Please see below for my abduction testimony. I had not heard of your website (until today) or anyone having a similar experience to me, until I started looking on the internet to try and make sense of what happened to me the other night.

I believe I have been having abductions since about the age of 4 (my mother was introduced to occult by her parents at the age of 6) and I subsequently experimented with it throughout my life until now, when I have recently stopped it for various reasons. Please see my testimony below, and please do not supply my email address on your website.  
Testimony: ( I was inspired to write this to an internet 'spiritual' group I belonged to after my experience).  There are many messages on that internet spiritual group from members who regularly state they are abducted by aliens and some even believe the aliens are 'good.'  
Well I had another weird experience the other night. Another paralysis dream and encounter with aliens? and then an encounter with Jesus (in a sense, literally). Yes it's all weird.. This time it was a large/tall type alien with an almost triangular shaped upper body (large shoulders small waist and squarish kind of head). I haven't encountered this type before; the last ones I encountered had bigdiagonally placed eyes, skinny bodies and big heads (almost a tall version of ET). During this "dream" I heard a voice tell me that Washington must now tell the people that the aliens are here and are planning to increase their influence over Earth in the coming times. I came to understand that they are working both through the physical and spiritual plane, though I am not sure if they are benevolent or malevolent and I don't quite understand how they work through the spiritual plane. I sense that they are malevolent, and posing as benevolent a lot of the time. 
I was left with a tremendous feeling of fear after my encounter. This feeling of fear lasted for about ten minutes during which time I still felt (but could not see) an uneasy presence around me and did not want to go back to sleep. The only thing I could think to do was pray, and so I prayed to Jesus. I then had for the first time ever in my life a tremendous sense of peace come over me, (associated with my decision to just trust that my prayer would be heard and addressed). I felt protected and the change in atmosphere in my house was amazing; followed by a vision of a dove, and a voice telling me that I must tell 'them' to come to me (meaning people I know, but I understood that he was meaning also particularly those that I know who have encountered this type of alien experience also).  
These experiences were too real too ignore, and so here I am, telling my story - because I am following through with what I believe the Lord Jesus has asked me to. Oh, and I was definitely awake during the vision of the dove as I had been lying in my bed looking around my room in fear for over ten minutes.

Also, I must say, I have not in the past considered myself a fully devoted Christian type, but find myself heading down that path now. 
This is all fully real from my perspective, whether you can call it a dream, a spiritual experience, or me just going mad, I have no idea.