Pictures – 2008 UFO Festival in Roswell, NM

Pictures of Alien Resistance
The 2008 UFO Festival in Roswell, NM

The week started off with Joe Jordan of CE4 Research giving a talk at Not Of This World Christian Coffeehouse

Picture 008

Picture 009

Later the owners, Pastors Lawrence and Margie invited Joe to speak again at their church, New Destiny Fellowship.

Joe blowing his Shofar.


Alien Resistance at New Destiny Fellowship,
giving testimony that alien abductions stop in the name and authority of Jesus Christ



On Sunday, Joe Jordan gave a lecture at the CE4 Research Conference.
( UFOetry performing in the background)

Picture 114



Joe Jordan put on the conference in conjunction with the City of Roswell.

Roswell Pics 2 093

 Alien Resistance standing up as testimony.


The Alien Resistance Booth at the Convention Center…

… amid selling Christian-perspective UFO/Alien books teaching on this deception, and Ancient of Days DVDs, at this event we gave away many free DVDs. We also gave away many educational fliers, and anti-alien stickers. But what we were most happy about was that we managed to go through  and give away over a full box of free Bibles (maybe 30). God is Good.

Below are some pictures of other booths at the convention center

“Get your picture with a UFO” booth


We were pleased with how well this Star-Trek display worked as an eye-catcher, many people stopped to read it and ask questions.


Paradox had her new book on display, and was amazed when it sold out.

A cute little guy who wanted some free no-alien stickers 🙂

We stayed pretty busy Thurs, Fri, and Sat while the convention center was open.

Guy and Joyce



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