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New Release! July 7, 2020

Piercing the Cosmic Veil: You Shall Not Be Afraid of the Terror By Night
by Joseph Jordan and Jason Dezember

"The information in this book that you are about to read is probably the best kept secret in the entire UFO/Alien abduction Research realm. The information shared here may challenge many who read this book. But we ask that you keep an open mind to the end, and leave your preconceived notions behind. Only then can you make an honest decision...We ask that you do not trust us personally. But trust the research findings and the evidence. They stand on their own. The evidence has been tried and tested for over two decades now, and is even repeatable ...The most powerful evidence in the world today showing the true nature of the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon."



Dec -
Joe Jordan Interviewed on "Power to Cope"

8 New Testimonies of Freedom! Thank you for sharing Chaz, Scott, Beth, Marie, Eric, Stephanie, Kim and Victor!

Oct -
Now Read Online "Lifting the Veil on the UFO Phenomenon" by Gary Bates
Article in Creation Magazine on Joe Jordan and the CE4 Research Group

July -

A new statement - What We Don't Believe

7 New Testimonies of the power of the name of Jesus Christ over these entities. Thank you Richard II, Christine, Mary II, Curtis, Ginger, Lisa, and Bill II for sharing your testimonies!

March -

2 New Testimonies of Freedom! Thanks you Anthony and Frederick for sharing your stories!


Joe Jordan's 2009 lecture is now available to read on the website in Portuguese. Thank you Andre!
“Comunhão Ímpia”: A Natureza Espiritual dos Casos de Abdução”

Please check out the
5 new testimonies of freedom from these experiences in the name and authority of Jesus Christ!


Joe Jordan has moved to South Korea, but is still available for interviews while overseas, contact him in his new internationally friendly timezone.

To share your personal testimony with us, which could be used to help someone else get free from this demonically perpetrated UFO / alien abduction deception, please contact us. If you want to help our mission by granting permission to the CE4 Research Group to post your personal testimony on our website, then please specify you give permission in your email letter.
Contact Joe Jordan at

For help in stopping abductions please go to



A new testimony of freedom over these entities, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ!
Thank you for sharing your testimony Zechariah

Joe Jordan Featured in Creation Magazine! pgs. 20-22
Lifting the Veil on the UFO Phenomenon
by Gary Bates on Fellow ‘Abduction’, Researcher Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan Interviewed by Edwin Bonner of Glasgow, Scotland (audio only)
Joe Jordan Interviewed by Edwin Bonner - with Video

Read the New articles by Gary Bates

Confirmations from Creationist Cosmology and Countering ‘Close Encounters’
UFOlogy: the world’s fastest-growing ‘scientific’ religion?


Read the new testimony of Melody II here, of victory over these entities
in the name and authority of Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing, Melody!

5 new/Classic testimonies that were unearthed in the "Alien Resistance web-vault",
re-posted for the first time in years. These are some of the earliest testimonies
shared with the CE4 Research Group, going as far back as 1997.

April -

Check out a new testimony of victory over these entities,
Thank you for sharing your testimony Alisha!

Joe Jordan Interviewed on the "Bruce Collins Show" Click here to Listen

New: Expanded Testimony Interview of Mary Porter on Concienda Radio
also En Espanol


February -

A new testimony of victory over these entities! Thank you William!

New Look for the CE4 Research Website!

January 2011 -

New Article!  "An Analysis of the Genetics of the Supposed Starchild"
by Dr. Robert Carter (also see our Articles page)

New - Video Clip on Youtube from the 2004 Ancient of Days Conference
Joe Jordan on the Nephilim Hybrid and Alien Abduction Deception
(also see our Videos page)

Joe Jordan interviewed on "Answers for the Paranormal" Radio Show

Joe Jordan Interview on the Bruce Collins Show

December 2010 - Concienda Radio's page on the CE4 Research Group En Espanol
now with Joe Jordan's
Unholy Communion: The Spiritual Nature of Abductions Reports, video in Spanish!
(also see our Videos page)

November - Interview with New Testimony, Mary Porter, on the
Set The Captives Free Radio Program, see Testimonies page

September 2010 - Joe Jordan's July talk now available to watch online! (see Videos page)
Also see to see more online video lectures from this conference

July 2010 - Joe Jordan spoke at the Ancient of Days Roswell Conference,
War of the Worlds: The Invisible Battle
presenting Unholy Communion: Casualties of a Cosmic War