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“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalitiespowers
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…”
Ephesians 6:12

principalities – Strong’s 746 “arche”
defined as: chief in various applications of order, time place or rank

(cf, the English words: architecture, archangel)
Rom 8:38, Eph 3:10, Col 1:16, Col 2:15, Titus 3:1

powers – Strong’s 1849 “exousia”
defined as: mastery; magistrate, superhuman, potentate: delegated influence, authority, jurisdiction…
Luke 12:11, Romans 13:1 x 2, Eph 3:10, Col 1:16, Col 2:15

rulers – Strong’s 2888 “kosmokrater”
defined as: an epithet of Satan, a world ruler.
 (only use of this word in the NT)
From 2889 (orderly arrangement) & 2902 (to use strength; ie, to seize or retain)

high – Strong’s 2032 “epouranious”
defined as:  above the sky; celestial; heavenly

Modern UFO apologetics often makes the argument that since the “primitive, superstitious people of Bible times” had no understanding of technologies which we take for granted today, they would see a UFO or an alien entity and – in ignorance – describe them as angels or gods. 
We believe the reverse is true – modern “sophisticated” man has little understanding of God. Today when people witness supernatural events, they super-impose our modern technological mindset to force a “scientific explanation.” I.E., when God acts supernaturally in our realm, or when fallen angels do, they rationalize away a biblical understanding of the phenomena, and force it to fit our age’s chosen paradigm. In modern efforts to reject the Bible, some people instead embrace the UFO cult-inspired doctrine of “panspermia” – the idea that life was created or manipulated by aliens.

But Ephesians 6:12 (above) and other passages state that violent angelic enemies of mankind occupy the heavens. “Outer space” may seem a slight stretch, but Strong’s Greek translation of Eph 6:12’s “high places” (“above the sky, celestial…” above) would certainly include this realm, or also the atmosphere around the Earth where UFOs are reported to be seen (see also our Genesis 2:1 and Revelation 12:12 commentary).

The Bible specifically calls our attention to the fact that the “wicked rulers of the heavenly realms” seek to thwart God’s purposes, and to lead mankind to false doctrines about our origins and place in the universe.

We believe these “wicked heavenly hosts” are the primary basis for today’s UFO fascination AND for many modern abduction reports (those not relating to the possibility of man-made UFOs). These angelic abductions can be stopped.

However, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal” (fleshly, or dependant upon bodily might or power – 2 Cor 10:4). 
As Ephesians 6:12 says, this struggle is not against flesh and blood but, “… against the chief superhuman wicked angels in the upper atmospheres and heavenly realms.”

Extra-terrestrial simply means not earth-born or bound. In that sense, all angels are extra-terrestrial, but not in the sense that modern man thinks when one says “alien.” Now we think in terms of “extra-terrestrial biological entities.” We strongly encourage “seekers of truth” to become aware that wicked angelic hosts exist and occupy the outer realms of earth’s atmosphere. Please consider the possibility of their influence, when studying UFO reports.

Also be aware of this thorough comparison of angels and aliens. The beings today calling themselves (and being called) “aliens” are in actuality fallen angels lying about their origins.

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