The Testimony of Sigmund Brewer

My experience started when I was 3, sometimes while playing with my feet I would see things materialize on the wall making loud sounds flashing bright red colors. This would often cause me to cry and momma would say baby what’s wrong?  and  I couldn’t exactly give her an answer because it’s hard to say momma things are materializing on the wall at age 3.  

One night was a little different I was introduced to something . On this night I was sitting in the corner of my crib playing with my barrel of monkeys my barrel was yellow and my little monkeys were red. I was linking the arms together really enjoying them until something caught my eye. We didn’t have night lights so momma would leave the kitchen light on for us so that way we could see since she would turn the main light off . So I looked towards the kitchen and to my surprise there was something standing in the door way of the kitchen having bright yellow florescent glowing eyes without pupils  with dark green skin, it was as tall as my dad and he was about 6'3 .This thing had wild hair that would stick out backwards.  I was paralyzed with fear I couldn’t breathe fully. I didn’t know what this thing was, it wasn't transparent or ghostly in it's appearance. I barely knew what a dog or cat was at that age but one thing for sure I knew whatever this thing was didn't look like my momma and daddy it wasn’t right. It gave off a bad feeling, so there it stood staring at me our eyes locked and I couldn’t breathe or scream out I was paralyzed I don’t know if that creature caused it or what, all I know is that I couldn’t scream out to my momma and daddy.  I wanted to scream for help but I couldn’t make a sound the creature continued to stare with its intense glowing  yellow arch shaped eyes while not making a move not even a sound but just staring at me intently . I didn’t know what this thing wanted but for some reason it didn't come near my crib it stayed in the kitchen door way as if it were after me but it wasn’t allowed to come near.  I didn’t have any concept of time then, but I would have to say that it stared at me for about 5 minutes or so, finally it turned around and went back into the kitchen. It had a very strange movement about it, I can’t  really describe it very shifty in movement.  I didn’t want to play anymore pushing my toys aside I sat in the corner of my crib for a few minutes in shock staring at the kitchen hoping that the creature wouldn’t make its way  back out. I finally calmed down enough to slide underneath my knit pink and blue baby blanket not taking my eyes off the kitchen pulling the blanket over my head  making a peep hole to keep watch slowly drifting off to sleep . 


The next day I would try to tell my parents about what I had seen the night before frantically saying momma I saw green,  green monster.  Momma said baby what are you trying to say I think you were having a nightmare. I didn’t know what that word meant I remember beating the couches getting frustrated because they kept saying you were having a nightmare and I would say no! no! Green Monster green!. I didn’t want to go back to sleep in the crib of course so I tried to sleep in the living room or in my mom and dads room but I would find myself back in the crib because they would put me back in while I was asleep. I would wake up crying out of sheer fear. I didn’t want to see that thing anymore I was terrified! Sure enough my special guest would make its appearance once again. Standing in the Kitchen doorway  with its frightening  glowing  stare. I would press my back up against the crib so hard that I could  feel the bars of the crib cutting into my little back but  I was so afraid the eyes of this creature was terrifying and I believe it knew that. This creature had a routine It would come out every other night or so and I felt helpless against it. I would often hope that my parents would come to my rescue but this creature knew what it was doing, it all always came out at night so that my parents and all that were in the house were asleep. This creature had and agenda and at that time I didn’t know what it was.  


Thankfully our nightly meetings would come to an end  on a very special night for me. I was in the living room with my parents and one of them asked me to go get them something out of the fridge, I believe dad wanted me to go and get him a can of beer.  As I  walked down the hallway I heard a strange sound so I stoped. I didn’t hear the sound anymore so I continued on again then I heard it again. Then I noticed that the sound was coming from my quarteroy  pants. As I continued on I was shocked to see the creature to the right of me . It was  holding something from mommas china cabinet  a bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth syrup, the glass bottles in those days  as if it were examining it and no this thing wasn’t preparing to make me pancakes. I hear that alot when I try to tell people my experience. I believe it was occupying itself with that glass bottle as if it were waiting for me specifically this creature was definitely there for me. As I stood there it was as if it didn’t see me at that moment. I was too terrified to turn around to run towards my parents in the living room . So I stood paralyzed with fear finally the creature noticed me , giving me a quick glance as it placed the syrup back into the china cabinet  slamming the cabinet door shut abruptly facing me with a frightening stare. I stood helpless I didn’t know what to do, this time I didn’t have the comfort of my crib or my knit blanky  I was finally standing face to face with this fearsome entity. As I was standing there I couldn’t help but to look this creature up and down recording its appearance in my little brain, its dark green skin , glowing florescent yellow arch shaped eyes  and wild backward styled dark hair. So the creature stared at me looking down at me, myself looking up at it and then it began to make its approach I backed myself up against the wall as close  as possible .


The creature was only a few feet from stooping towards my face until suddenly a voice spoke to me . Saying do what you see that man is doing that’s  hanging on the wall and in my own mind I saw the image of mommas cross as the voice was speaking to me . Now I didn’t see who said these words but from what I could hear and tell it was a calm and friendly voice so I did exactly as I was told.  I Spread both my arms out mimicking the appearance of the image of the cross and when I did that the creature suddenly backed up from me as if it were frightened and ran towards the kitchen. The fear that I had immediately started to fade so I chased after the creature. I believe someone was with me but I didn’t see them but the presence was strong.  The creature opened up the door to the left most part of the bottom kitchen sink while jumping into the floor and gave me one last frightening florescent yellow stare and then suddenly slammed the kitchen sink door shut. I could see this creature jump into the sink floor because the door was still open just before it slammed it shut. This Being was solid but was able to go through the floor!? 


I saw this type creature once again when I was 5. One night I was playing with my toys and out of the darker part of the room I saw something materialize out of nothing into the same creature that I saw when I was 3, the only difference was that its skin was a lighter green and the eyes were florescent green without pupils still. I believe that it could possibly be the same creature but altered its appearance the thing ran at me and roared and disappeared I ran and screamed to get away from it. Just what exactly were these creatures and where did they come from ? And who was the invisible Being with the calming voice that gave me the command that caused the creature flee?  

This actually happened to me and I thank God for leading me to your site. The Lord later revealed to me that children see the world for what it is, they see the truth before the conditioning process takes hold of them  especially before schooling and becoming a part of society. The kings of the earth know what these things are and they are secretly worshiping these entities. God is revealing truth in these last days again thank you for creating this site and allowing people like myself and others to get out the truth, these creatures exist and they are documented in The Bible and other religious text.