Michael's Story

Dear Joe,  

I have to send you this note in response your web site.  

My name is Michael Crane.  I spoke to Guy today in Roswell.  I told him I discovered his site yesterday whiles doing some basic research on UFO'S and the Bible. This is a topic that has been apart of my life for some time.  I did not feel to the best of my knowledge that I had experienced any type of alien abduction in my life.  But after reading your site tonight and equating what experiences I did have as a young Christian in my early 20's and over the past 10 years all of the signs and symptoms were there. The fear, the paralyzing feeling, the feeling of a presence in the room, it was all there.  I just didn't think of it as an abduction experience.  To me it was a demon attack .  As I called out in the name of Jesus and rebuked the spirit, the fear, the paralyzing feeling and the feeling of the presence left.  I realized that what I did experience was in fact demon attacks.  I learned early about demon attacks and how they would try to pull me away from my JESUS.  It is only now that I see and understand that the alien abduction phenomena is one more way that Satan is trying to gain a foothold in this world.    

When I was in my early teens I had my one and only sitting in my hometown in N. Y. and have been consumed with UFO'S ever since.  It seemed I could not get enough information and took every chance I could to watch every sci-fi show that ever came on TV or in the movies.  I tried to find some way of relating aliens, UFO'S and the Bible ever since I became a Christian.  I thank God for the very powerful way in which he has shown me this connection  and now I have one more powerful tool against which I can fight Satan and his horde in this, GODS world.  

Thank you for your's and all of your fellow Christians commitment in the battle against the powers of darkness in this world. Many prayers to my fellow brothers in Christ and prayers to your families for health and safety.  

Thank you in Christ,