I have done studies on this subject for 4 years now. Nephilim, Watchers, UFO.

I felt i have to write and contact you. I am from Sweden, 27 years old. I have an experience wich occured summer 1999. I come from a christian family and have been a devoted christian all my life. Suddenly the summer 1999 it was a warm evening. I felt a urge to go out and watch the skies. So i did. I watched them for about 2 hours. Suddenly i saw a light wich was the same size as we see stars in the sky. And it moved, and stopped, and moved across the sky and it shifted direction. I was then convinced that this was not a star. i saw other light as well but later on thought they were satellites since they had a steady orbit on the sky.

Later on same night i went to bed in our decorated furnitured cellar. i laid my head on the pillow and tried to sleep. Suddenly after a minute i felt paralysed, like my soul left my body. I went below the floor 2 meters and then was lifted up above the bed 1.5 meter. So it felt but afterwards i saw that my blanket and pillow hadnt been moved at all. When i was floating around 1.5 meter in the air i saw a light. I was afraid, this force were trying to get my out of the room so i called for the name of Jesus Christ. I couldnt move my lips but i said it in my mind over and over again. slowly i was lifted back to the bed and i regained my strength. I was really afraid because this was the first time in my life i felt this. i prayed to God and afterwards felt secure and fell to sleep. At this moment in my life all i knew was the ordinary picture of christianity and demonism presented in the bible. Nothing of Nephilim and UFO.

Another time the same thing happened and in the middle of the night i woke up and saw a figure looking like he came from the 1500 century italy. in a blink of an eye he disappeared. But he had moved me perfectly and shifted my position 180 degrees in the bed witch blankets and pillow. Eventually this out of body experience lost strength in intensity and it felt like it was just a normal procedure happening to many people before they fall asleep. So i was told from a psychiatrist i talked to once only because i wanted to know what a suche person would say about that experience.  But although it could be just a physical experience i couldnt explain away the person i saw for a second, the lights in the sky. And the same summer i horrible back pain came over my and nearly made me end my life. It came from nowhere. I have made physical training all my life so it was a shock, it felt like it was a connection with the lights, paralysis, the person, calling the name of christ and other difficulties in my life at that period. It felt like satan was trying to destroy me. the pain in my back ended after 1.5 years. But it went up to the head so i have head aches from time to time. But they ease if i do some massage so i dont think its anything supernatural about that.

But i have a feeling in my right hand holding a force or magnetic field floating around my hand. This i have had for nearly 10 years now, since that summer. And no one, not my bishop, not the bible, anyone can tell me what it is.

It feels like these watchers tried to destroy me or use me when i was younger. Today i have done extensive research on the subject and my testamony about Jesus Christ and God have gotten much stronger. That doesnt mean they have other strategies of destroying me now. Since i know they are both spiritual multidimensional and physical with bodies and spaceships, who knows what they can do with our technology, email, computers, personal data and records, governments and so on.

I dont want to be paranoid though.   

I wanted to share this with you and maybe we can learn from each other. I want to do something but work and family life takes a lot of time. I want to wake up the christian community in sweden but i need help from others. Maybe some day God will open a path. I can assure you i am telling you the truth. i have not been on another planet, meet aliens or been aboard a ship. Thank God.

But these are my experiences and i am convinced that somehow we have to fight these entities. With the power of Jesus Christ.   

God bless you and the faithful ones in America.