The Testimony of Marie

Marie’s Statement:

If you are undergoing "alien" interference with your life, have courage! You have not lost your sanity. With concrete signs and evidence you correctly surmised that an intrusive force is at work. Yet its malevolence surpasses any mere “extra-terrestrial” pigeon-holing. This attack spawns from the Darkness, but don’t consider yourself powerless in combating this scourge. The effects, so terribly real in perception, are produced by telepathic suggestion. Know the weapons of the Creator will provide an invincible response.

If you are experiencing UFO sightings or "extra-terrestrial"

encounters, immediately contact a trusted clergyman. The word “trusted” is used in the sense that while most clergyman strive to sincerely serve God, only a minority of these ministers fully accept the concept of spiritual warfare. These incursions can and will be halted by the intervention of prayer conducted over, for and by you.

My experiences occurred recently:

As a first-year law student, I was enjoying my fall semester in a different area of the country. Class instruction and course work (although very demanding) were fascinating. I felt blessed to have this opportunity for personal growth and future career enhancement.

Last September I noticed one evening in the sky above campus an unusual object. I dismissed it as possibly a military aircraft or a satellite in lower orbit. With my busy schedule, the excitement of the new environment, and the concerns of daily living, I had forgotten the incident. Unfortunately, three weeks ago at the end of a lovely Sunday evening, a UFO again appeared in close proximity to my campus apartment. This incongruous sighting jolted me and recalled the prior occurrence. However, I sublimated my fears and concentrated on final assignments due. Shortly I would be returning home to my family for an enjoyable Christmas vacation after a busy semester.

Two weeks ago the situation exacerbated to where I heard a craft "buzzing" over my apartment on two separate nights. The second night's manifestations consisted of deafening approaches and departures of a hovering craft.

At this point, I attempted to define what was occurring. The secular world certainly would place no credence in these UFO manifestations. Since I do not use drugs, this situation would lead the world to only one logical, but extremely negative, conclusion. Moreover, this intrusion in my life both frightened and angered me. After the second appearance, I made an extensive search of the Internet to determine if a valid explanation or meaningful assistance could be provided. I certainly was far too embarrassed to mention my predicament to friends. By the second evening’s occurrences, I had sent an email to Rev. Joe Jordan at the address noted on the Alien Resistance website. I found Joe Jordan’s responsive email message on my system the next day after returning from class.

Fortunately, I was able to reach Joe by phone when in the morning after the second night's “assault,” I viewed by the window a faintly etched form of a "grey." Interestingly, the facial features, including the eyes, closely resembled the goat-figured depictions of Satan.

When advised by telephone of the visitor, Joe reminded me that it was no "alien" but the very essence of evil. I was directed to read the prayers for exorcism, which prayer instructions I previously had printed from the related Logos Christian Fellowship website. Shortly thereafter Rev. Jordan and an associate, Pastor Tony, called in (from several hundred miles away) to conduct the exorcism telephonically but effectively. Pastor Tony noted that he would sound the traditional Hebrew “Shofar.” One of that sacred instrument’s many purposes is to blast demonic beings to the ends of the universe.

Noises and bangings accompanied the exorcism including the sounds of entities exiting through the wall to the outside. While the Shofar sounded I was observing a small robed being, who with contorted features writhed in torment. With the Shofar’s tarifah blast that miasmic form shudderingly faded into nothingness.

To my questions as to what had occurred, the ministers specified that I was not the victim of possession but had been suffering the burden of oppression. Joe noted that such a development only occurs when a door is left open for an attack – namely the breaking of the Commandments. Although I had prided myself in being a very honest, law-abiding citizen and a Church supporter, by breaking certain of the Commandments I had made myself a target. These transgressions had included dabbling into the occult and certain other failings including within the last four years an affair outside of marriage.

After the exorcism I could sense the tranquility of my apartment. My life, although definitely jolted, seemed to have returned to order. However, much of the campus would be closed for Thanksgiving and I had reservations for a “get-away” holiday weekend at a nearby hotel, where I could both comfortably study and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. While packing I appreciated the quiet and was still marveling that “God must really exist.” I continued to smell just a whiff of the unpleasant odor that had manifested at the time of the morning’s events.

Shortly after my first phone conversation with Joe, he had called to advise that a local resident would assist me through prayer and friendship in overcoming the shock of the situation. This lady even had offered to invite me to her home for the weekend and planned to help me ask for God’s blessing on my apartment that evening as a further protective measure. As I packed I felt deep gratitude to the pastors and local assistant. This volunteer already had phoned and indicated great willingness to help. I also continued to be overjoyed by the realization that God truly IS.

Checking in at the hotel, I appreciated the lovely room, although my campus apartment is quite comfortable as well. I did note the growing unpleasant scent that I had smelled earlier at my apartment and when unpacking for my brief stay, heard rustlings and odd sounds.

The volunteer picked me up at the hotel that evening. A gracious person of unaffected loveliness, the assistant exuded confidence in her faith. She informed me that she, too, had suffered a similar horrific situation. The assistant appreciated my concerns and patiently answered further questions at length. We asked for God’s blessing on my apartment through prayer and the marking of crosses with oil on the doors, lintels, and other entrance points as a preventive measure.

Returning to the hotel, I requested that the volunteer check the room, indicating that I had sensed activity there. Following the same procedure as at the apartment, the room was blessed. At that time I earnestly prayed a form of the Sinner’s Prayer, acknowledging Christ as my Lord and Savior.

After the assistant had left for a long commute home, I realized that I had not eaten. I dined in the hotel – not ordering an alcoholic beverage. It is my practice to usually never drink alcoholic beverages – usually I consume about four alcoholic toasts or drinks in the course of an entire year. The events had disquieted me but after a delicious cheeseburger, I anticipated getting a great deal of studying done. I already had done major preparatory exam work. Also, I looked forward to several phone calls from my family, who love extended phone conversations.

When I returned to the room, the rustlings reoccurred with greater intensity. I had been advised by the assistant of the possibility that the demons might test my resolve. With an increasing crescendo of noises in the room, I decided to study in the hotel lobby under the guise that I was waiting for a relative to arrive for the holiday. Even in the lobby I encountered strange sounds and vibrations, including the occasional major vibrational sound of a craft hovering overhead, the barely perceptible but constant movement of plants, and that offensive burnt odor. I tried unsuccessfully to take quick catnaps since when I did close my eyes, I kept seeing, imposed on the darkness, a moving robed figure.

Not wishing to overly extend my pretext of waiting for a relative, I returned to my room from the lobby. Shortly after entering, the noises resumed. I had been advised by the volunteer that prayer functions as a serious weapon against these attacks. She had noted the Psalms as particularly effective. As I had done earlier, I proceeded to pray the Psalms out loud. I’m embarrassed to say that out of terror I called my Mother, who had believed that I had seen the occurrences but attributed them to extreme overtiredness and need for vacation. My Mother has always been a loving and supportive parent. She freely conceded to my phone request that we pray together for an extended period. Throughout the night I had sensed a resentment from the presences in the hotel room as the Psalms were recited. I noted that while my Mother and I recited the Lord’s Prayer the room definitely quieted.

I freely admit that trying to inconspicuously wait in a lobby at night represents bizarre behavior. The developments in my room that night had escalated into a scenario of terror. Yet it again must be stressed that these images/events represented mere telepathic projections by these entities. Unlike the tangible wonders of the Creator, these cowards fight with sham images, seeking to place their victims in a socially defenseless position.

Returning to the lobby, the conditions quickly returned to their bizarre former status including the rustlings, vibrations, and intermittent sounds of a vibrating craft. At one point I quickly stood by the hotel entrance since I had detected odd noises coming from the outside as well. The raucous bird-song heard at dusk continued but now the baying of animals joined the cacophony. I quickly returned to my lobby chair as I tried to wait out the night. A distinct dragon’s face, formed from condensation on a nearby lobby window pane, intently stared in knowing malevolence.

Between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. I did phone Rev. Jordan and the volunteer. Joe noted that such assaults sometimes represent a brainwashing technique. The Enemy’s rationale is that through exhaustion the victim will accept these images/sights as real, material ones. Joe indicated that I should attend a religious service that evening, a Wednesday, in a Spirit-filled church. He obviously hoped the Holy Spirit would quickly end this horror for me.

Trying to maintain my strength, I had a hearty breakfast. Joe and the volunteer telephoned to say that a Pentecostal service was available that evening. It could not have come sooner. As I prepared to take a bath later that afternoon, I noted the water seemed a sparkling shade of a very light blue, in itself unusual. To my horror I first noticed a line, then the definite form of a stylized serpent in unmistakable imitation of a sculptural design ornamenting the monuments of a certain ancient culture. I recognized but would prefer not to note the name of that ancient culture. At that manifestation, I left the bathroom, hearing sounds, and noting on the rug by the bath two or three small orange, claw-like prints and what appeared to be a letter in an unknown script.

I quickly dressed and left the room. I phoned the volunteer from the lobby to ask her to pick me up for the service inside the hotel by the main entrance. Again the assistant was driving a great distance. May I add at this point that even dining I was harassed. A small, insect-like creature, with an almost humanoid form, would intermittently buzz around me, particularly while dining and, of course, unobserved by anyone. Also (and not due to the hotel cleaning staff), I had noticed a constant film of dirt about my face, clothing and personal effects.

At the service I prayed with a mixture of tremendous happiness that God really existed and intense supplication that my present ordeal be ended. The service resonated with the members’ joy in the certain knowledge of the Creator’s Kingdom. At the conclusion, I approached the minister to request intercessory prayer. His prayers for deliverance were heard. The minister with great force commanded the demonic force to cease their oppression and harassment. At that time, the reverend spoke a specific Word for me from the Father. That relayed statement of support will remain with me forever.

This week my faithful friend and volunteer accompanied me to my Water Baptism.

So recently, in the midst of oppression, I listened to her words with such frantic hope. With complete conviction, she would insist that in the name of and by the authority of Jesus, demons could be rebuked. I am a witness that under Jesus’ authority they can be. If you presently are a victim, know that you can take action to end the horror.