Testimony of Eve Lorgen
Author of
The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships


Eve Lorgen is a long-time paranormal researcher, and author of The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships Her testimony is printed here by permission.

"Guy - I agree that there is a particular agenda with the ET hypothesis, and that there are organizations where this is promoted, ala, ET's here to raise our consciousness, the friendly visitors, celestial guardians of the planet, etc.

"When the concept of spiritual warfare is raised, it creates a big problem because I believe it exposes the primary tactics of the aliens. I, for one never expected the aliens (at least the Greys, reptilians and some dark robed hooded beings) to be anti-Christ until I challenged their authority in my own life. Before I became a Christian (rather, an informed Christian who practices spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer), I had numerous alien visitations. I was raised as a spiritualist, and was heavily involved in the occult. Part of this training I received encouraged the positive ET hypothesis, in a way to try to make me feel special about my own "star seed--chosen status." I was encouraged to learn psychic abilities, and trance mediumship. As I got further into this, I realized it INCREASED the alien abductions. It also made my health worse and affected my interpersonal relationships in a negative way. To put it bluntly, I WAS A MANIPULATED MUPPET.

"I hated fundamentalist Christians and argued with them with psycho babble and typical New Age metaphysical arguments. I really wanted to believe the aliens who interacted with me were good, and were raising my consciousness, evolution, guiding me to be someone special. After all, I had all these wonderful psychic abilities.

"I suppose it was the health problems and night terrors that got me into looking at alternative explanations for the aliens influence in my life. So I got baptized and learned how to pray with the authority of Jesus Christ. It worked. The aliens and other entities would try to come back and sometimes they were successful and sometimes not. What seemed to expose the (majority) of aliens integrity was when I started praying for spiritual freedom and wisdom. I prayed for other abductees and this created a backlash with some abductees' alien handlers. They literally came and harassed me to stay away from their "chosen ones." As I interacted with other researchers who knew the alien game plan (especially the reptilians) the reprisals escalated. I observed how these aliens manipulated so many abductees, sometimes activating their egos to promote their agenda. It was amazing.

"All I can say is that there are definite spiritual forces at work in conflict with one another about the authority over many humans. We need to stand up for ourselves and decide whose authority we want to be under. For all its worth, the psychology of self-empowerment is effective for most against the "little guys". But when you start dealing with the big guys on the alien/spiritual hierarchy and even demonic beings, this is when the power of Christ is necessary."