entities’ involvement.

16. Do you believe there is an Alien Entity agenda?
We certainly do. We are seeing through the research that the purpose of the Alien Entities is to change your mindset; to take your mind off of the ONE true GOD. We see this in the communications from these entities, and the messages they give through the experiencers. You can read some of those here. Why would space aliens come all this way to tell us just this one religious belief, Christianity, is wrong? When there are so many other religions that don’t even agree with each other, except that they are all anti-CHRIST. These entities preach an anti-CHRIST New Age Gospel. JESUS CHRIST warned us to be aware of any angel who comes preaching a new gospel. Could this be what he was warning us of, the message we are seeing from the Alien Entities? They are all about deception. They are here to deceive mankind with there false warnings and false prophetic messages. They will do whatever it takes to make you believe them. 

17. Is there really a hybridization program going on by the Alien Entities, like the secular researchers report?
True research to date has not proven this, or you would not be asking this question.
We do agree that experiencers have talked about seeing such things during their experiences. But there is no absolute proof that there is a hybridization program of any type going on.
This experience could just be more of the deceptive, (whatever it takes to make you believe), lies that they perpetrate. Just think for a moment... an area that would most hook a woman to believe is through her maternal instinct. Hook her this way and you can convince, (deceive), her into falling for the experience being real.
You will even see some Christian researchers say hybridization is real, based on their interpretation of biblical scripture, but this is NOT proof. (While other Christian researchers say hybridization is not real, also based on their interpretation of biblical scripture.)
The evidence of our research is in the testimonies of the experiencers; that is the proof.
We have not successfully been able to help experiencers terminate their experiences who hang onto this belief. But we have been able to help experiencers terminate their experiences who let go of this belief. This shows us that this belief is just more of the deception. Complete freedom from these attacks involves being set free from all of the deceptions they have perpetrated on you.
Please see the "Modern Hybrid Breeding Program?" Article here for more info.

18. Who do you believe these Alien entities are if they are not Extraterrestrial Biological Entities?
Because of seeing that invoking the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST affects the experience, we had to also look at it from a biblical perspective. Are there entities written about in biblical scripture that show the abilities of these Alien entities? We see that there are. They are called angels. Scripture talks of two types of angels. GOD’s Holy angels, and those referred to as fallen angels. The fallen angels’ purpose is to deceive mankind. The abilities of these fallen angels mirror the ability of these Alien entities. What appears as high technology may only be their actual abilities. Secular researchers use the term interdimensional beings. Scripturally they are spiritual beings with very bad motives toward Humanity.

19. How real can the abduction experience feel/be to those who experience it?
There are different levels of how much they feel the experience is real. A lot, a high percentage of experiencers - and a lot of the other secular researchers will even attest to this - will describe it as “I’ve had these dreams”. And that’s a key thing to consider there: is on that level these people have had a dream-state-like experience that they’re remembering. 
There are those though, not a high percentage, but once they’ve been able to get to where they have major recollections of these dreams, the reality of the experience itself seems more intense, and to a higher level.  It’s real to the point to them that they’re having a hard time discerning whether it actually physically happened to them.  
As far as very real experiences: fallen angels have the power to create “vision” scenarios that are real, in the sense that it really does happen to the person. It doesn’t happen in physical space and time. But as far as memory and recall though, the person did experience that. The experiences really do happen to the individual, but the fallen angel initiates it, then the fallen angel and the person have a Visionary Experience, that is real, but as soon as the fallen angel ends that experience, the entities seen and any constructed location, inside a spaceship etc., cease to exist.  In a minority of cases, these experiences can seem completely physically real to the individual, because the fallen angel made it seem real, which is the nature of these Visionary Experiences. But it’s not real in space and time. While fallen angels may manifest to cause physical injuries to an abductee, these highly real-seeming experiences are Vision Experiences, as fallen angels and Holy angels are seen causing in the Bible. And this level of reality is much more rare.
The vast majority of abduction experiences are in that dream-state. A lot of people use the term in the “astral state” or “Out of Body Experience state”, but that’s all pretty much all in the same venue of the experience itself. 

20. Would you explain what is meant by “good cop/bad cop” in relation to abductions? 
The experiences that these abduction experiencers have with these entities are very traumatic in nature; medical examinations, sexually oriented experiences during the experience. And they seem to continue for a good period of time. 
But there are cases, many cases, where the experience changes at some point, and there’s a different entity involved. One that seems more angelic, or more high spiritual motives to the experience. And what we’re seeing here when that happens, is more communication between the entities and the experiencer themselves. And that communication comes from this second entity that becomes involved with the experience. 
What we’re seeing here, this is referred to as Stockholm Syndrome in the UFO community. Because what happens is, these experiences that the abduction experiencers have when they first start out are very traumatic, but somewhere along the line, you recognize that these experiencers have become messengers for the entities themselves. And that’s when you find out that there’s been that second level of experience come into their lives. And in other words, they’ve sided with the enemy. 
That’s what the Stockholm Syndrome refers to. It was termed looking at prisoners of war, where they come in and relieve these prisoners of war from their captivity, but once they did that and talked to them, these prisoners were actually saying the same thing their captors were saying. They had actually sided with their captors, after all they’d been through, they were siding with the ideology of the captors. And it confused the military when they first encountered that; they didn’t understand how that was possible. And as psychiatrists and psychologists started looking at it, they saw how that worked, and it’s a brainwashing effect. And what you’re actually seeing here is a portrayal like we see in TV shows of “Good Cop, Bad Cop”. You got one cop that is beating you down during interrogation, and the other cop is in the same room with you, and he’s trying to be the nice guy to you. But keep in mind, they’re both cops, they’re both after the same thing. And that’s what we’re seeing with this abduction experience, is that even though the experience starts out traumatic, they have an agenda to bring you to another level, to where you become a disciple of them, and you actually are their messenger here on earth. And that’s what their main agenda seem to be, to turn you into that particular testimony for them. And you see the same thing in people that have become involved in cults. Whether it be UFO cults, or Bible-based cults, or whatever; there’s a brainwashing that goes on.

21. What about alien implants?
Please see the "Alien Abduction Implants" article.

22. Are there races of these Alien entities?
 We see the appearance of different races. But there is no actual evidence of this. It is a belief in the UFO community only. Remember that these entities are deceptive in nature, (whatever it takes to make you believe). We know they can appear in many guises, as reported by the experiencers testimonies. This idea of different races when looked at from a biblical perspective is quite interesting. Look at the scripture Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the Heavenly realm”. This shows a hierarchy of the demonic realm. So they just may appear different or have different purposes because of that reason. We believe we are dealing with the elite of this hierarchy, the most deceptive, the most intelligent, the most powerful, to bring forth this deception of this being Aliens. Also this scripture tells us they are spiritual beings not physical beings. Although they have the ability to manifest into physical form if needed to perpetuate their deceptive agenda, to deceive mankind.

23. Do you believe any real Extraterrestrial Biological Entities or flying saucers are mentioned in the Bible?
As far as extraterrestrial biological entities or UFOs or flying saucers being mentioned in the Bible, we would have to say no. We think what’s happening is people in this UFO realm are taking things from a UFO perspective and making the Bible fit that perspective. And that’s something that is not allowed if you're looking at Scripture. You have to take the Scriptural view, and look at what its saying, actually. You can’t go the other way around, which is what they’re trying to do. 

24. How would you describe the different categories of UFOs?
The research is showing that 99% of UFO experiences are either man-made or natural phenomena. There is usually an explanation. It’s usually not an unidentified as much as it’s a misidentified. People see things in the sky all the time, you see something its going across the sky, its silvery, its bright, even in the daylight, but odds are, that’s an aircraft. 
People have taken this to a level that is just unbelievable over the years. I mean, the actual idea of MUFON is the investigation of unidentified flying objects, not alien spacecraft. If you're looking at from a scientific point of view, all they’re doing is investigating things that people can’t identify that they’re seeing. But odds are it’s mostly: a natural phenomenon or a manmade object. It’s that small percentage that they’re investigating that they don’t have an answer to. And that classifies it ‘unidentified’. But just because it’s unidentified doesn’t automatically make it an alien spacecraft. It’s only unidentified. They don’t have an answer to it. That’s why it’s called unidentified. 
So people, even people in MUFON, have taken this to a level that automatically UFO means alien spacecraft. That it does not, though. It only means it's something unidentified, and this is what Hollywood’s taken to another level. We worked on a lot of sighting reports before we switched over to working on abductions. And everything that we worked on seemed to be pretty matter-of-fact Misidentifies. We can only say that there was probably a couple that actually even fit into the supernatural experience. This has been taken to a level where people automatically think that a lot of the experiences in the UFO realm are supernatural - but they’re not. There’s only a very small percentage. 

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