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The Testimony of Glenn

Does the concept of Aliens from 'outerspace' conflict with your faith?
Does it at least cast the ever so smallest amount of doubt? Can aliens
co-exist with what we believe in the Bible or is it really one or the
other? Is it Aliens really exist, but that's alright because God
created the universe and it's possible that he created aliens and just
didn't really mention it clearly in the bible? Or is it either aliens
exist, and I've been totally wrong believing in the bible, or aliens
don't exist..or maybe they exist but they're misunderstood?

Confusing isn't it? With aliens and ufo sightings in the media on an
almost daily basis now, I bet most of you reading have wondered at one
time or another, or maybe you have come to your own conclusions.
Certainly as a Christian, one has to either dismiss it completely or
form another opinion. Or, be 'open-minded' like the world tells people
to be these days.

What I'm about to tell you is so shocking and so far-fetched, I can
understand if you don't believe me. What I'm about to tell you is
strictly from my personal experiences only. Not the media. Not what
I've seen on television. Not my own theory. I can assure you it's
completely true. I wouldn't take the time to write this if it was
lies. However, in the end, you will see my main message.

My story begins. For decades I was conflicted like maybe some of your
are reading this right now. Sometimes I would think aliens existed.
Other times I thought they did not. Overall though, I must say, I did
believe they existed. There were too many credible witnesses to ufos,
some decent footage etc. This past summer I finally decided once and
for all to find out if they are real or not. I feared being abducted
at night. I decided to make it my mission to find out the truth,
whether I liked it or not. Once and for all. Going so far as, if it
proved to be real and the bible was not...so be it. At this time I was
starting to think some of the stories in the bible were children's
stories anyway. How could Noah get all those animals to fit in the

I figured a good starting point was to find real footage. I thought
that if these aliens really existed, then somebody must have caught
them on tape. I searched for weeks. Most of it was fake footage. Then
I found some interesting footage. It looked real. I watched it for
weeks. I was pretty convinced that the footage was authentic.
Something strange started happening (this is where I'm going to start
losing some people). Crows started appearing in my yard, even though
I've never seen a crow in my yard before. I started to notice them
everywhere. My wife and I would go for walks, and the crows would
almost seem to follow us around. I dismissed it for the most part.

I had won a camcorder the previous december. I decided to see if I
could capture the same footage that I thought was to be authentic on
the internet. By the way, on this other persons footage the aliens
looked like the grey aliens, with the black 'almond' eyes that is
portrayed in pop culture these days. His footage was amazing. Ufos,
hundreds of alien faces. It was really bizarre.

So I go out with my camcorder and start trying to replicate this guys
footage. The first night was impressive, but I can certainly see why
some would say it's not. So don't run away yet! I filmed alien faces
in the clouds the first night. Very distinct. Hundreds appeared..along
with some other faces. One face had what I would call an evil grin.
Well you can film anything in clouds! Yes. That's why it gets better
from here because that was the only cloud footage.

I continued filming from that night (in my backyard by the way). I
filmed the 'grey' aliens during the day! Right in my backyard. Dozens'
of them. They also had the ability to transform (or morph) in the
leaves of trees into this 'giant alien head'. As I started filming
more and more, the footage got better! They even got closer! I started
posting my clips for all to see. I had some people tell me it was the
most amazing footage that they've seen! I figured out the technique on
how to film them, and my footage kept getting better and better.

One night I was filming, I got some crystal clear footage of 'grey'
alien faces around lights. There were three grey alien heads in the
air around lights. Another large (I mean three times the size) grey
alien head on the ground, with another one right in front of it! The
footage was so clear you could see the reflectiveness of their black
eyes. One interesting detail, I could rarely ever see the entire body.
Mostly just the classic grey alien head.

Bizarre things began happening. I was getting a 'sick' feeling in my
head and ringing in my ears. I could sense when they were close, and I
had the urge to film them. It was beyond a 'sick' feeling really. They
were trying to get into my head. They were indeed trying to possess
me. I was constantly fighting it off. Doors started slamming at night
(it was worse at night in darkness). Drawers started moving! One night
I thought I heard something run through my room quickly. The crows
were around my property like never before. I mean, they would fly up
right outside my window. One weekend my wife and I traveled about
four hours to motel. I had told my wife about the crows. When we
pulled the car up to the entrance, I said "look hun, look at the
crows." She said, "yeah". Then she got out of the car and said,
my. I didn't know all of them were right there blocking our entrance
to the stairway." She was shocked that there were about 5 crows there,
blocking us. The crow thing is cliched, I know. But this really
happened and I'm not going to omit it (Do I think crows are evil? No.
But can they be controlled by evil. Yes. Absolutely.).

The filing continued. One of the final clips I took was really
strange. What was seen in these clips really defied logic and what we
know as reality. Anyway, one of my last clips was a ufo landed in my
backyard with an alien figure in front of it. When I was looking for
something to film that night, I didn't see it at first. I figured out
why. Because I couldn't see it with my naked eye. I could only see it
through the viewfinder of the camcorder. In fact, up until that point
I never experienced it quite like this before. Let me explain, when I
would film the alien faces they appeared frozen. Almost like they
couldn't move. With the alien in front of the ufo, it appeared to be
moving. Let me just say, it takes guts or stupidity to film this in
the first place, but this was terrifying. This time the alien looked
like it was moving closer to me. I was probably about 80 feet away. I
got up out of my chair and ran back into the house.

I knew very early on what these were. And I can tell you for sure,
this phenomenon Does exist. But once you know it exists, then what are
these aliens? Are they from another planet or what? The truth is far
more sinister. Are you ready for this? They are demons. God showed me
what they really were. How? Did he speak to me? Well, no, not exactly.
God spoke to me how he speaks to many. I've heard other people try to
describe it, and the best they can say is a 'knowing'. And that's
best way that I can describe it too. A knowingness. No doubt
whatsoever. Not a little doubt that they were really "aliens". Not a
speck of doubt. NO DOUBT. ZERO DOUBT. This is going on and these
things are demons.

Near the end, when you realize what you're seeing is real, I started
to come close to a nervous breakdown. It changed my life. I mean I ran
to the Bible. I now know without a single doubt that the Bible is
totally 100% true! And Yes, all of the animals did fit on Noah's Ark!
I knew immediately that everything in the Bible happened and will
happen. I was doubting Jesus Christ before this, not fully but
experiencing some doubt, and let me tell you I have never believed in
Jesus Christ this much in my life now! Jesus is totally real.

The conclusion of my true story. What finally drove me over the edge
was hundreds of "alien" faces appeared on my laptop screen. This
happened a couple of times before that, but this final time drove me
over the edge. I broke down. I prayed and prayed. I slept with a light
on in the room one night. I knew hell was real. I knew demons were
real. And I knew satan is real.

I met with a Pastor. I showed him my clips. He advised me to destroy
them. I did. I erased every single one of them. They contained evil. I
took his advice to spend my time on healthy Christian stuff than this
garbage. And that's all it is. The entire alien/ufo phenomenon is a lie,
or 'signs and wonders' that will deceive even some of the elect.
Praise Jesus, I was not deceived. That may not be the end of the
deception either. satan has been working on this major deception for
hundreds of years.

More information came to me months later, after I was being attacked.
By the way, speaking of being spiritually attacked. If you want more
evidence they weren't aliens...why did the attacks stop when I began
calling out to Jesus! The attacks have been much less and not even
close to their severity since I've made Jesus Lord and Savior in my
life. That's also why I think the so-called "aliens" appeared
in the footage. I think they didn't dare come closer because the Holy
Spirit was protecting me. So finally, more information came to me. I
also think that there is a good possibility that the "alien" lie will
be the explanation for the rapture for non-believers. In the end, you
can take what I say with a grain of salt. That's fine. But my main
message is to truly believe in your Bibles! Jesus is real! Jesus
Christ coming back! I praise Jesus forever!
God Bless.