Testimony of Anthony

In July of 2011 I began feeling an overwhelming sense of dread before going to sleep, as if I was afraid of falling asleep. On one night in particular I was awakened by something very abruptly. I looked around the living room as I had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs. The TV program I had been eTching was still on but I could feel something in the room with me that I could not see. At once I began being pulled from my couch, through my kitchen table and back kitchen wall outside. When I got outside I could feel the wet grass on my feet and could sleep the fresh cut of the grass. I felt very strong muscular hands on my chest and began to really become afraid. I have been a born again Christian for about 4 years so my natural reaction was to say, "Jesus, help me." All at once I woke up back on my couch. On another occasion I woke up in a dark room that wasn't any I had been in before. I could see a display that looked like something you would see in a hospital. I knew I was experiencing the same thing as before so I began to pray and asked for Jesus to protect me. It took longer for me to get back to my bed but it ended the same way as the prior experience, very quickly. I haven't had this happen to me since then. Praise be to God and His Son Jesus Christ.