Hello Mr. Jordan,  

My name is Kathy and I live in undisclosed location in Florida.  

In 1979 I received 4 quick dreams from God about aliens and the fact that they were actually demons and would try to tempt me with scientific data.  When I awoke, I swore to God that I would have nothing to do with these filthy beings.  I warned my young teenage daughters that if they ever saw a UFO land that they should rebuke it in the name of Jesus and get out of there.  Being teenagers, they took it matter-of-factly. I thought that was all there was to do with that.  

In 2005 I woke up one night and found myself paralyzed.  There were 5 sets of small red lights, like eyes,  over to the left side of my bed.  They seemed to be swaying back and forth.  I knew what I had to do.  I began the thoughts in my head "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus".  But, in my case, my mind was also paralyzed and all I could do was moan inside my brain.  I turned my eyes over to the right and was trying to say "Jesus help me" over and over again but my mind was numb and all I could do was moan inside of it.  BUT.....this was enough!!  I was protected and when I turned my eyes back to the left, the red lights started to dissipate and my feelings returned.  It was like when your TV loses its signal and the picture starts to look broken up.  That is what happened.  

The beings (or whatever they were ) were not able to go on with the name of Jesus being said even though it was in the form of a moan.  

I was so angry about this that I thought I woke up the whole neighborhood with my yelling.  I was yelling at God for allowing those filthy things in my house.  I thought I was impervious to a UFO experience.  Maybe, though, God wanted me to have a small experience so he could use me to warn others. This is how I perceive the future:   

When the anti-Christ comes on the scene, he will be capable of many miracles which will successfully dissuade people from believing in Genesis One and the bible altogether.  He will have a helpmate(s). I believe this helpmate(s) will be aliens.  The anti-Christ will have the ability to call these spaceships down.  They will cause a great move from the Christian churches to the one-world-order church.   

I want to share this information and fight back these monsters.  I am living alone in a senior citizen park.  I don't know what to do with the information.  Maybe you can help (and I hope you get to read this email).    

This is a battle and I am ready to fight it.  

Thank you.