Testimony of Sue

Hi here's a condensed version of the happenings in my life. Feel free to use all or part, but please use only my first name to protect my custody of my children. I mention a lot of dreams and other stuff because I feel strongly that they somehow tie in together. About age 3 or 4 the lucid nightmares and OBE'S started. In half the nightmares I was being chased by 2ft. demons, the other half I'm standing off to the side watching people going into a lake of lava while someone is standing next to me saying I'm responsible for figuring out how to stop them. These nightmares were unusual because I didn't believe in God or demons and of the terrifying reality and frequency and that I have always felt watched. They continued for several years then stopped for a couple of decades until they started in similar form a year ago. About age 14 I woke up in the middle of an OBE and found myself on a stone alter naked being ceremoniously oiled up in what seemed to be a dungeon or cave. Surprise, shock, and fear brought me back awake in my bed right away. I still don't what to think about this because I was raised to believe in math and science, not God and demons or anything supernatural. In '93 the night before my public alter call I finished nursing my baby and started to roll over when on my back I was held down by what felt like a heavy blanket, I couldn't scream or move and the room was too black; then I heard a male voice speak next to my ear in another language. I finally croaked out "Jesus Christ" and it was over. I was so scared that I don't think I'm the one that came up with that idea. In the summer of '00 lucid nightmares and dreams started again that blurred the line between them and OBE'S. In Nov.of'00 I was fasting a little for a few weeks when I started seeing silhouettes of people around me even seeing features of the room and they're faces. I would sometimes feel them touching me or moving my hand or leg while wide awake. I got so scared I quit fasting and started drinking and smoking again and the visions stopped for awhile. Apr.13,'01 I started having OBE'S day and night. Something was trying very hard to separate me from my body. Sometimes I would feel and hear a buzzing right before it would start. Once while doing housework I felt like I was hit on the head with a sledgehammer that separated my spirit from my body by a couple of inches. These were happening several times a day and night. When they were able to get me away from my body I would be in a room with people standing around me. I would pray to God in the name of Jesus to help me and I would come back. It was happening so often that it was prayer or sheer force of will that would keep me here or get me back. Once I got so mad about the frequency of the intrusions that were draining my peace of mind my fear started to diminish, so did the intrusions. I still hear someone walking around my house, kicking things sometimes and the OBE'S still happen a few times a week, but only when I'm asleep and I sometimes wake up with deep black bruises on my hips and hind; too many to just be accidents. I still haven't gotten used to the idea that my world has apparently never been what it seems. But now I'm more pissed than scared that they destroyed a loving little girl's life and peace. I strongly believe that I've learned that prayer, awareness,& empowerment are great tools to help us to win. I can't thank you enough for being an immediate friend and sharing what you know. This is the loneliest "place" I've ever been in and it helps more than you know to have a man of God take me seriously after the lack of help some churches were. I don't think churches know what to do with this "stuff". I didn't completely believe in UFO's until I saw the overwhelming similarities to what I'd been going through since ~3yrs.old.I would have lucid night- mares recently about aliens and abduction type experiences and then months later read almost the exact same story from an abductee. I can only hope at this point that mine were only dreams. I'm afraid to know otherwise. This really is my condensed version. I'll keep in touch and keep you up to date on the war. Your Friend....'Sue'