Dear Joe 
I was on your website reading the testimonies of other people. I have my own testimony that i would like to share. 
My experiences involved the little grey things with the big black eyes (the typical ‘alien’). These creatures seem to particularly dislike me although I don’t know why that was. 
It all started some years ago when I saw a posting by someone who had had experiences with so called aliens. I decided to contact him because I was curious about it. He told me that they were able to interact with him in his dreams and they were testing him for something, wanting him to perform tests of some kind. He didn’t know what the tests were, but he recalled that they were disappointed with his performance. He also told me that they had stopped contacting him several years previously. 
The very next day after we talked he contacted me and his demeanour had completely changed from being friendly to very hostile. He told me that that night the creatures had come back and were very concerned that he was talking to me. He basically told me that he didn’t want to talk with me anymore after that. I was a little confused by it because im not anyone important in ability or social status, I wondered why they would be so concerned that this man was talking to me. I was not a Christian at this time either. 
The next experiences I had with the Greys was several years after that when they decided to ‘contact’ me personally. I remember having a strange dream about them; it wasn’t anything bad but just strange, strange enough for me to remember it. I remember laughing about it to someone I knew. The very next night was absolutely terrifying and it left me in no doubt that I was under attack. 
In my dream I was running away from a UFO and it kept swooping down and buzzing me with its energy. Its energy was one of indescribable terror and malevolence. 
Anyway the next day I was quite alarmed because I knew these weren’t just dreams and that I was dealing with something quite evil and dangerous. Things got worse and worse because they kept at me every night. It got to the point where I became too afraid to go to sleep because I knew they were waiting for me.  
Have you ever seen the film nightmare on Elm Street? Well I was living that. I do remember in my dreams that i used violence on them, but this did not harm them not even in the slightest. To be honest with you, I think they quite enjoyed it; it was like a game for them.  
I was getting extremely desperate; I couldn’t work or think because I was too afraid to sleep so I was tired all the time. However things were about to change. 
I remember the night it started to change. I had fallen asleep due to pure exhaustion. I remember in the dream I was in my house and I saw UFO’s flying around outside. My cat was outside so I went out to get him. I remember looking up at the sky there were several of them, metallic looking and emitting colourful lights, reds and greens. They were zooming silently from one part of the sky to another.  
As I was looking at them I felt the same terror energy and I became frightened. I intended to grab my cat and run inside however 2 of the Greys appeared in my garden and grabbed my cat. I immediately grabbed the one that had got my cat by the throat and said, ‘ Let my cat go or I will break your neck!’ and then something curious happened, the Grey talked (telepathic but the voice as clear as any) it said to me, ‘ If you do that you will only hurt yourself.’ So I did break its neck and heard and felt the snap in my own neck as if I had just broken my own neck. 
 Then all of a sudden it came into my mind that I had to love them. I don’t know where this thought came from, I believe it came from the creature so I put my hand on its chest and sent love to it, then I put my hand on the other one that was also present and did the same. The 2 creatures seemed strangely satisfied with this and departed. I woke up after that.  
I felt great about that because I knew what I had to do. I was also aware that the 2 Greys in the garden were not Greys at all. They were Angels disguised as greys to help me and show me what I needed to do to stop the real ones. 
Things got better after that night because when the real Greys did show up I sent love to them and they recoiled like it harmed them!  Love seemed to be a weapon against them, so whenever they showed up that is what I did. I didn’t understand how love harms them yet violence doesn’t. I puzzled over this and eventually found the answer in the bible. 
 Matthew 5:54 "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you" Jesus 
The visitations died down gradually after that, they came less and less until they stopped coming altogether and I could sleep easy again. 
From these experiences I am convinced that these so called ‘Greys’ are not really alien at all. Rather they are demonic in nature pretending to be aliens, although I am only speculating I would think they do this to facilitate easier contact and co-operation with people. (I have since learned that the renown Satanist Aleister Crowley summoned a creature called Lam that looks like a typical ‘alien’) 
I suspect people would be more inclined to work with creatures they thought were alien as they would if they knew what they really were. 
I believe these creatures targeted me because i had dabbled in the occult when i was younger. I also believe Satan would like to hoodwink people into believing that demons are aliens here to help mankind. 
Im glad to see im not the only one that has come to this conclusion. 
After reading this testimony please pray for all people who are being targeted by these creatures, for God to have mercy on them as he did me, to protect the suffering and open the eyes of the deluded as to what these creatures really are.