Comments about my own personal experiences with "Alien/ Demons"

Dear Sirs:

I was doing a search for "are aliens really demons?" on yahoo and I came across your website. 
I used to think that all this alien stuff was just for entertainment value until I had my own experiences.  I'm a Christan man who just turned 45 and I have been in church my entire life.  I was saved at an early age and I am also at the present studying to be a pastor.  I had my first experience with a demonic attack at age 23 when living at home with my parents.  I was an art teacher and I had always been fascinated by ancient Near Eastern art that included pics of their gods.  I even had some pics on my walls of several of these gods including Ishtar and the famous Babylonian entrance gate to the ancient city.  I never thought about the significance of these pics at the time.  I never played with Ouija boards or anything like that- just had those pics on my bedroom walls.  One late night I had finished watching that weird 1980's movie, "The Entity" on t.v. and went to bed.  I am not sure if it was that night or the next night but I had a visitation from demons in my bedroom.  There was one at my feet and one beside me.  I couldn't see them, but felt them on the bed.  It was during that time just before REM sleep that I experienced this visitation.  There may have been a third demon in the room because as I was lying on my back unable to move looking out I felt something strike me in the chest like it was hitting me or had pounced on me.  It actually knocked the breath out of me and scared me to death.  I was able to see the room clearly even thought it was dark in the room.  I don't know if my eyes were open or closed or not but all I know is that I was able to see my room clearly.  I didn't see the demons but only felt their presence and their weight on my bed.  I don't know if the third demon was just trying to scare me or enter me.  Christians can't be inhabited by a demon, but I don't know to what extent a demon can influence a Christian.  There was also another occurrence at a later date while still in my early twenties that I felt like a demon was trying to pull me off the bed.  I woke up scared, but my body had not moved from the position it was in.  The demon also was touching my groin and my rectum area as if it wanted to have sex with me.  I soon lost interest in collecting Near Eastern art and never really thought about the connection between the pics and the attack.  I was redecorating my room and threw all the Near Eastern art pics away.  I didn't have any more attacks after that until I moved away from home. 

Years later I had moved to Charlotte NC for a teaching job and was living in an area that had a lot of Hispanics.   One of my best friends was a young Mexican guy who was a new Christian and he started going to a Pentecostal church.  He seemed to be "on fire" for the Lord and was witnessing and I was happy for him at first.  The thing that bothered me was the pastor of his church had invited an evangelist to his church and this evangelist spread teaching that were very occultist in nature.  My friends name was Jorge.  My friend Jorge told me that many Mexicans practice witch craft in that area.  Jorge came over to my house and started telling me about this "new" spirit of interpretation and of prophecy.  He told me about the ladies in his church who saw visions and dreams of demons tormenting people in hell.  He also talked about how  the evangelist was a healer also and that he witnessed angelic persons in the church service that no one else could see but him and warned the people to be careful that these angels were telling him that certain people in the church were under demonic attacks.  My friend claimed to have the ability to prophesy.  Jorge said that he began to have demonic attacks in his home.  He lived with his sister and brother-in-law who were catholic and blamed them for the attacks saying they had statues of Mary in the house and other catholic paraphernalia that was pagan in nature.  He had lived with them for years, but only since he started going to that Pentecostal church did he begin to see demons.  I too began to have demonic visitations after being with Jorge and especially after he came to my apartment.  I had been living there for 4 years and never had any types of attacks until he started going to that church. 

One night I went to bed and just like it had happened years ago at home in VA at my parents home I had an acute demonic attack.  It was during REM sleep again that I felt two demons on the bed beside me and a third demon actually appeared at my bedside in a bodily form.  The demon looked like what he call "aliens."  He had a large head.  I couldn't see any eyes- perhaps they were closed.  He had a thin slit for a mouth- the nose was almost non existent.  His body was thin- his arms and legs were also thin.  He was brown and translucent.  That is I could see through him. He was kneeling on the floor parallel to my bed.  I guess he was doing a "ritual" or something- I don't know- he wasn't moving at all.  I also saw shadowy dragon silhouettes just like the dragons on the Ishtar gate of Babylon that were coming out of the wall.  I was unable to move or speak and of course I was afraid.  I had heard Jorge as well as other pastors say how to protect yourself form demonic attacks by repeating the name of Jesus and pleading the blood of Jesus.  I said Jesus name over and over again in my head till i was able to speak out load and as soon as I could speak I rebuked the demons in Jesus name they vanished from sight. 

I did play with an online Ouija board a few times while living in Charlotte NC- I don't know if these online boards are for real or not. 

I also had a vision while reading from the NIV bible during this time period.  It appeared to be an Ashteroth pole  that was belching fire and was falling.  I've never experienced a strong vision like that before and not sure what it meant.  I can only speculate.  I went home to see my parents during the holidays that year and slept in my old bedroom.  I again had a demonic attack and had to rebuke the demons and they left me alone.  I actually heard them run out of the room as I rebuked them in Jesus name.  I guess they traveled with me from Charlotte NC.  I had met with Jorge before I left and perhaps several traveled home with me to VA?  Not long afterwards i left Charlotte and moved back to VA.  I had a few smaller visitations during the night, but after rebuking them in Jesus name they again vanished.  I haven't had any more attacks since then- it's been 5 years since I moved from Charlotte and I haven't met with my friend Jorge nor any other person involved in a Pentecostal church that has spiritualistic views. 

You may read my email on your radio show or post the letter on your website if you like.  It is fine with me.  I am a Christian and again I am studying to be a Baptist minister. God bless!

In His Service,