Terri's Testimony

Dear Joe:   

I am so glad I found and came across a site like this. Today is a great day the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.. I also completed my chemotherapy treatments today, for good. I am healed in the name of Jesus!  

I am an early childhood, multiple abductee (could be MKultra related), and victim of deadly occult activity in Phoenix, AZ. They have since followed me to Texas. In Phoenix, I was drugged and used unwittingly in multiple rituals, (some of which I recall as sexual rituals) they have basically tried to discredit me ever since and well you probably know how these lost souls work.  

HOPE is the way. Through the amazing power of the Holy Spirit of the God who created Heaven and Earth with his precious voice. Here lies our HOPE!!!!!!!  

Having only recently discovered the truth (through the HOLY SPIRIT, not regression therapy) I wasn't overly shocked, mostly thankful to God that I was getting the truth. The occult events began taking place when I was about 15 years old. By the time I was 25 they were preparing my murder. I was warned by two members (at different times) who the group was and one member began to "drop" hints to me about what was physically done to me, up to and including an implant . She was later ganged raped as her punishment and claims she has since become a Christian.   

Since 1989 I have always believed my situation was strictly demonic (which in all reality it is) but I couldn't believe the day some of these people showed up at my volunteer job. This is when I knew it was not simply spiritual. There are physical forces involved all around me. The reason for this, I have names, address, DOB, Criminal records and even a 32 year PPD turned Private detective who supports my claims. His life was threatened for assisting me and the fee went up, understandably. My husband can verify much information and even went after the individuals and provided officials with information, weapons and a sweet little black book!!!!!!!  So needless to say they really don't like me!  

I have battled the enemy in a mighty spiritual warfare for many years, as most of us have. I have learned there is NOTHING greater than the power of Jesus Christ. Rev 12:11 states, And they overcame him (satan) because of the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their soul life even unto death. Our testimony, not being our personal experiences, but the powerful testimony of the resurrection of Jesus. This is our true testimony.   

I believe the saddest part of Alien (demon) abduction ( see Exodus 6 for first encounters of hybrids) is the connection between occult activity and the active demonic realm that usually the general public doesn't believe. So I have heard statements like, if that is what you want to believe that's up to you. Or, I believe, you believe this has happened to you. It's in the bible and as soon as "bible" is mentioned most people back off. You then become a "preacher". And that is okay with me.  As far as Dr. Barry H. Downing, the problem seems to be not rightly dividing the word of God. I have had a number of discussions regarding bible interpretation (something I consider myself very young in) but the facts (an iron clad puzzle I believe is what you call it) are there if read in the correct context.   

My dears as stated in your article to Mr. Connelly, regarding Dr. Barry H. Downing’s,   

(Then we came across a guy who related an experience where he stopped his potential abduction by calling upon the name of Jesus.  We’d never heard of anyone “stopping” a potential abduction, and he did it by calling upon the name of Jesus Christ.)  Remember Jesus is the name above all names and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. This is why no alien/demon could touch him, I fight there abductions all the time. They must obey the name of Jesus. The word also states that Christ gave us (his believers) all this authority in his name. PRAISE HIM!  

Needless to say there are thousands maybe millions of victims out there who need the type of hope you express on your site. I will pray for you as you are led to share the truth. Feel free to have anyone contact me. I will love them with the love of Christ.