Testimony of Lynda

Dear Joe,  

I must let you know how your caring and unselfish sharing of your time and knowledge has helped my family.  About this time last year I talked with you at your home on the telephone about a tremendously disturbing occurrence with my granddaughter.  She was 6 and shared with me over the telephone (we have an amazing connection) from Littleton, CO to my 2nd home in Sun City, AZ.  She shared that she had visits from a helicopter outside her bedroom window.  There was a sign on it that said, Hey you down there, come up here!  She also had trouble sleeping, was frightened and many times "felt" there was just something "that wasn't right" in her bedroom and was afraid to go to bed at night.  She said her little sister wasn't sleeping well either.  

I tried to reassure her without sounding alarmed.  When I asked if she told her parents she said they just said it was just the moon, etc. and to just go to sleep.  I immediately reassured her there was something I had learned and helped her father with when he had scary dreams when he was little.  He would come into my room and we would pray together and say "In Jesus Name, go away!" (basically) then he would fall asleep on the floor by our bed.  I told her anything bad has to go away and leave you alone when you call on the name of Jesus to help you.  

Then I contacted you!  

You so unselfishly shared your knowledge and time to educate me on the demonic relationship these things are and not "just" from another planet.  I wrote down your information as quickly as I could and received confirmation from you about calling on Jesus' name to repel these demons.  

I also read everything I could about abductees and how they had stopped their abductions, what worked etc.  I prayed incessantly and fervently for that precious little girl.  I told only my sister and my husband about this because I didn't want to betray my granddaughters trust in confiding in me.  My sister listened, seemed to understand and believe me and said my granddaughter was lucky I was her grandmother as I was trying to help her.  My husband simply said I don't believe it that stuff.  

The next time I talked to my granddaughter I casually asked if she was sleeping better and she said oh yes and went on to talk about other things.  I didn't want to bring up something bad if she was able to be happy and go on with her life but I continued to pray fervently.  

I invited her to travel with me to Oklahoma for a family Indian pow-wow in June so I thought I would have lots of time to approach the subject or allow her the opportunity to talk to me while we were alone for a few days.  When I flew to pick her up in CO I found she had "instinctively?" done everything I had planned to suggest to her.  She had moved her bed away from her window to the other side of the bedroom,  she had a metal fan that she turned on at night and over the top of her bedspread she had spread out a quilt I had made her by hand and quilted while on a trip to Calcutta, India where I worked in Mother Theresa's orphanage for a day, saw her casket and stayed in a hotel across the street.  I had many, many remarkable things happen on that trip.  One of the nuns gave me some metal Madonna's (I guess that is what you call them since I am not Catholic) that had been touched and blessed by Mother Theresa.  I made a book of pictures of me with her quilt all over India and Nepal and gave her one of the medallions.  Also the quilt I made....had angels all over it.  I have always called my granddaughter my little angel girl.  

All of these suggestions I had learned from you and reading about stopping abductions she had done without me having the time to tell her.  

I have not really brought up the subject of aliens...she doesn't know that is what they are.  But she has had been scared of things "peeking" at her since she was tiny.  She had a thing about doornobs when about 2 and was afraid of them turning while she was in bed...we all just tried to unsuccessfully reassure her there was nothing to fear but she knew from her own experience but was too young to express it.  Once at our home she wouldn't go into our balcony area because we have a skylight and she saw a leaf moving on it.  She was panicky.  This went on for weeks so finally I told her grandpa would take the leaf down but grandpa tried everything and couldn't reach the dam leaf to get it off the steep 2 story roof.  Finally months later it blew or washed off by itself I guess but she wouldn't go near that room until she knew it was gone.  

So bottom line, you, we have been successful but I will never rest and continually give gratitude to God for protecting her.  Oh by the way,  I called on God fervently to release his Angel Michael to battle for this child against the devil and believed it was done.  I live in constant gratitude for this.  I pray many times daily whenever I think of anything related to my granddaughter, Archangel Michael, Jesus, abductees etc.  In July while getting ready to leave AZ to return to my home in OR I went to Sedona and had a picture of my aura taken with a short "reading".  I do this on each trip as I enjoy the feelings and the picturesque rocks in Sedona.  The reader showed me the picture and said this is really unusual.  There is so much light around your heart it looks like you are very spiritual and have many guides or angels right here near your heart.  No, this is so big and unusual it looks like an Archangel right here over your heart!  I just thank God for his blessings and confirmations.  

I have just had a realization.  I remembered my notes from our talk together and my present situation began making sense.  I am in extreme pain right now.  I have never had health problems of any consequence but the doctors have not been able to figure what is causing my pain.  My hips and legs and so painful I am immobile without pain pills.  I have had so many blood tests, MRI's , neurologists etc and no one can figure it out.  I can only walk up stairs and move with pain medication and extreme fortitude to withstand the intense pain.  I am no longer able to drive and have to rely on family for everything.  In fact I am loosing bladder control also at night on the way to the bathroom (more than you wanted to know huh!)  I am 59!  I have been racking my brain trying to help the doctors with recollection of a fall, anything that would account for this problem.  I was recently able to recall when it started.....about this time last year!  Right when we talked about my granddaughter and you told me to be prepared because I was going to be attacked!  It started very slowly with my hips and legs feeling stiff.  I remember thinking was I resting too much in AZ!?  I was doing a lot of sewing, watching TV etc. all alone and enjoying the quiet and peace of doing only what I wanted to do for a few months each year.  I tried to start walking and exercising but found I was limited and the pain didn't go away.  I compensated and got by but when I returned home in early Aug.  I knew I couldn't stay in AZ alone any longer because I was in pain and couldn't take care of my self and do everything alone.  I was relieved when my painful plane trip home was over and I immediately started going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me.  I am still in that process to this day.  My husband is very worried about me as I cant do much of anything and am pretty much housebound.  Upon remembering what you said about being attacked I have told close family I am taking this out of the hands of doctors alone (continuing with the process) but now I am praying for God to release the devils grip on my health so I can be of help to my family.  

Our oldest son had been "attacked" by his business partner with a hostile takeover of their company.  He has tried to put the company and my son in bankruptcy with fraud and many illegal and unethical dealings.  I have recently been shown this partner is possessed by Satan (sounds weird I know) to do these hateful and immoral things and I have been praying in this vein.  My son and his lawyers shortly thereafter have gathered enough evidence to take him to court and stop this horrible travesty.  

Satan has tried to attack us but as God has shown me what is truly happening I have prayed for intervention and guidance.  Life is good and we can all have victory over Satan with God's help.  I am forever grateful God sent you into my life.  I just want you to know how much you are being used and how appreciative my family is to you.  I am praying for your strength, wisdom, financial success and fortitude as we battle evil together.  

I know I can use it too!  

Forever grateful,  Lynda