Dear friends, 

I read some of the testimonies on your site and there are many similarities to what happened to me, especially in 1999-2002.I live in Europe, Romania, a country where the Orthodox church has more than 80% of the population as followers, but people still suffer and do not know God and the power of his words in the Bible. It's a sad situation that babies are being baptised  by the priests only with money, dead people buried with money too, and it's not cheap. To preserve people dignity the state has to give an allowance to a family who must burry a member. After the burial a family must spend very much with the last meal for the dead and the church asks to invite as many persons as you can, plus the money for the priests and different objects for their own use. This is how Lord is depicted, an idol who wants food and money .Our Lord and the apostles never did that. If you want to be accepted in Heaven more easily you must be a monk or a nun. The rest of the mortals are destined to hell, most probably. First comes ,in power ,the virgin Mary, than the saints and their sanctified bones, to which many people pray, and the icons, because God listens more quickly your prayers if you buy one . 

This is the environment I knew about God, in fact nothing important, not how to get help from Him, how to use His Name. For good reason ,less and less persons go to church, even when you get married you must pay. The youth dislike this practice. But let's go back to my situation. In 1996 I was teached about Jesus by a Christian youth group while I was in University, in the capital, when I was fighting a depression and other health problems. They were meeting in a hostel, in the campus. But I was reluctant about Jesus back then, I wasn't that sure that was the truth of mankind and the Son of God is indeed the Savior of the world. My health problems got worse and worse and I could barely walk and stand. The first major attack happened in 1999,June.I was staying with a cousin in my aunt's house in Bucharest. It was a very sunny day, around 3 pm, I was cleaning the kitchen, using a broom near the window area, an usual thing, and my girl cousin standing in the door frame,3 meters away from me. She saw better what had happened, as I was brooming. One of the windows raised on its own and turned around in the air then fell very close to me, I felt something on my waist and in less than a second I saw the window landed near my thigh. We have different types of windows here, not like in USA, they are double and open inside the room, with a knob in the middle of the frame. Yours go up and down, ours go from right to left or from left to right. There was no wind, the window was open, but inside, so, even with wind outside it couldn't have been possible to go up and turned in the air. It was a heavy object, normally I should have felt pain but I felt nothing on my back. It must have been the guardian angel. 

After that I left home for the summer holiday and returned in October the 4th. Few days after my arrival, one night happened the most frightening night of my life. That day had been a peaceful one, calm weather, sun ,I had had an easy meal, never have alcohol, or drugs or smoke. Around 20 minutes past 5am I felt someone awoke me, sensing something evil was about to take place. And I was right,5 minutes later I felt a gust of strong wind coming from the window zone, coming under me and lifted me in the air very violently (could have been 1 meter and a half or more). My intuition told me that they wanted to crush me on the wall and kill me. I couldn't cry with my voice but I called the name of Jesus in my mind: Lord Jesus, save me!. The levitation stopped for a few seconds in the air then I felt I was coming down gently on my bed. I turned the light on and read some psalms. I told this only to 4 or 6 men, who believe in God, otherwise I would be seen as a mad girl. 

But the things didn't stop here. The same week, on  Sunday morning,11 am, after I turned the TV set off, I was lying on the sofa ,something very heavy but invisible sat on my chest, I wasn't able to breathe, got into panic and pray to the Lord, something was squeezing me from underneath and above my body. It lasted 1 minute or so, I think. I don't know if all these had something to do with the 7th day Adventist church I was going to that time, but I decided to go again to the Baptist church who told me first about Jesus and led me to Him. When these happened I was living alone. 

In 2001 I bought an apartment of my own and I started decorating it, while still living with my family. As I wanted to finish sooner in order to move there I stayed overnight to work, being an insomniac. The neighborhood was one of the best in town, expensive  old apartments. I wasn't afraid to stay though the door wasn't that safe. I had not my mobile phone with me. I turned all the lights on and started to arrange the living room, unfolding the carpet. I was sitting on the floor when my door bell started ringing continuously. It was a quarter past 3 am. Firstly, I thought that something happened to my family and they wanted to see me. I went to the door, saw no one through the eye of the door. I was afraid to open ,I was alone. I started praying and it stopped after more than 20 minutes. Now, I think that the devil wanted me to open the door so that he crush me with it against the wall. Almost 2 hours later ,around 5 and a half all started again. God had mercy on me and burnt the bell, the electrical wires .And I could go to sleep. 

In 2006, spring, my grandmother who is a widow  and lives alone was watching TV one night when the TV set caused a big flame and smoke all around the room. She couldn't breathe anymore, the curtains were black and the fire was burning behind the appliance. She unplugged it from the electrical source but it was still burning. The next day there was no sign of burning, not the TV set nor the plug. The TV was running very well. 

The last month and the beginning of this one my friend went through dangerous moments after her mother bought some occult books and started to practice what she read there, she convinced her husband to do the same. Astrology, numerology, rituals performed on some persons in the family, they say a different prayer Our father, like is written in those books of spiritism .The author of these books is an old woman who communicates with a so-called angel of light, faith and crown as she said. Her TV shows late at night convinced many people to believe what she said, occult matters. The authorities decided to ban her and to prevent the spreading of her books, but not with much success. My friend and her brother were both close to death in their own house since their mother purchased those books. First it occurred to her brother in the bathroom, he felt suffocated and fainted and swallowed his tongue. One minute later he would have been dead. Few days ago my friend was in the same situation, she lost conscience and swallowed her tongue, she felt something pressing her head, dizziness but she can't remember how she crawled to the hallway. Before that she had horrible moments during the night, she felt a presence in the room disturbing her and could move only one arm and couldn't run away from the room. She felt almost suffocated, there was not enough air. Before that happening to her I had told her to make her mother burn those books but she didn't want to, now she said yes. I told them how to pray and to read the Bible. 

I want to finish my story with 2 real experiences with demons, very common in my region of the country, it happened long ago. They are almost identical, only the places and men are different. Those times, most of the population had their land outside the town and finished the working in the fields very late and came home after midnight. On the wayside they saw suddenly appearing from nowhere a kid of a goat. My relatives stopped the cart because the horses couldn't go any longer because of it. They made the sign of the cross and it disappeared. The others saw the kid jumping in the cart ,they made the cross sign and vanished. The persons who didn't pray or made the sign had fatal accidents due to that goat .Some peasants saw few pigs, also nighttime, they followed them and drowned in the swamps. On the site one can see a scary real video with a demon who causes an accident in Portugal on a night. Three young people gave the spirit a lift and one of them had a camera  that recorded all. You must see it. The boy with the camera survived. The demon had the appearance of a young girl who had died in 1983 in the same place where they had the accident. Take notice of the voice of the girl-demon. 

I hope I didn't bore you with my long letter. Many of us are afraid of this kind of experiences but it is better to know what you can go through and most of all how powerful our Lord is and how much He loves us. The only important thing in a man's life is to know Him and lead the others to Him. With love to all my brothers in faith..."L" from Romania.