David’s Story 

I had a dream about 6 months ago. My dad was in it. He passed away in June 2001.  He was walking/drifting around our house we used to live in. I tried to talk to him but he ignored me. He then sat down in a corner chair with a lamp near him and seemed as if he was going to talk with me. I said - dad is it really you?  He morphed into an elderly black man with grey hair and started saying "oh yea it is me".  I felt/knew it was a deamon/evil spirit so I said "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus" and it immediately screamed , turned into a flash of like a firework display and disapperared. Then the dream continued. Dad was there again and again I tried to talk to him. This time he morphed into a stronger deamon that started coming at me with a heavy evil force. Again I said " Begone in the name of Jesus" and it kept coming, then I said "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" and it still came as a real evil force against my soul. I remember thinking very clearly "oh boy this one is stronger and more powerful than the other one, Jesus please, I need your help quickly! Jesus help me! " and this did the trick - I immediately felt His Power strike at the evil coming at me, the deamon screamed in agony and disappeared in a flash of light. I know these were false spirits because a few months after dad died in 2001 I had a dream I was in the Colorado mountains overlooking a lake (dad loved Colorado and vacationed there many times) I asked God if dad was in heaven and I saw Jesus sitting down with His back up against a mighty tree, glanced my way, smiled and then looked off into the distance. I had my answer right then and there, dad was safe in God's hands. 
I saw your link on Coast to Coast and thought you should know about my experience.