"Alien Implants"

By Joe Jordan and Paradox Brown

This article intends to focus on the topic of “alien abduction implants” from various Christian perspectives. A basic assumption taken here will be that “alien abductions” are actually caused by fallen angels or demonic entities. This assumption is based off of the numerous documented cases of “alien abductees” which testify that their abductions have stopped in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, using spiritual warfare methods.(1)

There have been numerous reports from “alien abductees” of receiving from “aliens” what the UFO research community commonly calls “implants”.
Implants are said to be small solid foreign objects of earth-based materials, usually of metal or ceramic, found imbedded in an abductee. Sometimes, though not always, abductees will say they remember a medical procedure in which the area of the body implanted in was the target of the procedure. These procedures, when remembered, are often said to be quite painful, involving long needles or drills, and no anesthesia.

Perhaps the most recent Christian research into the mechanics of an actual abduction experience, caused by an evil spirit, is that these experiences are real-seeming visions. These visions are completely real-seeming to the bodily senses in many cases. That these visions are mental can be established in the fact that there are documented cases that abductees can have an abduction experience, while a witness present sees the abductee does not go anywhere nor physically experience what the abductee later recounts as having happened. In the Bible, angelic visions are described in such a way that it seems they were often completely real to the bodily senses. As such, fallen angelic visions have a Biblical precedent for also being highly realistic experiences.

In some of these encounters with evil spirits, there is a perceptible level of physicality to the experience. This is seen in that injuries, such as bruises, cuts, puncture wounds, etc. are present on the abductee after the experience. Sometimes the person does not remember they have had an abduction experience, but still will notice unusual unexplained physical injuries that they cannot account for. These injuries likely are attributable to the same evil spirits causing the vision experience of alien abductions. There are cases in the Bible of angels causing physical injury to people; perhaps the most notable is the case of Job, in which Job was inflicted with boils by Satan.

And then there are the small foreign objects that have been taken out of people who have had the “alien abduction” experience; commonly called “implants”. Usually these implants have no entry wound or scar, but in fact appear like the object materialized under the skin without passing through the skin.

What should Christians make of “implants”, coming from the perspective that “alien abductions” are actually caused by fallen angels?

Assuming that a metal or ceramic object has been removed from an abductee, the first question is whether or not fallen angels actually did implant this object into a person. It would seem that fallen angels are capable of doing this. But do they? Is this the only option?

Doctors do report that sometimes objects can become embedded in a person accidentally, without the person being aware of it. If this was the case with an abductee, there stands a possibility that fallen angels might just play off of this sort of unknown embedded foreign object. A fallen angel could tailor the vision of an abduction experience to include the deception of a medical procedure to implant an object, which has already been present for some time in the abductee through normal circumstances. (2)

It is interesting that of all the supposed implants that have been removed from abductees, none seem to be technology, but rather are inanimate bits of metal or ceramic of a normal earthly composition. This is just the type of object composition one would expect to find from accidental embedding during the normal course of life. There are no documented cases of implants having any technological purpose or intelligent design to them. These objects are inanimate, and benign in their affect on the body. (3)

As this is the case, for an abductee or former abductee, it is rather impossible to tell whether or not the fallen angelic abduction experiences actually are the origin of any such foreign object found, or if the object may have appeared through natural means.

There is also the case in which an abductee may perceive that they have an implant, seeming to feel some hard object under the skin, having heard such is common among abductees. Without x-rays or other medical scans of that area of the body, no one can say for sure if such is a foreign object. There are many sorts of hard growths that can occur naturally in the body. These can include polyps, cysts, tumors, calcium spurs, small bone growths, and many other things. This kind of thing should be checked out by a doctor, to see if it is benign, and to see if it requires treatment. Sometimes growths like these will go away on their own. (4)(5)

For those abductees that do have an unidentified foreign object under their skin, if it is a biological growth, that’s appearance coincides with a recent abduction experience, there is some possibility that fallen angels may have caused the biological growth. There is also the possibility that the growth would have occurred naturally, whether an abduction experience had taken place or not.

For abductees, there can remain unanswered questions as to the nature of hard growths, or hard objects, found or perceived in their body. There is little way to tell for sure as to whether an evil spirit responsible for an abduction experience is responsible for these objects or not. Many people which are not abductees, have hard growths under the skin, or find embedded objects in themselves accidentally. These things happen to everybody, including people who have never had a single abduction experience.

As such, there is no need for abductees to claim that they have “implants”. This is a belief that is not, and summarily cannot, be supported by actual proof. While abduction experiences do happen to people, these are deceptive experiences. As many non-abductees experience hard growths and objects unknowingly embedded in them naturally, it is entirely possible that those evil spirits responsible for abductions simply deceptively play off of what are natural occurrences.

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