The Testimony of Jeff

Following is my testimony of an “encounter” that I experienced as a young Christian:

In the Spring of 1980 I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ after many years of searching for meaning for my life, I was 18 years old.

As a young person I was very much into Science Fiction, especially the "beyond human" aspect, i.e., tapping into the “Extra Sensory Powers” that a character like Spock exhibited in Star Trek. I also tried to tap into the “power” of the pyramid by suspending strings from my bedroom ceiling to form the outline of one (a pyramid.) None of these efforts seemed to get me anywhere.

As a teen I got involved in partying, mostly alcohol consumption with a brief experimentation with marijuana. By the time I was 17 I found this life to be empty with no satisfaction and was very disillusioned. The following year, after I graduated from High School, a long time friend shared the Gospel with me. I realized this was what I had been searching for my whole life and joyfully received Jesus as my Lord and Savior changing the course of my life forever.

After receiving Christ I had been baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and was growing in the knowledge of God through His word. When approximately six months later I had another experience that impacted my faith greatly.

One night I went to bed and while I was falling asleep (to this day I couldn’t tell you if I was fully asleep or not,) suddenly I found myself under assault. The entire room changed - flashing lights of many colors (but not from any fixtures in the room.) And you could “hear” the colors. It reminded me of one of those visual representations that they do on TV to show someone on an LSD “trip” (but I had never experimented with anything of that nature my entire life.)

It was overwhelming and extremely disorienting, I couldn’t move and I felt like I was shrinking, getting smaller and smaller. I felt like I was loosing myself. And just when I was about to shrink past the “point of no return,” I cried out, “JESUS.” Immediately it all stopped. I was sitting up in my bed, out of breath and exhausted.

Afterwards, there was no doubt in my mind that I had just been attacked by demonic forces and that they had been soundly defeated by the authority of Jesus Name. I believe God allowed me to go through this experience so that I would learn the power of His Name in reality, not just theory.

My assessment of this experience is as follows: Although I could not tell you what level of consciousness I was at, I can tell you it was real. I had been attacked by demonic forces and they were trying to destroy me by stealing my sanity. I believe someone without Christ, undergoing the same assault would not have stood a chance and probably would have been diagnosed with some form of mental illness with friends and loved ones wondering how a person could deteriorate so fast.

Although I never thought that “Aliens” were involved, I cannot help but see similarities to some peoples abduction experiences and the demonic attack that I experienced.

I have had other experiences with Spiritual Warfare since then but none as dramatic because my wife and I call on the Name of the Lord and exercise the authority He has given us much earlier in the battle then in the early days of my Christian walk (Luke 10:17-24.)

The ultimate lesson? If you are confronted with spiritual attacks and attackers, you better have effective spiritual armor and weapons (Ephesians 6:10-20.) These weapons are only obtained through faith in Jesus Christ, "This is the 'stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone.' Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:11,12.)

In Christ,