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(1) The Facts
(2) The Official Roswell Mythology
(3) Operation Paperclip, Nazi UFOs
(4) The Bodies, The Two Witnesses
            & The False Prophets

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Believe it or not, I still get e-mails asking "What is the significance of Roswell New Mexico?"
SO... for the extremely uninitiated, before getting into the untold story, let's briefly cover the basics of the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash - fact and folklore. 
Already K
now the basics? Scroll to parts 3 & 4 to see what sets this page apart from all else you've read...

The facts are:
#1) In July 1947, an unusual craft crashed in the desert of New Mexico.
#2) The Roswell Army Air base was involved in recovering the craft, and possibly "bodies" (reported numbers have varied over the years, from 1-5)
#3) On July 8th, the Roswell newspaper published a Front Page Article - taken from the official press release written by Lt. Walter Haut of the RAAF 509th acting under orders of Col. William Blanchard - reading
"RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region"
#4) Following orders from Col William Blanchard (and probably Gen Roger Ramey and Washington higher-ups), Haut recanted the flying disk press release hours later, claiming via the next day's paper that it was just a weather balloon recovered.

Read the 1947 RDR articles in their entirety     Souvenir reproductions of these Front Page articles are available from The Roswell Daily Record Online Gift Store

The Air Force maintains this story still today, adding the bit about the "crash test dummies" in 1997's official "Roswell : Case Closed" report, just two weeks before the 50th anniversary of the event was celebrated. At the time (July 1947), the media and the public "bought" the weather balloon story, but in the time since many witnesses have surfaced recounting their stories - including death threats - proving to many that the weather balloon story was indeed a cover-up.

Fact #5 is nearly indisputable to all investigation since - that for whatever reasons, the government has been lying about what crashed and was recovered from the Roswell region. The common belief today is that it was a spacecraft from another world. The general public is less aware of this, but many researchers note that the craft probably "skipped" near Roswell, leaving debris, but regaining altitude and finally crashing in Corona NM, appx 45 miles from its initial "crash," (See, or the possibility of 2 ships is also sometimes considered.

All remained quiet for almost 40 years. Then the 1980's-1990's saw a renewed interest among researchers and the public alike to discover "the truth." Books such as Stanton Friedman's "Crash at Corona" and Randle & Schmidt's "The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell" (1994; Originally "UFO Crash at Roswell" 1991) have sparked movies, imaginations, and continued serious investigations.

Also, the International UFO Museum & Research Center opened in Roswell in 1991, founded by former Lt Walter Haut (above) and Glenn Dennis (below). Today the IUFOMRC receives over 200,000 visitors annually, offering A CERTAIN VERSION of the Roswell story, to great popular appeal and financial success. (While the Museum is non-profit, the adjoining gift shop - required to go through to exit - is not.) As it is basically factual, let's start with the popular version of the story. The one that sells T-shirts, books and movies...

Part 2) The Official Mythology

Note that this is barely an overview of the relevant historical facts. It is brief in order to get to parts 3 and 4. More details are available at the UFO Museum's ROSWELL INCIDENT link, and other helpful links are cited as well. "My pick" for the most credible research is Dennis Balthaser's award-winning site, Truth Seeker at Roswell.

Many people witnessed the plummeting of the unusual craft on a stormy night in early July (given dates actually vary). According to MOST reports, the Roswell Incident "begins" when ranch hand Mac Brazel came into town, bringing pieces of debris to Roswell sheriff, George Wilcox. The metal was said to have had unusual properties, including the ability to revert to its original shape when bent, and was very strong. Sheriff Wilcox called the nearby 509th...

<<< The Roswell Army AirField, 509th Division was where our nation's then 15 nuclear bombs were stored, including the only planes equipped to fly them, the only pilots and bombers trained to release them, and at the time was the largest air landing strip in the world. In other words, these were not a bunch of dorks running around, manning the 509th. They were among the best and most highly trained technical specialized military our nation had to offer, adding MUCH credibility to any testimony that would later follow. >>>
Major Marcel "takes the fall," claiming only under orders that he - an officer trained in military equipment - misidentified the craft. (Pictured with a real weather balloon for the press conference.) As years passed, he insisted that he was not mistaken about the metal. He was later described as an outsider, and often despondent.

Wilcox called the nearby 509th to see if they had lost any planes (more common in this era than widely known), which they had not. The 509th then sent out Major Jesse Marcel AND (less reported) Sheridan Cavett, a Counter Intelligence officer, already assigned to the case (WHY? if they yet had no idea anything had happened or what they'd find) who accompanied Brazel to the debris field. Truckloads of debris were soon brought to the now-famous Hangar 84, along with the bodies, and the now-famous press release was issued. That first night, Lt Marcel kept some debris, and woke up his wife and young son to show it to them. They were certain that they had a piece of a flying saucer, but later young Jesse returned the debris to his father, ultimately surrendering to the cover-up.

As Roswell came to international attention overnight, the debris and bodies were flown to other military bases, including FT Worth TX and Dayton OH. All wreckage was eventually confiscated, and orders were given to all involved to remain forever silent. Brazel managed to slip away from his military "escorts" and record a radio interview, but the station's owner was contacted by Washington, and told he would lose his FCC license if he broadcast it. Also (according to the UFO Musuem's ROSWELL INCIDENT link), "...Walt Whitmore and Lyman Strickland saw their friend, Mack Brazel, who was being escorted to the Roswell Daily Record by three military officers. He ignored Whitmore and Strickland, which was not at all like Mack, and once he got to the Roswell Daily Record offices, he changed his story. He now claimed to have found the debris on June 14." Despite the media's apparent compliance with the cover-up, the RDR does seem to get a final "zing," as the last words of July 9th's article were by Brazel, stating:

"Brazel said that he had previously found two weather observation balloons, but that what he found this time did not in any way resemble either of these. "I am sure that what I found was not any weather observation balloon," he said. "But if I find anything else besides a bomb they are going to have a hard time getting me to say anything about it."

Brazel then disappeared for several days (alleged house arrest / brainwashing / threats) and never spoke again of the incident. But he is said to have been seen driving around town immediately afterwards with a brand new truck, which he reportedly could not have afforded.  .Jesse Marcel Jr, and Elizabeth Wilcox (the sheriff's daughter) however, remain today among the most credible witnesses to the strange events of those few days.

Another Roswell resident, citizen Glenn Dennis, retains one of the highest places of prominence in popular reconstructions of the incident. Dennis, whose story is widely told, but now also widely scrutinized, is also a co-founder of Roswell's UFO Museum. Dennis was the mortician who says he received a phone call from the 509th, asking for "child sized hermetically sealed caskets" and instructions on how to preserve the tissue of corpses for further study. This portion of his story remains likely, or at least possible, but he also makes other claims, which are no longer universally believed by UFO researchers. Among them: that he visited the base "to see if he could help," was approached by a nurse acquaintance, and got kicked off with death threats. Robert Shirkey, assigned to the 509th and personally involved in the retrieval - and then the cover-up (but today an advocate of full disclosure) - comments on Dennis' claims in a written work, Glenn Dennis And Me : "...Military secrets... called for the highest security. It is ludicrous to think that an unauthorized individual could just wander in and look around. Even an approach (by vehicle) would have been challenged and any assertive behavior would have resulted in arrest.  To think that the 27 personnel that arrived with the convoy from the site would all disappear and leave the materials or the bodies unattended is simply imaginary and without substance."

The facts remain however. Something crashed. It was covered up. Having no paradigm for what follows here, many involved were certain that July 1947 saw the crash of a ship and crew from another world.

But they DIDN'T know what ELSE our government was involved in during that era.
And those who tell their versions of events didn't count on the 2 military witnesses - who actually participated in the recovery of the crash and bodies - ever talking.

Some still debunk the "conspiracy" idea entirely, maintaining that our government is simply too inept to keep a good secret. However, the Manhattan Project suggests otherwise. During WWII, we involved hundreds of scientists and military personnel in one of the best-kept "top secrets" of world history (some reports say that up to 10,000 people were involved on a "need-to-know" basis). We also thwarted the efforts of German spies - killing and being killed on U.S. soil - from discovering what was so secret in New Mexico during that time. Everything remained a secret until The Bombs were dropped.

But now that we've got this Ultra Top-Secret base going in New Mexico - complete with scientists, labs and everything - and a proven track record of impenetrable secrecy, what are you going to do next with it, now that the war is over? How now are we going to DEFEND our new title as undisputed World Champion Super Power?

What follows is the bomb the U.S. military never dropped.

Nazi UFO

Part 3) Operation Paperclip / Nazi UFOs
(Thanks to Dr Michael S. Heiser, PhD for putting me on the Paperclip Trail!)

The Schriever "Flugkreisel"

1950 Artwork of a Nazi Saucer

Firstly, at the Roswell storefront, I always encourage people to do this research for themselves. Check out these Google (TM) search results for Operation Paperclip (72,000+ matches) and Nazi UFOs (900,000+ matches).
This page is merely an introduction to the idea... BUT DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF!

In VERY brief, it is today known that end the very end of WWII, the Germans were working on "flying discs," which probably were only radio (remote) controlled. German and American soldiers alike referred to them as "Foo-Fighters." In addition to the above search results, I actually have in my possession a photocopy of a January 1945 copy of Current Science and Aviation sent to HQ by a nice man who visited Roswell. It reads, "Latest Nazi aerial weapon is the "foo-fighter" ..." mysterious red and silver balls of fire which follow allied planes at speeds of 300 miles per hour. It is not yet known..." More research shows that German soldiers reported them as well, also unsure what they were. They may not even be the same phenomena as the "true" flying discs from other reports, such as these below.

"Some of the earliest stories about German flying saucers date back to an inventor named Victor Schauberger ... One of Schauberger's projects was to produce a flying machine, saucer shaped, that used a "liquid vortex propulsion" system. His theory was that "if water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation, known as a 'colloidal,' a build-up of energy results, which, with immense power, can cause levitation." ... There are also reports that, according to a letter Victor Schauberger wrote to a friend, a full-sized prototype of one of his designs was constructed using prison labor at the Mauhausen concentration camp. This craft flew on February 19th of 1945 near Prague and obtained an altitude of 45,000 feet in only 3 minutes. The letter goes on to say the prototype was destroyed by the Nazis before it could be captured by the Allies."  (from which also has cool pictures).

wpe149.jpg (29326 bytes)
"WWII German Flying Disk Schematic Drawing Found"
This complete article is posted on Dr. Heiser's site

"As Sir Roy Feddon, Chief of the Technical Mission to Germany for the Ministry of Aircraft Production stated in 1945...
"I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they (the Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare."
... That these events occurred is also supported by former CIA agent Virgil Armstrong who commented "We know that in the early parts of the war there were certain factions of the Allied forces that did not believe he (Hitler) had a secret weapon and it wasn’t until the Americans made much emphasis of this that they began to look at it seriously and indeed did discover that
Hitler not only had a secret weapon,
he had what we would call today
a UFO or spacecraft."
(many cool pictures also)

So cutting to the chase, Operation Paperclip was a formerly classified (until 1973) Top Secret project in which the American government imported appx 126 German scientists after the war. The OSS (now the CIA) cleaned up their records because President Truman did not want to let "true" Nazis into the country, much less put them on our payroll. But we did, because we wanted this very technology - either we did it or the Russians would do it (and may have for that matter with other scientists). The "operation" is so old now, that at least some of it's secrets are no longer classified. It turns out however that THE the chief scientist on "our" NASA Apollo moon project - Dr. Wernher von Braun - was a former Nazi scientist. The "damage controllers" have always maintained that "they weren't really Nazis" but were simply men of science forced to work for the Nazis. Truth or Fiction? You decide. The following appears on many sites, listed as compiled by (ahem) 'Agent Orange...'

Just too fantastic to believe?
Updated 2010, because my original NASA and "dot mil" links have been removed since linking to them from this page

Read the 2 stories from BBC News & American Heritage (quoted in my 2010 Roswell UFO Festival lecture) on Operation Paperclip and the advanced technology the Nazi Scientists brought to the U.S.
Wikipedia Page on Operation Paperclip is good too!

Very sad and damning is from
George Washington University's National Securities Archive ( -
a memo detailing human experimentation by Paperclip scientists in the U.S.  - not Germany - after WWII

Click the link for full article and/or the thumbnails for sad highlights

"WERNHER VON BRAUN; From 1937 to 1945, von Braun was the technical director of the Peenemunde rocket research center, where the V-2 rocket --which devastated England--was developed. As noted previously, his dossier was rewritten so he didn't appear to have been an enthusiastic Nazi. Von Braun worked on guided missiles for the U.S. Army and was later director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. He became a celebrity in the 1950s and early 1960s, as one of Walt Disney's experts on the "World of Tomorrow." In 1970, he became NASA's associate administrator.

"KURT BLOME; A high-ranking Nazi scientist, Blome told U.S. military interrogators in 1945 that he had been ordered in 1943 to experiment with plague vaccines on concentration camp prisoners. He was tried at Nuremberg in 1947 on charges of practicing euthanasia (extermination of sick prisoners), and conducting experiments on humans. Although acquitted, his earlier admissions were well known, and it was generally accepted that he had indeed participated in the gruesome experiments. Two months after his Nuremberg acquittal, Blome was interviewed at Camp David, Maryland, about biological warfare. In 1951, he was hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical warfare. His file neglected to mention Nuremberg."

Many more scientists and their "dossiers" by this Agent Orange person are at and
For more on Operation Paperclip, try Secrets of the Third Reich from the online book Violations: Towards A New World History.

You can rest assured that at the time, this operation was as secret and discreet as the Manhattan Project itself. The general public would be outraged - especially in Post WWII America - that in a matter of months, we were bringing these scientists to the states. No amount of spin-doctoring could have made this situation acceptable to those who had lost sons fighting German soldiers.

But as the above search results indicate, their are thousands of sites detailing this history (one will have to sort through the fiction of course), and even several books. To say the least, I submit to you this quote:

"In retrospect, Americans should have correlated the WW II and post-war sightings of flying spheres, saucers, and cylinders to the wondrous technology of National Socialist Germany. It is an understatement to say that our government has deliberately misled us on the UFO question." - from Robert J Lee's "Fascinating Relics of the Third Reich" (

SO... Where does all this bring us so far?

1) In 1940-45 Nazi scientists were aggressively developing amazing flying machines...
2) In 1945 The U.S. moved over 100 of them to Fort Bliss, Texas and White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico...
3) In 1947 an unidentified flying object crashes in the New Mexico desert, and the military enforces the greatest cover-up of any event ever discovered by the general public...

So tell me Virginia, all fantasy aside where do you think the craft recovered outside of Roswell really came from? New Mexico, or the Pleadian star system? And given the patriotic and political climate of the day, What would the military / government rather the American public believe?  As I've grown quite fond of saying lately "UFOs are not being covered up; UFOs are the cover up." (TM)

In fact, as many as 3 other crashed ships are said to have been recovered in New Mexico between 1947 and the early 1950's. Here's the 1948 Aztec NM story, complete with 16 bodies. Today, Aztec has a budding UFO tourism industry - and even UFO Conference - that rivals Roswell's own. And hey here's a 3-day long series of mass daytime sightings as reported in Farmington NM's newspaper in 1950, not a stone's throw away. Gee, whelcome you never heard about these? With the "protocol" established in 1947, no such wrecks would ever make major headlines again.   Okay, I know what you're thinking ... I did too - "But what about the bodies?"

Did you catch any of that stuff above about human experimentation? This only gets worse folks.

(Continued below ... consider these books for further reading. Also - my brief response to Dr. Donald Burleson's article in a recent Roswell Daily Record column, debunking the possibility of Nazi UFOs relating to Roswell.) lists 5 books specifically on Operation Paperclip - but all are limited availability

Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Strategic Bombers 1939-1945

Last Talons of the Eagle
Secret Nazi Technology Which Could Have Changed the Outcome of WWII

Man-Made UFOs

The Nazi Rocketeers
Dreams of
Space and
Crimes of War

Wernher von Braun
The Man Who Sold the Moon
(Details Nazi connections)

Nazi Involvement with the Occult
More on this in other chapters*

Pentagon Aliens

See below notes for more info on this controversial book

Pentagon Aliens (last photo above) Former Air Force Intelligence officer documents that UFO technology was invented by Nikola Tesla before WWII, and has been kept secret by world governments for the purpose of advancing "IllumiNazi" (the author's word) / NWO agenda(s). "Must read" for Secret Government afficianados!   Finally, it must be noted that the Operation Paperclip / Nazi UFOs "angle" is not the BEGINNING of suppressed technologies relating to UFOs, but more a culmination of sorts.

*See Also
The Secret King
Himmlerr's Lord of the Runes

The Occult Roots of Nazism
Secret Aryan Cults
Influence on Nazi Idealogy

Black Sun
Aryan Cults, Nazism &
The Politcs of Identity

On DVD! History of Man-Made UFOs : The Technological & Occult Papertrail Prefacing Roswell 1947
is the 5th talk on the DVD

UFOs: The Best Documented Evidence of Government Cover-Up

This is the only book ever written by an eyewitness to the Roswell UFO Crash

Part 4) The Bodies, The Two Witnesses & The False Prophets
All the popular books ever written about Roswell are by researchers - not eyewitnesses. As Robert Shirkey's pamphlet, "What Will Happen When We Are Gone?" states, "Someone is trying to confuse the public... In the not too distant future we "white-hairs" and "bald heads" are not going to be here... shortly the federal government and its generals will be able to say anything without fear of contradiction about UFOs and alien "people" flying strange crafts. No one will be alive to counter their falsehoods with the statement "BUT I WAS THERE!"

I guess that's why he called his 1999 book, I WAS THERE. And with Frank Kaufmann ("discharged" after the Roswell incident but covertly "re-assigned" to live as a civilian observer/spy, working for the Roswell Chamber of Commerce for 30 years), produced a video called WE WE THERE. These two men participated in the retrieval of the craft AND the cover-up. They saw the bodies. Their descriptions of them though, are different from all others'. They also knew Glen Dennis for decades (the mortician) before and after the incident. Both of their stories publicly refute his claims of interaction with "the nurse."    (See Mr. Dennis' response to this site)

I guess that's why neither of these men have ever spoken at the Museum's monthly lectures. I guess that's why they don't promote the book, video or drawings. I guess that's why there's only one place in Roswell that even offers them all to our tourists.

drawings of crew of the craft of unknown origin

Presented here - courtesy
are the drawings of what BOTH Shirkey and Kaufman refer to only as "occupants of the craft of unknown origin."

These were drawn in
July 1947

by Frank Kaufmann in Hangar 84, completed at home the next day.

They "...didn't have any of these big eyes or horns or anything else or spiny fingers. They were very good-looking people, ash-colored faces and skin. About 5 feet 4, 5 feet 5.

"Eyes a little more pronounced, a little bit larger. Small ears, small nose. Fine features. Hairless."
Kaufmann recounts his involvement for ABQ Journal

Kaufmann, by the way, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in New York City before WWII, which accepted him "based on his portrait of a young lady."
Heck, you might even say he could draw.

fsrhutch.gif (9957 bytes)
"Do The Greys Have Progeria?"
Article printed in MUFON
Journal & Flying Saucer Review

Progeria...  "Children with Progeria usually have these features: dwarf, bald head, pinched nose, large head with a small face, prominent eyes, and wrinkle skin.

"...results in rapid aging of children, beginning with growth failure during the first year of life that results in disproportionately small bodies given the size of their heads. The children are thin with baldness, wizened narrow faces, and old-appearing skin. Children with progeria develop early atherosclerosis. The average lifespan is the early teens..."
Source:MEDLINE plus Medical Encyclopedia


"Among the first symptoms to develop are: hair loss, disappearance of cheek fat with sharpening of facial features, and diminished growth. "As the children turn old within a remarkably short time, their change in appearance can be shocking. The head is disproportionally large and bald and the facial appearance is one of hollow cheeks with a tight skin, scanty eyebrows and eyelashes, a pointed nose and, frequently either crowded or missing teeth...

"Progeria is extremely rare*. In Europe, only about ten children are known to have the disease and world-wide this number is approximately thirty. Following the first description of the disease in 1886, approximately one hundred cases have been registered... Children with progeria bear a remarkable resemblance to each other both regarding their outward appearance and their symptoms. Their mental development and intelligence is entirely normal and appropriate for their calendar age... However, due to their unusual appearance, they are frequently stared at by strangers and must therefore learn to cope with this from an early age.
Excerpted from: Progeria - A Fight Against Time

I simply don't have the unmitigated gaul to post them, but more photos of children with progeria that will make you cry - and probably make damn sure you will never, ever wear OR SELL another "alien" T-shirt again - are at

As I write this, I've never hoped I was wrong more in my entire life. Paperclip's clandestine history of human experimentation is well documented. For now, I will let the unspeakable remain unspoken. But you can do the math... Society's "undesirable" kids living in hospitals and institutions, not expected to live past age 12-15. Nazis on U.S. soil. Testing craft of never-before achieved speeds, which to date had previously been only remote controlled. You can just imagine the phone calls - "I'm sorry Mrs Johnson, but I'm calling about Jimmy..."

"For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil."
Ecclesiastes 12:14

Redfern's DVD lecture on this topic
is available on the 5-lecture "Roswell Disc"

  * Aside - comment from Nick Redfern, author of Cosmic Crashes whom I asked to review this article:
"I would agree with you that the possibility that the Roswell bodies were human is a very real one and is one that regrettably very few researchers are looking into. There was a book being planned on this by 2 authors that was to be titled 'Iceman Down' but I think this was shelved. But I would definitely say that more research should be done in this area, particularly re paperclip etc. The only problem I have with the progeria hypothesis is that progeria is extremely rare. Would the nazis or us have been able to acquire 5 people with progeria of similar appearance and similar height and all in 1947?"       (Kudos also to Mike Fisher of Roswell for being the first to say this to me.)

Redfern continues: "However, Tim Cooper (a researcher now retired) did interview several years ago a former US military nurse who told him that small and unusual bodies were being flown to Los Alamos from 1945 to 1947 by the military and the rumor was that they had been used in biowarfare and nuclear experimentation in Japan during the War and had been found by US forces after Japan was defeated."

    The point is that there ARE other explanations for the bodies, which other researchers should consider. Progeria is simply one possibilty that fits the physical description of the credible testimonies.

Update: Little did I know, Nick Redfern was at work on a book on this very topic when I wrote, and has since published >>>

Of course our two witnesses knew NONE of this in 1947. In their accounts, both believed the "people" (their words) were truly aliens. They had no knowledge of Operation Paperclip, nor of the atrocities governments are capable of. But I'll say it again: What would the government rather the American public believe? That Germans were experimenting on humans, and getting paid from the Federal budget to do it? And I'll say it again: UFOs - in the sense of space aliens visiting us in flying saucers - are not being covered up. UFOs are the cover up.

Other pictures from the article at
Click on Mike’s Newsletter, Sample Issue, Nazi UFOs

Drawing of a German aircraft design war

historians now know as the Ho Parabel
(Horten Parabola), a twin-jet which
achieved speeds of 600 MPH

Flying The Ho-IX In Late 1944

Hi-Tech Composite Radar-Absorbing Wings

Obviously, Kaufmann's drawings look nothing like the typical grey or green aliens popular among modern Roswell mythos. But their importance cannot be understated. They are the only drawings ever released by someone "who was there."

But they just don't sell T-shirts. They don't attract tourism. They don't spark the imagination or feed the fantasy. But in my opinion, they speak volumes of truth. In fact, the introduction to Shirkey's book states his frustration with all the wild stories that had been going around! Other authors who interviewed them and publish their testimonies usually won't even name them, because what the author eventually publishes diverges from what Shirkey or Kaufmann told them. They are referred to only as "first-hand witnesses," or even "Mr X" while the author makes their story "fit" their version of "what really happened!"  But they weren't there.

In fact, the previously mentioned "Truth About the Roswell UFO Crash" even publishes a redrawn sketch of Kaufmann's image here, saying " was not a 'flying saucer.' "

drawings of crew of the craft of unknown origin

Look closely at the very bottom right of this drawing - crumpled up against the rocks. (More drawings are in the book.) I have full-sized copies. It looks like a manta, not a disc. Kind of like these >>> when you think about it.

Only in 1947, American soldiers weren't supposed to know about these. They are the GERMAN pre-cursors to our Stealth Bombers, which the UFO community usually believes were back-engineered from the Roswell crash!

More B2 images at

Note: Not knowing of Operation Paperclip, Kaufmann (like Corso) also asserts on the WE WERE THERE video that the Stealth Bomber was "an offshoot" of the Roswell crash.

I WAS THERE continues to diverge from the standard mythology in many more ways. As said, the Roswell story generally begins with ranch-hand Mac Brazel entering town with a small amount of the debris, after which Sheriff Wilcox calls in the military - who are presumably perplexed and soon "left scrambling" to invent a cover story.

But according to Shirkey, he was called out to Alamogordo days earlier, along with other radar specialists to scrutinize amazing blips on their radar. He reports that they "watched the screen light up" (the lightning strike which downed at least one craft) then return to normal. He asserts that they knew right then one had crashed, and were "on the scene" the next day to pick it up - days before Brazel would come into town! The recovery occurred just as normally described, bodies and all, however he adds that they set up a "diversionary crash site" as well to satisfy onlookers. They first scattered airplane parts over an area near the highway (which the city of Roswell generally designates as "the" crash site) and then picked them up for the crowds! Once everything had been cleared, they drove all the wreckage, under tarps, straight through town in broad daylight directly to the 509th. Onlookers assumed it was just a plane crash.

Given the above Operation Paperclip and human test subject paradigm,
this is now where these stories take their most diabolical turns.

(For what it's worth, the below information came to me after my understanding of the above, the same as it has been presented to you here in fact, but I still had a few unresolved questions. No more.)

Shirkey rests in his telling here, saying of the open air, normal drive into town, with just another downed airplane, "It worked, just like hiding in plain sight always works! ... "Friday was the Fourth of July ...  "Everyone stayed home to celebrate. All was quiet! The misinformation cover story was well established." pp 42-43  

Sunday July 6, Mac Brazel entered town with his findings, presumably from where the craft first hit the ground and "skipped" near Roswell, before really crashing in Corona NM. Upon Wilcox's call to Jesse Marcel, they knew the "secret" was now in the hands of civilians, and would continue to leak. Major Marcel accompanied Brazel to the debris field, along with Cavett, the Counter Intelligence agent who manages to elude mention in many tellings.

The newspaper story broke on Tuesday July 8. But in the WE WERE THERE video Kaufmann asserts that they remained "in communication with higher hq" the entire time, including the days leading up to the trip to the ranch. They did not merely contact Washington after returning from the ranch, but well before.

Quoting Kaufmann's exact words...  "That gave us from the 4th to the 8th, enough time to..." (hand gestures and trails off, beginning again with how they planned) " address the media." ~ later ~ "All this was cooked up. One day the story came out that the base captured a flying saucer. The next Ramey issues a release stating it was a weather balloon." Questioner James Matheney: "Was this a scenario? The release and denial?" Kaufmann continues nodding. "That was all planned. Everything was planned out."

This cannot be understated, or ignored. The usual story is that "a real flying saucer" crashed, the local military at first told the truth, but then the "true story" was denied and suppressed by higher intelligence. Right?

But now we learn that with DAYS to plan their strategy, while receiving regular orders from Washington, someone upstairs let the local military believe the crash was from space. Then they let the whole world believe it as well.

For about 4 hours.

The first written press release was carefully timed to be evening news - enough time to enjoy limited circulation, but before supplying the second written release for the next day's media onslaught. According to both Shirkey and Kaufmann, they at first TOLD the media (what they believed was) the truth the MORNING of the 8th. Their spokesman walked out into the eager press and said they had "captured an interstellar spaceship with little beings flying it" (IWT p68) - and were laughed at by the press! They walked out on that story and nobody ran it. So then they released an "official memo," retracted it with a subsequent one, and the rest is history. (In sales techniques, it's called a "takeaway" - "Well Mr. Jones, I don't think you're right (man enough) for a car with that kind of power (that expensive). Let me show you..."  "Hey wait just a cotton-pickin' minute pal!") As strategists have known for centuries, practically everyone believes a contrived cover-up. If it's a secret, it must be true.

This page has already suggested a version of the Roswell crash that challenges the "alien saucer" theory. If the craft and the bodies can be reasoned - individually or especially in tandem - as both natural, although fantastic, phenomena, then there is little left to argue for an E.T. explanation of the Roswell Incident. However, the "terrestrial theory" of Nazi UFOs only gets stronger as more researchers continue to bring forth more data.

Of course the question of life on other planets is still open, but a credible alternate explanation of Roswell takes much of the fuel out of the debate. Essentially the crashed ship and bodies from Roswell are - to the belief in UFOs visiting earth - what Jesus is to Christianity. Well maybe that's a little steep. Paul for sure though. Let's at least agree that they are what the PC and Windows have been for computers. Computers would still exist without them of course, just as some today would still propose that aliens are visiting earth, but take Paul, Microsoft(TM) and Roswell out of the examples, and what are you left with really?

Now look at how this single incident has shaped mankind's worldview. Look at how our society has been irrevocably changed as a result. Was this the intent of those who invented the spacecraft story? Or merely the causative effect of the original lie, setting the stage for 55 years of high-budget, high-secrecy... Hell, high-crime projects by people you and I never voted for - or against - and who's names we will never know?

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Either way, it's been a smashing success. You and I have been enslaved. We believe a lie that we pay exorbitant taxes to perpetuate. Many good people spend YEARS investigating, believing, proving or debunking aspects of this lie, when they could be doing something useful. The very destinies of perhaps millions have been stolen.

But as Carl Sagan said, "Fantastic claims require fantastic proof." For the ET hypothesis, there is none, as the events of July 1947 can be understood without leaving this planet. There is speculation involved in "my" hypothesis yes, but nowhere near the "faith" needed to believe the popular explanation. A wrong notion about an advanced craft and some odd bodies has alone fueled the ET view of Roswell - and turned the global population to accepting, even expecting, alien contact for literally generations now.

And that, my friend, is specifically what someone, somewhere, needs us to believe in order for them to cover up, and to accomplish, something else entirely.

A knowing participant in the cover up at the time, Shirkey now bemoans that there is simply NO (legal, constitutional) military record anywhere of the events that changed his life, and the entire world for that matter. Shirkey and Kaufmann acted as good soldiers, believing in the decency of their so-called superiors to do the right thing. No longer puppets, both deny the obviously false "official word," that ALL RECORDS for THE NATION'S MOST IMPORTANT MILITARY BASE simply disappeared. Kaufmann is now deceased, very few remain from the 509th, and no more have come forward since the 1999 release of the book and video. Shirkey's concern is that whoever really knows the truth, can soon bury, destroy and/or twist it into anything they desire, after he's gone.

That is the position of this presentation. That is exactly what is being done. Shirkey and Kaufman, and certainly the vast majority of people with a television set, believe the Roswell crash was alien. The evidence suggests otherwise. The facts suggest that some apparently sinister forces are hell-bent on maintaining this deception, and that they're in power behind closed doors. The truth behind The Roswell Incident is not "enlightening" after all. It does not fill us with awe and wonder at the universe, or inspire belief in the limitlessness of God's creation. These are still true, but the truth of this incident only points to the utter depravity of man, when we live without regard of others' lives, and without regard to the just and sure judgment of God. Nobody who served God could do what was done to the children in that craft. Or the one from Aztec New Mexico. Or the one...

I would be remiss in many respects to not mention that at the end of their presentations (Shirkey in IWT, Kaufmann in WWT), both men go out of their way to express their belief in God and in the Bible - a faith they say grounded them while facing truths that drove many of their peers to depression, mental illness and suicide.

The images of the craft's occupants have been exaggerated over time by popular media and culture, perhaps only to ensure that the trail back to the truth can only grow dimmer and dimmer. Kaufmann and Shirkey's efforts to set the matter straight on even this have been met with cold reception. Especially in their own hometown, Roswell New Mexico, where their personal characters are/were known to be sterling, these proud faithful men now die without honor because of their stance. The more popularized image attracts untold thousands of tourists and millions of dollars - and their message goes unheard, or scoffed at, by the masses.


I'm in good company.

2002 Guy Malone