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Guy Malone is best known as author of Come Sail Away: UFO Phenomenon & The Bible and as co-founder of AlienResistance.org, an organization dedicated to offering Biblical perspectives on the UFO / Abduction phenomena, and to helping people experiencing attacks from tormenting spirits to bring the torment to an end.

Guy began work in the field of “Ufology” with the 1997 publication of “Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible,” a book which detailed his very personal experiences of so-called “alien abduction” and comparisons of the phenomena to that of demonic activity. The mass suicide of the group known as Heaven’s Gate served as motivation for Guy to become public with his experiences and views, in hopes of preventing further such tragedies in the future.

In 1999 he moved to Roswell, New Mexico as a missionary researching UFO cults. He soon teamed with Joseph Jordan (CE4research.com) of Cocoa Beach Florida, a State Section Director for MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) who independently began publishing accounts of “alien abduction” experiences stopping in prayer through Jesus’ name.

Roswell proved to be an ideal location for bringing more exposure to their mutual findings, and to take their message to UFO-themed events nationwide. Together they have presented dozens of public lectures and interviews offering hope to people experiencing the torment of alleged “visitations,” as well as compelling evidence that the “alien abduction” phenomena is indeed spiritual in its nature and origin, opposed to being genuine “extraterrestrial” visitations.

In 2000, Malone opened “Alien Resistance HQ” in Roswell, as a clearinghouse of books and videos on the subjects of UFOs and Aliens by other published Christian authors. In 2003, he organized his first (of seven) “Ancient of Days” conferences held in Roswell, inviting both Christian and non-Christian researchers to present their findings to the public, and to “compare notes” amiably discussing their research together.

Malone attributes “favor from God” and his organizational and people skills to (ironically) being asked to serve as as Roswell’s “UFO Festival Director” on a committee headed by former Mayor Sam LaGrone, and as organizer of The City of Roswell’s first UFO conference in 2007.

Malone was in charge of selecting speakers and organizing over 30 presentations for The City’s festive observance of the 60th Anniversary of the infamous “Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947” (the 2007 event was reported to draw 50,000 attendees). At this event he also met his soon-to-be wife (ParadoxBrown.com) – also an “alien experiencer” and author of books including “A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels” and “The Bible, Physics and The Abilities of Fallen Angels : The Alien Abduction Phenomenon.”

While continuing to co-operate in a limited capacity with The City of Roswell’s UFO Festival Committee(s), Malone and his wife (with Jordan) independently produced and recorded further conferences, including “War of the Worlds : The Invisible Battle” and “The First Christian Symposium on Aliens” in Roswell. Malone is perhaps best-known today for his lectures “Evidences for a Spiritual Interpretation of Alien Contact” and “Roswell 1947 : What Really Happened?”

While in Roswell from 1999-2010, Malone traveled, ministered, “networked” and heard out other speakers at annual UFO conferences in Washington D.C., Hollywood California, Eureka Springs Arkansas, El Paso Texas, Clearwater Florida, Joshua Tree California, Aztec New Mexico, Denver Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada, and Santa Clara California. He has also aligned himself with some of the more credentialed scholars, ministers and authors promoting orthodox Biblical views on the topics of UFOs and aliens, as well as a number of well-known secular researchers – many of whom do not agree with nor practice Christianity, but have at times given considerable weight to Malone and Jordan’s seemingly impeccable evidences for their views.

Aside from countless FM Radio and internet based interviews, Malone has been featured in print publications such as the paranormal Fate Magazine article “Rebel With A Cause,” in the Christian magazine Charisma’s cover story “Aliens Among Us” (with Jordan) and Malone also appeared on “UFOs in The Bible” aired by The History Channel.

Most recently, Joe Jordan left his position at NASA for military contract work in South Korea, while the Malones presently live in Nashville Tennessee, continuing their work producing various websites and videos pertaining to the topics of UFOs and alleged “aliens.” They entertain inquiries from all walks of life, and continue to offer the hope and evidence to those experiencing paranormal harassment from seemingly alien entities, that the “abduction” experience can be stopped – both in progress and as a life pattern – through relationship with Jesus Christ. Malone recently began work on his next book “To Roswell and Back : The Incredible Missionary Journey That Brought Back The Secret to the UFO and Alien Phenomena.”

We can be reached via alienresistance@gmail.com. If you are seeking help with stopping alien abduction experiences, please see Stop Alien Abduction! and contact us via StopAlienAbduction@gmail.com


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