My name is William. Most of my friends and family call me Bill.
I have recently read the book UNHOLY COMMUNION and had to write to you in order to share what happened to me not long ago.

Probably 6 months before I read the book I had an experience one evening. I had gone to bed around 11pm - my usual bedtime. It was not unusual as far as the events of the evening were concerned.
However, it is at this time of the evening that I pray since its very quiet and easier to concentrate on my prayers. I was at a peak in my prayer life then and my prayers were highly concentrated with requests for the saints and I spent serious amounts of my time praying against evil and the evil schemes that are happening world wide - and particularly the schemes that I have learned of through reading Tom Horns material.
Knowing that spiritual warfare is what really makes the world go around - I was praying for the area I live in with resolve. I honestly believe it was my prayers that led to the experience I had.

But as I was saying, I had gone to bed after praying and was sleeping otherwise very well until I awoke @ 3:30am- I could not lift my head to see what time it was and thought that I saw 'something" out of the corner of my eye standing on the opposite side of the room. I was literally paralyzed and couldnt open my mouth to speak. I knew it was an attack by a demonic force because I recognized the presence. I have been in the presence of demons before where they were making themselves known. And as I have done in the past, I went straight to God in prayer and asked Him to protect me and remove the demon in the room. I also coincidentally felt the "wash of fear" try to overcome me but I rejected it and half out of my own anger from being picked on. Immediately i was able to speak and prayed outloud that "He would take care of it". And it was gone.
I fell asleep quickly out of knowing I could trust Him. (right after looking up to see what time it was and just to check out the room)

Now what was so strange to me was that I could "see" this thing in my room even though I could not lift my head to view it. It looked to be 6 feet tall and dressed in some sort of spacesuit and a helmet that covered everything but its eyes.
It was in the shape of a man. This was so weird to me. I know it was a demon and knew it was as soon as I was awake. Why did it pose as some sort of "spaceman"?
My answer came when I received Dave and Joes book UNHOLY COMMUNION in the mail not long after that when it was included with some Tom Horn material that I purchased.

Another thing that might have played into this situation was that I had not long before my experience been toying with Pornography. This was most likely opening a "gate" that invited evil into my life. I had repented though and had been experiencing GREAT power in my prayer life and was in an incredible time of worship and warfare when this happened to me. I am convinced because of my particular prayers against the prince of this area I was attacked and was "lied" to - as if they could fool me into thinking Aliens were the culprit. I had already decided much earlier in my life that UFOS were probably some Government flying contraptions and people who experienced ALIENS or Abductions were under spiritual attack from devils. I have always thought this. Reading some of Tom Horns material and Dave and Joes stuff I see now that evil spirits can actually create these "flying phenomenon". Its all spiritual in nature.

I am continuing my learning into Modern Spiritual Warfare and will continue to pray for your ministries as well. I hope the church wakes up to this reality of life! Please share my experience with anyone you may think would need to hear it.

May God Bless!