AR Zazzle – Shirts, Cups, etc.

Original V2/STW T-Shirts, Pins, Patches and Stickers!
All Proceeds Fund the V2 / Spread the Word Campaign!

100% Cotton
Black T-shirt
One size: Extra Large
US $15 + $5 shipping
(International orders please add US $7.00 for shipping.)
100% Cotton
White T-shirt
One size: Extra Large
US $15 + $5 shipping
(International orders please add US$7.00 for shipping.)
2.25″ diameter Embroidered Patch
US $4 postage paid.
1″ diameter
Metal backing
US $1 for two
4″ diameter vinyl stickers.
Get 5 for US $1 postage paid.
Rolls of 1000 small stickers.
Please send a few dollars or the equivalent in stamps/I.R.C.s to help offset shipping expenses.
Please note that orders cannot be taken through this website.
To order, send checks or US money orders payable to V2 to:

Box 911
Stanwood, WA
 98292 USA

 Support V2’s Free Sticker Campaign! Over 23 Million Stickers Sent Worldwide! More Info Here.


Alien Resistance Zazzle Store
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Please Note 90% of the price goes to Zazzle, and 10% goes to fund the Alien Resistance Ministry. 
This 10% is the bare minimum Zazzle allows, so these items are as inexpensive as we could make them available.



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