Jock's Story

When I was around 11? I was walking in back of my house which is wooded. My dog was with me and for some reason the dog stop dead in it tracks and growl and turn and ran away. I say to the dog to come back then I turn in the way that I was going. I black out. When I came to I got up off the ground and look down and saw a footprint of a big size with two big toes. 

I went to the house and told my two brothers they both went to see the foot print. It was there we looked around and found in a blackberry vines a shape that was round that press the vines down. We do not know what happen that day. 

I did tell this story to other people. I learn the black bears will do this to a blackberry vines. One say it was big foot for he did that to vines too. bears  and other animals do it for protection? 

I got into the occult believe in UFO and more. My mother told me when I was young If I got into trouble to call on the name of Jesus. One night went I went to bed something came into the room and I came over me then I could not breath. I say the name of Jesus and a wind came in the room from one window and over me then out the other. Whatever was in the room was gone a peace came over me and I could breath. praise the Lord. 

In 1971 I got saved one night the Blood of Jesus wash my sins. I spoke in tongues, in the Holy Spirit. I do not know what happen that day in the woods I do know that Jesus has set me free. Do other people have this happen to them?