Hello CE4 Alien Resistance,     

I thought it my duty to give my account of how Jesus came to my rescue.  The first time I was 16 years old and had been picked up by a trucker while hitchhicking.  To make a long story short, it was late and dark in Southern California and this man tried to kill me.  He pulled me into the back bunk from behind and started to strangle me.  I tried to fight him but he was much stronger so I'd say "ok, ok whatever you want" and as soon as he relaxed I would start fighting again.  After several rounds of this he began to strangle me again and overtake me.  I then realised that I was going to die this way and I thought I am way to young to die.  I then remembered that I learned in church there is power in Jesus name so immediately, and with total belief I yelled out "in Jesus name!"  I felt a power surge well within me as I said the words and immediately an unseen force pulled this man off of me and held him back with his arms in the air.  I sat up and looked at him momentairily, then jumped down from the cab of the truck, tried to open the door (it was locked), struggled to find the lock, unlocked the door and jumped down out of the semi-truck.  I ran to a gas station and they called the police.  That was the first time I experienced an absolute miracle that can not be explained away to any other explanation.     

The second time was years later, I guess I was about 33 at the time.  I awoke in the middle of the night.  I immediately was fearful and sensed two dark beings at the end of my bed.  The room had the most putrid odor I had ever smelled, I can only describe it as the smell of pure evil.  I tried to scream for my husband but my mouth would not move and I was paralysed.  I then heard (telepathically) one being say to the other "What do you want to do to her?"  Since I heard them I figured they could hear me so I thought to them "You have no right to be here, I am a child of Jesus."  Immidately they were gone and I fell back to sleep.  Several weeks later I again woke paralyzed and there was one being in my room (this one I sensed was younger and was just watching me) anyhow, I just said in my mind "Jesus make it go away" several times and it was gone.     

During that time of those visitations I had many other odd things happen, waking to buzzing noises, bed shaking, I even saw a UFO outside my window and my daughter saw it at the same time.  She saw some dark figures in her room, before going to sleep one night.  After these incidents had happened I was cleaning her closet one day and found a oujia board in her closet that her friend had brought over and left.  I ripped it up and threw it away.  I wonder if that was the reason for all of the happenings, as I had never had ANYTHING strange happen before that time period, and have not since.      

Glory to the power of Jesus!  You have my permission to post this.  Heather