A Response to the Charisma article  
"Aliens Among Us" 
The article was printed in the April 2001 issue 

Greetings Mr. Jordan

I am writing because of what I read in Charisma, April 2001 issue, "Aliens Among Us," which I subscribe to.

I experienced a strange thing in February/March 1990 which I have shared with my wife several times, which I am describing to you in this letter.

I was by myself (alone) at the time these events occurred, and I was asleep. In my sleep (lying flat on my back) I saw a brilliant blue-white light which came out of a bouquet of light pale-blue flowers above the mirror on my wife's dresser which is located at the foot of the bed.

The light beam made a complete circle like a light beam rotating from right to left (clockwise) then went back into the center then shot a beam of light right at my forehead. I felt it hit my forehead and something snapped. I sat up in bed, wide awake! For a long time trying to figure out what happened. (There has never been a bouquet of flowers on top of the dresser.)

I saw that beam of light come at me, felt it strike my forehead, and felt something snap in my forehead. I thought about this for a long time and then went back to sleep.

Then I saw (in my sleep, dream, or awake, I don't really know) 2 creatures that looked just like the picture on page 49 of the Charisma, looking at me from outside the bedroom window. They were peeping over the lower left-hand corner of the window sill. This took place after the light beam. ( All of these events took place early in the morning just before daylight.)

I never felt the same after that event. I have experienced a lot of crying and at times I just break down and cry. For some reason I say, "my soul is crying."

Anything can start the crying, usually something seen on TV but it is never the same thing. It is always different. I have experienced a lot of fears, which I cannot explain and have no reason to be afraid.

I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old. I have never regretted my decision for following Christ.

Thanks for reading this letter. I do not look upon this as being good as nothing good has come out of it.