The Testimony of Sheila
Alien or Demonic?  
The Sheila Broughton Story

By Eve Lorgen

     In 1977 a drunk driver in a pick-up truck hit Sheila as a pedestrian. She almost died from the injuries and while in intensive care suffering excruciating pain, she prayed to God and received a message from a voice she knew was Jesus. In her near death experience Jesus’ voice told her, “Go back and heal. And tell everyone that heaven and hell are real and that it DOES MATTER what we do with our lives here on Earth.”

     Sheila believes this initial near death experience may have opened up doorways to both angelic and demonic forces. It wasn’t until 11 years later in 1988, that a demon appeared from her closet, demanding that she sketch a picture of him. This was a foul-mouthed demon, which laid a guilt trip on Sheila telling her she was a bad Christian. He would speak especially foul-mouthed mocking words and gestures of the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, and threatened, “Ill be back,” before disappearing.

     In 2004, Sheila’s children started to have night terrors, suddenly waking up straight out of bed calling for her. During this time period, Sheila would see “shadow people” and even saw a dead looking woman apparition in attire from the 1800’s staring back at her when she opened her refrigerator door. The paranormal activity of ghostly antics got so bad that Sheila’s kids, who were now teenagers, brought their friends over to the apartment so they could see things and photograph them. Orbs were seen above Sheila, and she even saw a traditional looking “Old Hag” manifestation near her computer one day. Sheila could sense the evil presences emanating from the attic in her bedroom closet. Trying to get some evidence, Sheila managed to get some EVP recordings, where she could hear voices and an “angry beast” growling.

     After Sheila’s ex husband died in 2005, her life and home no longer was a paranormal picnic but escalated into terrorizing spiritual warfare, with overtones of “targeted gang stalking” and non–lethal weapons harassment. Now, supernatural manifestations took a more physical effect, such as people following and watching Sheila, taking photos of her with cell phones while deliberately making comments she could overhear such as, “Go back and get a better shot.” She found strange things like tree poles in her yard, where the night before she saw red lights in the trees in the exact locations.

     Sheila found herself repeatedly attacked by invisible forces as she was pushed, prodded, poked and sexually assaulted. The real red flag marker for its similarities to “alien” medical procedures started when Sheila began getting what she calls the virtual surgeries. Like some alien (reptilian, etc.) abduction accounts, Sheila was first paralyzed, then moved into various physical positions while she was sexually assaulted, and woke up with scratch marks on her thighs and throat, as if fighting all night. The virtual surgeries were done in what she described as a symposium setting, the surgeons looking like the classical alien grey aliens, and others wearing the high backed cloaks. One time Sheila saw a tall white alien and it was the tall white alien that cued her into suspecting that these beings were trying to pull the wool over her eyes with a bargain: One night a tall white alien appeared on her stairway and told her that if she would just behave and not make such a fuss about them, and allow them to do more tests on her, that he would let her return to Cydonia, Mars where she was originally from. In addition to this, she also heard a set of 4-5 voices that she referred to, as “The Committee” who commented on everything Sheila did, like controlling watchers.

     To make matters worse, the invisible attacks and virtual surgeries left Sheila sore and she sometimes would have mini-seizures afterwards, as if her body was rammed with unusual electromagnetic energy. Before an attack, she would sometimes see a vapor emerging from the floor, which had the effect of paralyzing her, after which some type of assault or “virtual surgery” would take place. Sheila discovered an anomalous object in her foot after these surgeries, and also would wake up with letters scratched into her thighs and puncture wounds that like alien abductee “scoop marks”. She took photos of some of these things and they can be viewed on www.myspace/cydoniablue.

     By 2006, Sheila found herself wondering whether she was losing her mind, or something very evil was going on in her home. She wondered if she was being used as a lab rat for some sick virtual reality experiment by the university across the street where she lived, because so many things that happened resembled targeted gang-stalking incidents, with a bizarre paranormal twist. For example, Sheila was being followed by trucks that were always parked facing her apartment during the “invisible attacks”. Synchronistic messages on the truck’s license plates read, “YXPLANE” (why explain?) and another read, “EVIL333”. The 333 was significant to her because the torment would always stop at 3:33 am, or if it was a night where nothing happened, she would automatically wake up at 3:33m.

     Sheila felt constantly watched, and sensed a distinct evil presence around her. The attacks took the form of implanted visions, taunting, insulting words, poking and buzzing. She felt as if her body was electromagnetically charged, and one day her metal lighter actually repelled away from her body when she reached for it.

      Sheila was so distressed she began researching the Internet, to try to uncover what was going on with her. When searching for others to tell about her experiences, she received reprisals in the form of automatic writing appearing on her grass lawn and on the sidewalk and even on her skin. The threats told her to “stay quiet” by writing her son’s name, 666 and “Do you know who I am?”

     Sheila believes that it’s possible that perhaps her last three relationships with men could have opened the demonic doorway, because one of them practiced the dark arts, one was a Luciferian and the other lived with a witch whose friend put a curse on him.  

     Sheila’s father, who had served in the Air Force as a jet fighter pilot, had an alien UFO encounter in 1955. He even wrote a book about it as well as a book exposing the covert things our government did in Viet Nam. In fact, Broughton authored two books, Thud Ridge (1968) and Going Downtown: The War Against Hanoi and Washington (1988), in which he discussed his perceptions and history of the air war over Southeast Asia. The latter book was based largely upon his subsequent court martial resulting from an attack on a Soviet ship in Haiphong Harbor. In 2007 he published Rupert Red Two: A Fighter Pilot's Life from Thunderbolts to Thunderchiefs, an autobiography of his USAF career. (1)

     The government banned his books, and even bought out the publishing company sometime in 1967 and subsequently his books were pulled off the shelves. But now, Sheila says, his book is back in print and ironically ended up being required reading for the Air Force Academy! (2)

     I couldn’t help but wonder if any of Sheila’s demonic attacks and targeted gang stalking like incidents could have been linked in some way to her fathers involvement and UFO sighting with the military? Jack Broughton’s books were originally banned, but also much of Sheila’s paranormal nightmares coincided with the writing and subsequent publishing of his 2007 memoir.

     Sheila admits she has never seen a UFO craft of any sort, associated with her paranormal and demonic attack experiences, including the “alien virtual surgeries”.

     The high point of Sheila’s experience with these anomalous beings was when she tried to befriend one of them as it visited her while she was showering one day. She saw an image of an alien type creature appear on the shower wall. She went and kissed the image where its cheek was. Suddenly, Sheila heard a gasp of horror from somewhere. She got out of the shower and then was overtaken in pain and dropped to her knees. After a few moments she got up, got dressed and prepared to go out, when she heard a voice telepathically inside her head say, “I am you.” Then immediately afterwards, she felt as if her body was off kilter, she couldn’t walk right, or chew right when eating, and everything felt off, as if an entity had jumped inside of her and was co-existing in her body.

     The possession was temporary however, and Sheila began praying and doing various blessings and prayers she found in a Christian book called, “The Praying Parents Handbook”. She read the prayers out loud in every room of her house, when the torment would start up, and then it would die down, but it never completely went away, even with the prayers and blessings. What could possibly be missing, Sheila thought?

     Sheila felt abandoned by God, because the prayers were only partially effective and the demonic taunts prevailed as they laughed and cursed at her, saying, “stupid girl”.

She had enough, and one day Sheila decided it was time for a showdown. First she went to her church, but “they” the demons—or whoever it was—was there too. She saw frightening things and ran away, all the way back home. Sheila decided to check into a hotel so that if she faced these demons, it would be on neutral ground. At this point Sheila knew it was going to be “them or me”. This had to end and it had to end now or she would be dead soon. She knew it instinctively.

     That night on the hotel room balcony Sheila looked up into the sky, and suddenly all the stars and moon went away, total blackness. Bewildered and exhausted, Sheila decided to go back inside and lay on the couch. Then, she saw automatic writing appear on the ceiling. It was a long dissertation about how she wasn’t being a good Christian, and that yes; it was the Devil behind all this madness. He, the devil wrote, maintained that if she gave herself to him, he would leave her children alone. He wanted Sheila’s soul. She was about to say, “yes” just to save her children, when a different voice shouted to her, “Sheila! You don’t have the make a deal with him! You and your kids are protected by Jesus!” So she said out loud, “I choose Jesus!” And wouldn’t you know--the devil--the evil presence went away!

    By this time it was nearly morning, and Sheila left, feeling worn to shreds. But she wasn’t bothered anymore. She had her apartment blessed with holy water by her priest and burned white sage, and they have been demon free ever since. Sheila wishes that she knew beforehand how Jesus gave us authority to banish demons in his name. (Luke 10:19) And, as Sheila became more knowledgeable about her Bible and personal experience, she realized it takes more than simple praying to rid oneself of demons and all out spiritual warfare.

     Sheila told me that she used to pray out of desperation of terror and wailed, “Why do you leave me alone to fight this evil?” She felt so abandoned. But now, she admits at that time she wasn’t praying with full authority because she didn’t know we had this power. Sheila also attended many healing services at her church where they anointed her with holy oil and her body shook like crazy! She warns others who may be experiencing spiritual warfare to not fight back with the demons. As much as you want to, do not get lured into fighting with them. We have the authority to banish them but the Bible says we are not to engage them in conversation. We are to rebuke them and order them to leave with Christ’s authority. And, Sheila says, “Those shows like Ghost Hunters where they call the entities out rudely and in an antagonistic fashion; well, they are going about it all wrong.”  I thought about what Sheila said, and wondered what kind of private lives these TV show Ghost Hunters really have.

For a full detailed version of Sheila’s interview with Eve, see the interview version on:

Sheila’s web site: www.myspace/cydoniablue

Notes on Jack Broughton 



According to Jack Broughton it was around 1967 when the government paid off the publisher Lippencott Publishing Company, to pull his book off the store shelves. Six months later he self-published and it was back available in the stores.

Jack also held approximately 40 invention patents for the hovercraft but like all great ideas, he was 20 years ahead of the general public and investors were hard to find. He worked on a project that would have been a personal flying machine but that fell through. He ended his years of work with Rockwell International for a decade, working on the Space Shuttle. 

*Following this interview Sheila had been removed from Facebook, and had her pc and cell phone hacked into. She was blocked from accessing help sections for the web sites for T-mobile and Samsung and most of their sites.