The Testimony of Anne

One of the worst experiences in my life was when I was nearly five years old and my mother and brothers shocked me with the news that 'we will all one day die'. This meant my mother would leave me and I would have no mother. It was a disturbing time for me trying to grasp this information, but my mother said when we die we go to Heaven but in the meantime I must be a good girl and go to see God in church because this is where he is, that's why we go there to pray to him.  This was the beginning of my extensive search.  During the many years that followed, I read and heard much that just didn't 'add up' to what was being taught to me in school.

   We learned in our morning religious lessons how Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth.  In another history and geography lesson I was being told about evolving from apes and that we went through the stone age, ice age, and bronze age over several thousand years.  But according to the Bible, Tubal-Cain who was the 6th generation from Adam was an expert in brass making.  I put this to my parents one day at the age of around 12 and they couldn't answer my questions on these matters.

   My parents never forced me to go to church.  They were not strict on church matters and used to think the priest was only after money from us and my mother stopped going to church when the priest in the confession asked why she only had 3 children.  Instead I would wait for the church to be empty then go in and sit there on my own for ages smelling the candles burning, the remains of the incense used in the mass, and stare into religious paintings.  It was very peaceful and tranquil there on my own and I loved it.

   The teacher told us that God likes it better when you make up your own prayers rather than getting ones out of the book, so I would do this and this is where my close relationship with Jesus began.

   Over the years growing up in the Catholic education system we would all say prayers in the school and the church, but I could never bring myself to pray to the 'saints'  for the intercession of prayers like everyone else.  I never felt right doing this especially when I later read in Revelation that when John fell down at the feet of the angel the angel said 'Don't do this, I am a servant like you. Worship only God.'  and also Jesus said 'No one can come to the Father except through me.'  I was beginning to doubt if we should even pray to the Virgin Mary.

   As time went on, I started to watch the way things happened to people in the world- all the untimely deaths, cruelty, etc. and used to think God is not responsible for this.  My mother bought me a little red Bible when I was 13.  In the winter nights in England when nothing was on TV, I would sit there going through it trying to find out what it all meant.  Some of it seemed quite unnecessary to me at the time.  It was during the period  of  time that I wanted to become a Carmelite nun, but my shocked mother said don't be stupid, we wouldn't let you be one of them, and wouldn't talk on the matter. That killed the idea (thank God).

   When I was 24, I was working in my mother's antique shop, running it for her while they were out to the auctions buying all the 'goodies', when an old woman came in the shop.  She bought something from me and then took hold of my palm and started telling me all about myself which was all true.  I was a single parent and she could see all this, etc.  This made me very curious, so needless to say I went to the library, coming out with stacks of books on palmistry, and within weeks I was grabbing hold of everyone's palm and practicing on them for my research.

    This didn't  give me enough knowledge so I dropped  that subject and moved into numerology.  I was like goldilocks trying everything out.  Then I eventually tried astrology.  I learned all the interpretations in the birth chart but always had a block with math so I had to go to an astrologer and paid for lessons on how to cast a natal chart and the planetary calculation of latitudes and longitudes for any given time of the day.  I researched astrology solely to disprove it by reviewing the past.  I would cast the charts of older people and tell them what should have happened in their past not what is going to happen in the future.  I  must say the subject was always amazing me.

    I started mixing with other would-be astrologers but found I couldn't converse with them because they were atheists or believed  there must be a universal God.  But they made no mention of Jesus.  At this stage of learning I began increasing my prayers and decided not to pray to the Virgin Mary but just to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for guidance and 'not to be deceived' in my pursuit of wisdom and understanding.

   When I came to Australia I couldn't find work.  I cleaned houses and the like but this was boring, so I became a consultant astrologer and would spend from 4 to 5 hours with a client talking about their lives.  I think I must have stopped over ten woman from having abortions.  One woman was going to abort the twins she was carrying, 2 other people were on the verge of suicide, and I talked several people out of deep depression after their partners left.  Even though I did all this, I was feeling guilty.

   At the time, people who knew me wanted me to start appearing on the radio and give talks on astrology.  I had rented an office in a big old house with this 'New Age' crowd who I always thought were a bunch of idiots.  They were into all the alternative therapies such as past-life regression.  I, myself, held to the idea that we had live previous lives but thought better of it as time went on and disregarded it.

   I tried to justify astrology by reading the Bible passage by David which says there is a time for living, time for dying, a time for planting, etc.  Also he said in one passage "The sun does not smite me by day nor does the moon at night."  To me this represented  the 'aspects' of the planets or should I say star and satellite.

    Anyway, as the years went on, I realized it was probably wrong to do these charts.  I finally became fed up with doing them, and I noticed I didn't have the mental energy to sit there and writing about people and their charts anymore.  I took this as a sign from God to 'drop' the subject.  Also, I knew I was coming up for some major happenings in my life and now I didn't want to have to confront them.  I had been wrong anyway, my faith in Christ can stop any negativity, so I knew I would be ok.

    When I read the Book of Enoch I learned that the fallen angels actually taught the daughters of men all about astrology and the like, so now I had my answer.  Also, I read other parts of the Bible where God said he would 'confound their wisdom'.  I wrote to Roy A. Reinhold who is extremely well read in the Bible, asking him about the book of Enoch.  He said he was not sure of how authentic the book was.

    I have read where some religious researchers claim that people who have been dabbling with mystical subjects like astrology always attract the spirits but this is NOT the case with my mother, or my father, or myself since our interest started before my interest in astrology.  I stopped doing people's charts back in 1986.

    I am lucky that I grew up with parents who used to talk about their lives and experiences.  We used to sit by a roaring fire on winter nights and discuss things.  My mother would tell us about the time when she was 17.  She was washing the step of the front entrance of her family home (she still lived with her parents) when all of the sudden she saw this beautiful lady dressed in a long flowing  garment glide about 2 feet off the ground and disappeared through a brick wall.  She was paralyzed on the spot and couldn't move until the apparition left.  This was her first ghostly experience.  It was late evening and dark.

    Her second came later on when she saw the ghost of her next door neighbor's husband standing next to her bed.  She had been looking after his wife because she was very old and she felt he returned to thank her.  She said the apparition smiled at her and she didn't feel all that scared.  Later on when I was older my parents would talk about a house we all lived in and the experience they had there, not know that I had an experience there also.

    My father's first experience was traumatic for him.  It was 1937 when he was still single and he was living in the family home for 3 nights on the run he was disturbed by an evil presence standing next to him in his bedroom  in the early hours of the morning.  On all occasions he was in a paralyzed state and he was in a deep sweat.  On the third night he left the light on and when they came back he could see 2 small figures dressed in black.  He thought they looked like 2 little nuns with their heads covered.  One of them was trying to pull the clothes off of him.  Feeling that they were evil spirits/ghosts, he started saying the Lord's Prayer and they left him.  That same week my father was due to join the Royal Navy and as he walked away up the street to start his new life he felt happy and much relieved that he didn't have to sleep in that house anymore.  Incidentally, my father experienced a few bad nose bleeds in the 1950's.  I don't know if it is 'relevant' but he went through a nervous breakdown after the nose bleeds and he didn't know why this occurred.

    In 1959 we moved back into the "Haunted House.'  First of all, I noticed every morning without fail all the bedclothes ended up somehow on the floor.  No matter how much I tucked them under the mattress the night before, they would still end up on the floor the next morning.  This used to make me mad because I would wake up cold.  Going past my brothers' bedroom I observed their bedclothes would be in a big heap on the floor also.  It never occurred to me to talk about this.  In this house there was always was an uneasy feeling of being watched, it was a new house only about 4 years old.

    At the same time, unknown to me, my father was on the night shift at work.  My mother told that she woke up one night and felt  something trying to pull the bedclothes from her and although she felt paralyzed she kept hold of the sheet cover and was determined not to lose grip as the 'ghost'  tried to get off her.  she told my father and it was he who told her when he had his experience in 1937, he said the Lord's prayer and it promptly left.  This happened several more times and my mother said a prayer and the thing would always go very quick.  In this very house I had a couple of bad dreams of little heads floating around with no bodies, grinning and laughing at me.  We left this house in 1960 and moved out of the area into a double story house with a garden.

    Nothing happened here for a few years then one winter's night when it was a record freezing temperatures I slept in my mother's bed while my father was on night shift.  In the early hours of the morning I woke up to my mother complaining that she had tried to wake me up, she said she woke up with a very heavy pressure on her chest and was paralyzed.  It was then moved off her when she began the prayer but it said to her in the voice of her dead sister's voice that 'she had to go see the girls' meaning her three daughters.  My mother thought this was the ghost of her dead sister who died as the result of falling from a moving bus and hitting her head.

    After this incident I was aware of noises in the house which couldn't be accounted for and one night when I was in bed the light came 'on' with nobody touching it.  In the same house I can recall just after we all went to bed one night again while my father was on the night shift I heard footsteps coming up every one of the stairs leading up to the bedrooms  and then go into my brothers' bedroom.  We left this abode in 1967.

    During the same year my next experience occurred when I was about to give birth to my daughter.  Early one morning in the summer I opened the window to let the cool breeze come in the room.  I was resting in the bed when I heard a pulsating humming type noise right outside my bedroom window, but more toward the roof.  I felt an overwhelming  feeling of being watched and felt threatened. I wasn't paralyzed but I was scared something was going to come in my room via the window and then through the roof.  I told my mother about it that night and she told me that on her way to her early morning shift work she heard this noise in the street over the roof and with all the local talk going on about flying saucers lately she said they laughed and said it must be one of them, but my mother felt a bit scared.

    A few years later, around 1975-76, my mother said she was awakened one night with 'a man in bed with her' while my father was on night shift at work.  She said whatever it was it had a grip around her waist and again she was unable to move in panic.  She didn't tell me everything but I got the feeling this 'ghost' was a bit more randy than the other mob.  She knew I was uneasy with these thing happening in our houses.  I don't think she always told me every time they happened.

    In 1979 my mother, after 2 years with an illness, died in a hospital from cancer.  She appeared to my father and she said she wasn't like the way she was in her later years but young but young and slim and dressed in a costume in which she wore for my older brother's wedding.  He wasn't scared at all when she came to him.  In the following weeks he would hear knocks in the bedroom on furniture.  I also woke up to some knocking on my wardrobe in my room.  Then shortly afterward I woke up another night and felt the cat sitting on my chest and I became paralyzed.  Trying to get the cat off me I realized the cat was still sleeping near my feet and this was something else.  I tried to say the Lord's prayer but I heard it in my head coming out like a broken tape recorder slowing down, so I dispensed with saying this and just said Jesus and it left so quick.  This was great! I didn't have to say the Lord's prayer anymore which takes time but just Jesus.  I felt very empowered.

   My daughter growing up in this same house and in her early years had the same dream I had.  She dreamed of the little horrible floating heads grinning at her, strangely enough when my daughter was playing with one of her little cousins they drew faces on some rubber balls they were playing with and the cousin said these are like the faces that come to us at night.

   When my mother died, we kept her wish (my father, my daughter, and myself)  and migrated here to Perth to have a better life for my daughter.  Liverpool, UK was a bit cold for us and my older brother lived here with his family.  This brother was really interested in UFOs.  He was always talking about them as far back a 1963 when he was going on about the men in black.

   In 1987 I think, my daughter made the decision to live away from home, then decided to move back in to our newly built house.  She wasn't really too happy at the time and it was during this period she went trough a 3 week stint with Satan and friends.  She didn't tell me it at first because in those days I had just become a financial planner working for a life insurance company and I had lots of training to do and people to see.  Life was very hectic trying to earn a living, but towards the end she told me that every night when she was about drop off into sleep the paralyzed feeling would come.  She would say her prayer and it would back off right away.  Then, just after she thought it had gone it would begin all over again.  So I went to my drawer in the bedroom and took out a large talisman which was supposed to be a Kabalistic Talisman of King Solomon.  It was made of metal and I was looking into having these things made.  It was supposed to protect you against evil spirits.  I told her to wear it but the real power was in the name of Jesus.  The Lord's prayer takes too long, so just say Jesus and it will go.  Anyway, nothing happened that night and it didn't bother her anymore.  The crafty Devil wanted me to think this talisman was keeping it at bay and to pursue this line of kabalistic knowledge! 'We're not as soft as it looks.'

    We moved from that house and bought our present house.  I sold my house and Rolland sold his and we bought this one together.  Not long after we moved in, Delia was sitting up in bed reading a book when a tall muscular figure in a light color like beige slid down from the ceiling, glided quickly across the room and bounced on her bed because all the bed went down. Then it passed through a closed window.  My daughter was stunned.  She told me about it and we had a laugh.  See, we are not scared of anything like this anymore.  We have the power of God in us and with us.

    Thinking back, I recall that during the Second World War my father was a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy.  His ship, The Prince Of Wales, was going after the Bismarck with the Hood and went down after being hit by a couple of torpedoes.  At the time the ship went down, my mother and brother saw what appeared to be the Virgin Mary in the bedroom.  I know that it is said in the Bible that generation after generation will call her 'blessed' but I don't think she would want us worshipping her like the Catholic church does.  Can you imagine all those people who come back from Lourdes disappointed not having been cured!

    In the early 1990's, I cannot think exactly when, I was alone in the lounge area of my house.  I began feeling very tired and sat down and rested back in the chair when the paralyzed feeling started to creep over me and I had to pray to fight it off.  When these feelings come they seem to slow your thinking down also.  It's like going under the anesthetic in an operation - you feel quite powerless.  Nevertheless again I stopped it from going any further by invoking the name of Jesus.

    My next experience was in the kitchen of this house.  My daughter had just made herself a cup of tea and placed the cup down with the spoon still in it.  While she had her back to the cup she heard a clinking sound of the spoon in the cup and when she looked the spoon was moved to the other side of the cup.  She dismissed it as one of those things you cannot account for.  In the same area of the kitchen a while after this, my husband said he was cooking a meal on the stove and the knife flew off the top of the working area right across the floor as if it had been thrown there.

    The last 2 is the ending of my story.  We joined a local video store and rented some movies.  One was Communion, and I watched it with my daughter.  When she saw those little aliens dressed in black, she said "They are the very things that came to me."  Then I took the video out to my father in his flat next to our house and he watched it.  The next time we were together, he told me the same thing.  Those little aliens were like the little nuns that appeared to him.  Well I was on new ground here.  I went to the library and got every UFO book I could and found other people were having the same experience as I, but worse.  They were being carted off and abducted.

   Another thing I noticed was some of the crop circles being shown on TV had the same patterns as the Kabalistic talismans I had seen, which were supposed to be the writing of the 'angels'.  It was this that started me thinking that aliens and evil spirits are ONE.  My mind was racing.  I needed to tell people who had been abducted how to get shut of the 'pests' real quick and they didn't have to go through this misery.  From then on this was on my mind constantly.

    Now, the poltergeist activity got into full swing.  Doors became unlocked at night which I know I locked and lights came on in the back room of the house near the kitchen.  I knew I had turned these off.  My daughter joked and said I was getting old and forgetful.  Then I started hearing children's footsteps in my room at night and Delia heard movement in the lounge which leads off by her bedroom.  When my husband died, I turned to my computer and the internet to help take my mind off things and I found Roy Reinhold's website.  He gave me a lot of comfort spirituality.  I am so very grateful for his help.  Then by accident, I found CE4 research group website and realized I was not the only one who arrived at the conclusion that aliens and the devil are ONE.

    The following is the earliest experience I can remember.  You could say this experience affected my whole life, especially at school.  I must have been about 6 when I had about 4 horrible, realistic nightmares.  I dreamed I was tied down and couldn't move at all.  I was in an awful sweat panic because I heard a noise that seemed like a train coming towards me and it was going to run me over.  As it got nearer I thought I would pass out.  After these vivid dreams I became more withdrawn, easily upset, not good at school, and very nervous.  I didn't even think back, I may have felt tied down because I was paralyzed.  Anyway, I was quite happy at school until this happened.  I didn't have an over-active memory then because around this time I was in panic all night because there was a dark figure standing at the door for what seemed like ages and when the light began to come in through the room in the morning I realized it was a coat hanging behind the door (phew!).

    Regarding UFOs, my mother always claimed she saw one when she was coming out of the cinema.  She told my father it was cigar shaped and she held her hands up to show the size as she saw it which was about a foot.  she said it had some dotted red light on it.  Years later when I worked in the same place as my mother we were walking towards the entrance of the building when we both saw gliding over Liverpool Town City what looked to be a large plane with windows right across.  It had no wings and was cigar shaped but we both thought it was a plane about to crash because it had no noise at all.  We thought it had lost it's engine power, so we both ran up the staircase in our work building because we would get a better view there to see the big crash.  But nothing happened at all - no crash, no noise and no reports on the news or TV.  It was then we realized it must have been a 'flying saucer'.  Liverpool's airport is in miles out and anyway this was not a flight path for planes, especially flying so low.

    In 1984 in Perth, Australia my father, daughter and myself were coming home around 8:30 PM from having dinner near the port of Fermantle.  The American nuclear ships were 'in' and docked here for a few days.  As I was driving along, I could see the sky and the Indian Ocean when suddenly I saw a light the size of a star ping pong all over the sky, traveling at amazingly fast speeds and doing really spectacular movements.  I thought at first it was a UFO, then I thought it's probably one of the American's secret aircraft.  The next and last unusual object was about 3 years ago.  I was in my front lounge looking out at the sky and just relaxing when I saw a star like object really high up moving slowly.  I went outside to get a better look and before my very eyes the thing split into 3 objects for about a minute then returned to one.

    A friend of mine knew a man who had just had a scary experience in his bedroom when he became paralyzed.  He tried to break free but heard in his mind a voice say it is stronger than him... His friend will not sleep in this room.  The latest news on this is that the friend doesn't feel as bad because one of his friends has had this happen to him!  It's almost becoming a part of our lives.  Also, I was thinking about the alien part of this.  These women abductees also end up having marks left on their bodies.  I recall reading about witchcraft trials and how if a woman who was suspected of being in league with the devil and had marks on them, they were burned at the stake.

    Here are 2 instances that have occurred over the last year of 1998.  The first was in our kitchen during winter.  Delia was up late one night having coffee.  I had earlier brought the 3 cats in and put them in an end room which leads off from the kitchen.  I usually do this in winter so the cats have a nice warm place to sleep.  Delia said she heard an ungodly deep growl just above her head and the cats, one in particular, was petrified and cowering.  She would never come in the house again.  This occurred before the death of my husband.  The next time it happened was around October.  I was in the kitchen when I heard the deep but loud growl of something awful which was accompanied by a  pulsating generator type noise which went from just above my head and upwards toward the ceiling.  Some people would say the house is haunted, but my belief is, 'The dead know nothing'.  There are some who talk about 'reptilian aliens'.  Well, after the incident in the kitchen, I would never want to see the evil thing behind that growl.  The noise was so deep and awesome.  I got the feeling it was annoyed with me for something.  Perhaps I was too full of the Holy Spirit, because it backed off.  I think this because all my life I have prayed to the Holy Spirit that I would not be misguided in my pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.

    I don't think my incidents are  that spectacular when compared to other stories you read like Communion.  In retrospect, I have a few thoughts regarding my experiences.  First, If Satan and his mob are trying to deceive the world into thinking they are 'aliens' they are going to reveal themselves by flying around in these sort of things so that is how we perceive them.  Why do they let us peep?  So we can go tell everyone they are UFO aliens.  This clashes with the word of GOD, so if they make us believe  what they're showing us is reality, then the Bible must be fantasy.  "Get lost!" is what I say.  Another thought is, many UFO sightings could be very advanced American technology.  Another theory of mine is, when we fall into sin, we open a channel around ourselves.  The Satanic mob can access our minds and bodies.  Now in these latter days, we are seeing all these things even more.  I think my life long search for the TRUTH is coming to an end.  I am contented with the name of Jesus I came to know when I was very young and even thought I may have wandered away from him a 'little', to examine other areas, I never stopped believing HE is the Way.