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Childhood Story of Aliens In The Forest, and Surgery Holes In My Knees


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The Testimony of David 

No Other Name

WARNING:  The contents of this article might be construed as an act of terrorism by the Department of Homeland Security (The author is a Christian and believes that the Word of God is true and relevant in today’s world.)

Act 4:12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” -NASB


If you are reading this testimony, then you are not here by accident.  Something or someone led you here.  Even if you “accidently” ran across this web site from some sort of search, you will eventually realize there is no such thing as an accident.

Coincidence, you say?  You are right if by coincidence you mean that two “apparently random” events dovetailed to create a new vector whose pull led you here.  Then I would agree with you that this is a coincidence, as it is my personal experience that the Living God will manipulate time and space to cause seemingly unrelated events to work together to the help and salvation of his creation (That would be YOU).   [Rom 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. – NASB]

The First Time

Memory is a very tricky thing.  Ask yourself where you were at 10:30 A.M. on January 4th 1991.  Don’t look at your notes!  Just try your best to completely recreate that day in your mind.  I’ll wait…   …Give up? Me too.  I can’t do it.  BUT, can you remember really significant events?  Me too.  I remember my first dog, my first bicycle, my first day of first grade.  I remember my first kiss, my first French horn contest, and the sheer joy and surprise when I was told I had won first place (It was a first, too).  I remember all kinds of firsts.  That is why I can remember my first encounter with what I can only describe as a very weird experience. What I want to share with you will be exactly what I remember, as clearly as I can remember it.  I have never had hypnosis, nor will I ever seek it.  So what I am relaying to you now is simply as clearly as I can remember it. 

I would tell you, “I grew up in Louisiana and Texas.” but my wonderful wife, who keeps me grounded, would dispute whether I have grown up at all.  So let’s agree that I lived in Louisiana and Texas all through my formative years and into the adult years.  My first encounter with strangeness occurred in Monroe, Louisiana.

Our family moved a LOT.  By 1962 or ’63, I had already moved three times that I am aware of.  I was about 4 or 5 by then.  We had just moved into a new development in Monroe, Louisiana.  At the time, we were among the first few houses in this area.  Our house was at the end of a cul-de-sac.  The back yard was big, and if you stepped out the sliding glass door off the den, you would be on the back porch, looking out at a fairly large back yard. The yard had a few trees, and a stump big enough to sit on if you were a grown-up.  To my little eyes, it was the entire world. 

From the porch, looking out to the yard, on the left, you would see a barbed-wire fence line running the entire length of the yard.  On the other side of that fence line was a forest of tall pine trees with a few oaks, vying with the taller pines, for sunlight interspersed throughout.  A little farther into the forest was a clearing.  In that clearing was what we in the southwest referred to as a “tank”.  It was just a largish pond where cattle would gather to drink.  The property belonged to someone who raised cattle.  The cattle were virtually ‘free range’ as they were allowed to wander all over the land.  Occasionally, you would see a doe and her fawn frolicking around in the forest.  Mom and Dad told us we were not allowed to go out to the forest, which meant that my Big Sister, Big Brother and I immediately found a way to break that rule.  We played a lot out there.  In those days, a kid could leave the house without having to worry about human predators kidnapping him.  We would leave the house as soon as we could and play outside all day, as long as we made it home in time for dinner.  Even during the school year, we got outside as much as we could.  The freedom was intoxicating.

We had chores as children, too.  At age 4, my chore was to gather all the tiny little trash cans from each bedroom and bathroom and carry them out to the back porch, empty them into the trash can that stood to the right of the back porch, and return the little cans back to where they belonged.  Every Saturday morning was chore morning.  We had to deep-clean the entire house to mother’s satisfaction before we were allowed to go out and play. 

My grandmother Wells lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She was my mother’s mother.  I loved her with a fierce love that to this day makes my heart glow.  She was visiting us during the week that the first strangeness happened.  It happened in the middle of the week.  I remember my Grandmother tucking me in bed.  She smelled of cloves and lavender.  To me, it was the scent of the angels.  She had a very strong love for God and Jesus, and a very strong devotion to the Scriptures.  She made it a point to pray with me before bed time, and read to me from the Psalms.  The safest and most secure I have ever felt in my young life was when she was near, and praying. 

After she tucked us kids into bed and turned out the lights, I fell asleep almost immediately.  The next thing I know, I felt as if someone had shaken me awake.  I heard something tell me that it is time to do my chores.  I got out of bed and wondered why I was doing my chores in the dead of night.  We had night lights dispersed throughout the house because I used to be afraid of the dark. I trundled up the hallway to the bathroom to get the first trash can.  (I always did the cans in a specific order.)  The bathroom trash can was my favorite.  It was small, painted in black lacquer with scenes of ancient Japan painted on the black in brilliant whites, reds, blues and yellow.  I used to imagine I was going to Japan when I took out that can.  I grabbed the can and carried it in the dark to the sliding glass door in the den.  Because I was so small, either Mom or Dad or my big sister would open it for me.  But no one was up at that time of night, so I stared at the door wondering what to do now.  Suddenly, the thought came to me that I could just walk through the door, that I do not have to actually open the door to get out.  The idea fascinated me and thrilled me.  So I did it.  I took a step forward and began going right through the glass.  I made it all the way through except for the trash can.  It wouldn’t go through the door.  I placed the can on the floor of the den and finished walking through the door.  From this point, my memories are very sketchy, so I will tell you only what I can actually recall. 

The next thing I know, I am on the edge of the back porch looking at lights in the sky.  I remember there were many colors all over the place.  My next memory is of me being just on the other side of the barbed wire fence line, in the forest.  I have no idea how I got there.  I was just standing there.  I got worried because my big brother or Sister was not there to guide me, as I NEVER went to the forest alone.  I recall taking a few steps down a trail that my brother and I had made.  It stopped where two small oak trees were standing side by side.  I stood there looking past the oak trees into the piney woods.  (Here comes the weird part, and I know you will think I am crazy, but God is my witness that I am not making this up.) 

Standing just on the other side of the oak trees was a fawn.  She poked her head through the foliage of one of the trees and told me not to be afraid.  She said she was very glad I came.  She asked me to follow her to the tank in the clearing.  She had these huge, beautiful eyes.  I remember those eyes.  I felt as if I could fall forever into those eyes.  When she looked at me, I felt as if there was no other existence than her eyes looking in to my soul.   I do not remember walking to the pond, but I remember standing next to the pond.  All around the banks of the pond were animals of many sorts.  All standing there with me.  Then other children of various ages joined us at the pond.  From there I go completely blank.  I have absolutely no idea what happened after that.  BUT, I know that it happened because of the scars on my knees.

After I blanked out at the pond, my very next clear memory is of me sitting lengthwise on our large couch in the den.  It was the next night.  I was in my jammies.  I was wearing my red terrycloth robe.  My grandmother was holding me and I was crying.  I was in a great deal of pain.  I hurt all over, and felt as if I was on fire, and was sweating profusely.  The legs of my jammies were pulled up above my knees.  Both knees had puncture marks in the exact same place.  The puncture holes were bleeding just a little, and my mom was trying to make the bleeding stop.  After she got the bleeding to stop, she put ice packs on my knees.  I blanked out right after my mom made the bleeding stop.  But I remember for weeks having scabs where the holes are.  Today, those holes are closed, but I have two perfect little circles where the holes were made.  When I was in my twenties, I had a reason to get a physical at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana.  The examining physician asked me when I had had arthroscopic surgery on my knees.  I told him I had never had any such procedure.  He pointed at the little scars on each knee and said he begged to differ with me.  I had completely forgotten about the scars by then.  He thought I was lying, and said an X-Ray would clear it up.  He took the X-Ray.  It showed perfectly healthy knees with no abnormalities whatsoever.  He asked me if I had ever had exploratory surgery on my knees.  I said ‘no’.  He asked me where the little circles came from.  By this time, I had recalled when and where I was when I had gotten these scars.  I kept my mouth shut.  It was none of his business.

I spent a great deal of time and effort describing my first encounter with strangeness.  There have been many other events in my life. My sister and I clearly remember being taken for tests, and the presence of military at some of these tests. The military were always present, it seems.

Some of the experiences may not fall into the category of UFOlogy, either.  For example, There was a blue orb that has followed me most of my life.  I have a witness to this orb.  My ex-wife, Cynthia, saw it on two occasions.  The first time was when we were engaged to be married.  We were living in Plainview, Texas.  Plainview was her home town, and I had a full ride to Wayland Baptist University.  It was late at night, and a wonderful night breeze was gently cooling off the streets after a typical 100 degree day in the High Plains.  The air there was very dry, so you actually had to wear a sweater at night even in the early summer nights.  We were walking up 16th street to her apartment (We were taking the long way).  My friend, the blue light, appeared up and to our left, about 100 feet off the ground.  It moved around rapidly.  It dipped to the roof of one house, then took off like a blue streak straight up into the sky.  We watched it disappear into the sky.  An hour had passed, when we suddenly caught ourselves staring in to the sky, mouths hanging open, and aware that we must look strange to the neighbors.  We continued our walk. 

The next time we saw my friend, the blue light, was after we had been married a couple of years.  I was a student at Louisiana Tech University, in Ruston, Louisiana.  I was also employed at the City of Ruston Electric Utilities.  Ruston had its own power plant and provided electrical power, water, sewage, and gas to the town.  It was a weekend and Cynthia and I were out walking, at night, taking in the wonderful springtime air.  The scent of Magnolia blossom and Honeysuckle was everywhere.  The air was intoxicating.  Every evening, we took a walk.  It was one of the best times to be together and talk about our day, our thoughts and dreams, and anything else that came up.  

The street that leads up to the Campus from where we lived was Everett St.  Our routine was to walk to the campus, sit in the quadrangle on campus, go to the Student Union Building for a soda, then walk home.  We were 4 or 5 blocks from the Campus, when my friend, the blue light, appeared over our heads.  It was just a few feet above us.  It was utterly silent.  It glowed cobalt blue and looked to be solid, and about the size of a Volkswagen beetle.  You could see the light reflecting off the pavement, the trees, and houses.   I told Cynthia that I want to get to the bottom of this.  So I looked right at the light and asked it who it was.  The light started moving up the middle of Everett Street toward the campus.  I followed.  The more I followed, the faster it went.  I ended up having a race to the campus with the light.  It headed right toward the 4th floor of the Administration building (Which is an 8 story building).  I knew for sure it was going to collide with the building.  Just mere feet from the outer wall of the 4th floor of the Admin building, the light turned a perfect 90 degree turn straight up to the sky.  By this time, Cynthia had caught up with me.  We stared at the blue light as it went up to the heavens at an impossibly fast rate.  We could see it until it was barely a pinpoint of light in the heavens.  After it got to nearly out of our sight, it turned another impossible right turn and sped even faster away.  It was gone. 

I will share only two more events that happened in my life then I will get to the whole point of this testimony.

Here’s The Point!

Now I will get to why I wrote you in the first place. 

ONE LAST STORY: (But it is very relevant.)

On October 27th, 1986, I got on my knees and gave my life to Jesus. It was after a few years of my wife’s friends witnessing to me, and seeing my wife struggle through my rebellion while she maintained her walk with the Lord.  The verse that broke me was II Cor 5:17 – “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

Shortly after that was the blue light experience. 

One more thing, and here is the whole point, in case you are wondering where this is going.

One night, about a year after the last blue light experience, I had another very remarkable experience.  This is the experience that I choose to share that will drive home the point of my testimony.

I had joined a church, was preaching regularly in places you wouldn’t imagine going, and watching the Living God work miracles in lives most of you would write off as being hopelessly lost causes, like I had been.  My job was going great, and life was good. 

After our nightly walk, Cynthia and I went to bed.  We said our prayers and fell fast asleep.  I was awakened a few hours later, at about 3AM, to the sound of Cynthia screaming for me to wakeup.  She was hollering really loud.  When the fog of sleep cleared, I about fainted at what I saw.  What Cynthia was screaming at.  A giant creature that looked as if it had come from a cheap ‘B’ horror flick was standing at the foot of our bed.  Its head look as if it was a cobra’s head.  The guy standing next to him looked like a human leopard.  They were telling me that I still belonged to them, that I was just kidding myself if I thought that Jesus wanted anything to do with me. 

I felt the icy grip of fear course through my veins.  For a millisecond, I thought they were right.  After all, why would they be here if they thought I was God’s property, now?

All I could say was, “I belong to Jesus by His blood.  Leave my home in the name of Jesus”.  They vanished in a cloud of smoke that smelled like rotten eggs.  I knew that smell well.

Cynthia and I stayed up the rest of the night.  Somehow we were not interested in sleep anymore.


So here is the bottom line.  Jesus is real.  He came here to this earth and died for you.  If you are being afflicted by evil, aliens, UFO or whatever, there is a real chance your lifestyle is opening the doors that allow it to happen, or you are having your faith tested.  I know from living it that evil seeks any purchase it can find.   I also know that if you give your life to Jesus, you are a NEW creation.  All you have to do is call on him.  There is no name in heaven or earth that will move heaven or earth than Jesus’s name.  

What has this got to do with UFO’s?  Plenty.  The same minions that are behind the UFO thing are also behind other activity.  These creatures are in league with certain elements of all the governments on earth.  They want nothing short of the death of your soul.  They want you to join them for all eternity in hell.  There is one way, and only one way out of this, too.  Jesus came here to take our place in the judgment of God.  It is written that the wages of sin is death.  When God created mankind, we rebelled and insisted on life our way.  Rebellion against God is punishable by death.  It is rebellion that led Lucifer and 1/3rd of heaven to want to take over heaven and run things.  200 of the fallen ones landed on Mt. Hermon, in Lebanon.  It was there that they formulated the idea of cross breeding with humans.  This led to the great flood mentioned in the bible.

Jesus came here to face our judgment on our behalf.  If he hadn’t, no one on earth would be able to be saved.  There is nothing in the human condition that can lead us back to God after the fall of man.  Nothing, but Jesus.

The enemy knows this, too.  The enemy will use every form of deception and avarice to take your eyes away from what is true.  The UFO phenomenon is a slow release event.  It is a time released deception that is being used to turn mankind away from the one true God.  They will tell you that they are our creators and gods.  They will tell you that they used the genetics from a lower form of human, mixed their DNA with ours and created us.  They will do many amazing things to back this up and cause you to believe what they say is true.  I know because I have been down this road, and have spent the last 17 years researching the fallen ones and their impact on humanity.

There is a powerful deception about to be loosed on mankind.  It is so strong that most people will fall for it.  Your, my, and all of mankind’s real hope lay in the Lord Jesus.  He died in our place.  He was given the authority from God to raise himself again, from death, on that third day.  He and He alone is our true salvation. 

Test this and see for yourself, if you are skeptical.  The next time they grays, or the greens, or the Nordics, or the reptilians, or whatever try to take you, just tell them about Jesus.  Command them to leave you alone in Jesus name.  They have no defense against it.  And it is the ONLY weapon that will keep you safe from their evil machinations.

Well… I hope this testimony means something to someone.  I have written this over and thrown it away several times.  I have left out much more than I have included on purpose.  I wanted to write because time is running out for all of us. The enemy is in place, and has been using certain human families to orchestrate the worst event that will ever happen in human history.  I know what their plan for you is, and I can tell you that your only hope lay in Jesus Christ.  Seek ye the lord while he may be found.

Act 4:12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” -NASB





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