Jesus Saved Me From Hideous Sleep Paralysis Presence


The CE4 Research Group

Testimony – 106


The Testimony of Carmen


Dear Joe et al,


A xxxxxxx who has resided in xxxxxx since 1982. In May of 2010 had two night

attacks with paralysis even of my voice. Desperately tried to scream Jesus

(thinking his name of course though wanted with all my might to say it out loud

and couldn’t on the first attempt) The second time my voice sounded as though

one of a stroke victim though it was obvious I was saying Jesus. The third time

I sat upright in bed and shouted Jesus save me! satan be gone! Poof – that

repulsive beyond revolting presence dashed out of our room. I keep Holy water

on my bed table and blessed myself and our room with it and knelt to say prayers

of Thanksgiving for the Divine rescue. The blessed salt was in the kitchen and

I spread it all over our bedroom and now keep two containers of it in the chest

at the foot of our bed. A week or so went by and again was awakened though

paralyzed and was able to say Jesus right away and the hideous thing departed

instantly. My sleeping husband thought I was having bad dreams both times

though I was anything but asleep during the ordeal.


On May 2nd 2010 I was boarding an international flight with two girlfriends to

go to xxxxxxxxx to celebrate xxxxxxxx birthday at her sister’s home there.


As we were going through security the (giant goliath tsa man) called me out for

the porn scan. I turned my back to him and faced all the fellow travelers

behind me in line and implored God and them to witness this attempted


The Lord spoke through me as I said . . “As God and all of you as my witness and

pointing my index finger upward added (and all these cameras) I won’t be

molested! I won’t be molested! I won’t be molested! This strutting bully

suddenly changed his tone with me. He had originally pointed at me and screamed

“You over here!” He looked down and muttered it is not molestation. You have

no choice either the scan or enhanced pat down. I said, “Oh, yes I do I won’t

fly! Where are my things?” He quickly walked away and my bucket of belongings

were handed to me. Immediately after that trauma my heart rate went up so high

for weeks that I could barely eat nor sleep. Then the demon attacks which truly

do think were a result of standing up to the bully at the airport. Meek

ladylike me usually turns the other cheek though in this case just refused to be

naked scanned nor groped.


Thank you for getting this vital message out that the name of our Savior makes

the demons flee and rescues us every time. No wonder they don’t want the world

to know of this.


Love, Prayers & Gratitude,



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