Testimony of Nick

The Power of the Most High Authority   

Hi, I have a story that is similar to what many others are saying on your web site, only I just heard waves of voices wash over me. I could move and speak if I so desired. I'm not sure why I wasn't paralyzed like so many others were. Before I was born my parents were very slightly into some occultist things. When my sister and I were born they got rid of their divining rods and occult books and such. They tell me that after this, my sister and I would experience what are scientifically documented as "night terrors". There is no scientific explanation for night terrors. We would sit up and scream in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, calling for our parents. They were new Christians and they didn't know what to do. I don't remember any of that, I was too young, but I do remember the voices. What sounded like thousands of voices that would come to me almost every night. At that time I was probably about 10, and figured I must be crazy. My parents told me it was my imagination. These experiences happened a long time ago. I am now 21 and a devout Christian and have had no experiences since. I don't really remember when I first started hearing the voices and when they finally left me. I remember I used to call for Jesus to help me. The voices would slowly fade whenever I did. I now recognize this as most likely a demonic attack. I figure the demons were upset with my parents for rejecting the occult and hung around me for a long time afterwards to maybe punish them. I don't really remember when the voices stopped coming, but I know that it was because of the grace of God. I know you guys get a lot of stories about these attacks, and I wasn't originally going to say anything, but I reconsidered because I was never paralyzed or silenced during these attacks. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced these types of things without the paralyzation. Every account I read about says that they became paralyzed and felt intense pressure bearing down on them. Is my case odd? Or have you heard other stories like this one? What is your opinion on what I have described?

Thank you for your time......"Nick"