Excerpted from UFO End Time Delusion, by David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise

How do we explain the ability of spiritual entities to manipulate the physical realm?
Let us take a trip to Flatland.

Edwin Abbot wrote Flatland in 1884. The theme of this book is an examination of how a three-dimensional being would relate to people in a two-dimensional world. If we were to step into such a world, only a small portion of our body could interact with it at any one time. As we moved in their world, our appearance to the “Flatlanders” would constantly change in shape and size. We could disappear merely by stepping out of the plane of their world. We could just as suddenly reappear. If we were to pass a ball through this world, it would appear at first as a small circle, getting larger, then smaller, then disappearing. A cube on edge or other less uniform objects would also change shape and size as they passed through.

Using this analogy, let us suppose that spiritual beings are on another, higher dimension from humankind. They would have similar effects upon our world as we would have on Flatland. If they are able to manipulate energy, to give it a concentration, then they could cause this energy concentration to take different shapes and sizes to generate an appearance of solid objects.

An example of this energy effect is a prank one of the authors (R.L.S.) pulled with some fellow sailors in the U.S. navy while working in an electronics shop. One night, through boredom, he decided to hook up a voltage circuit to create a Jacob’s Ladder. These may be seen in the old sci-fi movies where electricity climbs upward between two metallic rods. He hooked several hundred volts up to a transformer to boost it at a ratio of 10,000 to one. What he ended up with were several hundreds of thousands of volts. This was high voltage, low amperage energy, so it was relatively, though not entirely safe. When he turned on the circuit in the darkened room, there were visible sheets of blue energy glowing between the metal legs and sides of the work benches! The energy appeared almost solid in the dark. This shows that it is possible that concentrated energy can at times appear to be solid given the right conditions. Such energy would no doubt also cause interference with electrical circuits of every kind, which would explain many effects that UFOs can generate. This also could be why UFOs appear more frequently at night than in the daytime. Energy fields would probably be somewhat transparent. A darkened background would make them appear to be more solid.
Consider what a physicist and specialist in relativity theory noted:

Drawing from what we know can happen in séances and poltergeist activity, it seems that these supernatural forces can manipulate matter and energy, extracting energy from the atmosphere, for example (which manifests as a local temperature change), to manipulate matter and produce an apparent violation of the second law [of thermodynamics], and I guess my feeling is that on a larger scale this is what a UFO could be. I’m not saying I know that it is, but only that it could be. It seems to me likely that UFOs are large-scale violations of the second law in which energy is arranged to take on enough of a force field appearance so that it appears to look like matter, yet it’s really just energy concentration – it’s not really solid matter in the usual sense.(20)

The point to all of this is that a spiritual explanation fits entirely with the UFO effects. Beings from a higher dimensional plane than our own, who are able to manipulate energy, could generate an appearance of mass, speed, and physical effects. Given the ability of deceptive manipulation of the minds of people, they could also give an impression of alien entities, actual physical contact, and what their ships look like on the inside. The ability of Satan to manipulate the minds of people, especially those who reject the Creator, is documented not only in the Bible, but in actual case histories. This is why we have come to the firm conclusion that UFOs are manifestations of deceptive spiritual beings.

UFOs Pose a Real Threat to Men
The UFO phenomena are manifestations of living beings that are here to deceive mankind. They appear in their UFO form because they wish to change our perception of reality. That they are alive rather than mechanical is not our only conclusion. One researcher noted this:

John Keel, one of the most respected researchers in this field, noted that “over and over again, witnesses have told me in hushed tones, ‘you know, I don’t think that thing I saw was mechanical at all. I got the distinct impression it was alive.’”(21)

We remind you again of Vallee’s observation that

UFOs and related phenomena are the means through which man’s concepts are being rearranged.(22)

UFOs are changing the perceptions of mankind. They are taking over the minds and hearts of men. The danger can be seen in the progressive possession of some individual contactees that takes place over a period of time.

It seems as if an external force takes control of people. In the close encounters people may lose their ability to move or speak; in the abduction cases, which are the most extreme example, they gradually enter into a series of experiences during which they lose control of their senses. (23)

These beings are using deception, mind manipulation, and eventually possession to control people:

Demons, as fallen angels, apparently retain great powers, such as the manipulation and restructuring of matter, as well as the ability to influence or control human consciousness and experience through classic possession by direct psychic implantation of a set of experiences. (24)

We believe UFOs can only be explained by the spiritual entity idea, rather than as aliens in spaceships. If this is true and they are here to deceive mankind, then there is a horrible reality behind what at first glance might appear to be merely strange or eccentric. There is an evil-minded intent behind UFOs that is extremely hazardous to anyone who dabbles in the realm.
We urge all who have an interest in UFOs to realize the real danger that they pose. The apostle Paul warned, “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Cor 2:11).

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UFO End Time Delusion, by David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise, pgs.128-131

"In dealing with the mystery of UFO's, we are not on the lunatic fringe of theology.
 Instead, we stand on your behalf in front line of battle.
We are in defensive warfare at a major point of assault on humanity." 
Dr. David Allen Lewis, Author, "UFO: End Time Delusion"