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Testimony – 21


Krystal’s Story  

By Krystal

Hi Joe,

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. I am writing to you to share a testimony. I hope that you will be blessed and benefited from this in your research and ministry. I am a born-again Christian through my life changing experience through giving my life to Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit. I have often had dreams and visions over the years about different things, many which have come true. I never paid much attention to the UFO phenomenon abduction scenario. Not that I did not believe it happens but that I knew it was demonic in nature. So I was surprised that while I had a vision that a demonic spirit decided to take the form of a miniature UFO. Here is my vision:  


I was sleeping this morning but well aware that my body was sleeping (in the spirit). in the vision I was watching a meeting of what looked like Military Affairs. I could not hear what was said in this meeting. In this meeting among officials I could see these spiritual beings that looked human but they were not and they were evil ones. They were dressed in orange and red spandex uniforms and stood all around these officials. I moved past them and went into Condoleeza Rice’s office and watched her. She was not able to see because I was in the spirit. She was standing at her desk and sorting through papers on her desk. I moved closer to her desk and looked at the papers and saw the plans were from the UN. These plans were descriptive and had plans to divide the earth into 10 regions. Then the evil angel came into the office and saw me and stared at me and I felt its gaze on me. I immediately began praying in the spirit so loud that my own sleeping body was doing so. 

Then all of a sudden I was looking around in my bedroom in the spirit. When I looked up from where I was sleeping and all of a sudden a miniature UFO came through my window and hovered in the right corner of my bedroom near my bureau. Then I rebuked it in the “name of Jesus” and the UFO left and I awoke. However I was tired and fell back asleep.

When I fell back asleep the UFO came in through my window and hovered in the same corner of room. I rebuked it in the “name of Jesus” and again the evil spirit left. Then I went into my kitchen while in the spirit and saw my daughter was dressed for school but had not gone like she was supposed to. I wanted to scold her and was angry with her for not going to school, but I gave her a tight hug anyway. Then I woke up and fell back asleep again. 
When I fell back asleep this time the UFO came again hovering in the same corner. This time I saw a an evil spirit materialize next to my bed even though I could not perceive its shape. Before I was able to speak it tried to physically attack me by probing my neck and I was paralyzed a moment and could not speak. So I lifted my pinky up in the air and spelt out “Jesus help”. Immediately the evil spirit released its grip and I yelled “leave in the name of Jesus and do not come back again”. The evil spirit left and was gone.  

Please if you have any comments or leading of the Lord on this experience please let me know. Thank you and may the Lord bless your ministry.   

In Christ,  




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