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The Testimony of Eric


My name is Eric. I’m 23/ Celebrity Jewelry Designer and Fashion Major. That’s just a little bit about me but actually God brought me to this video of your brief description of an abduction and I cried my ass off. My brother and I have had similar dreams for the pass 4 years, well my brothers dream happened last year. By the way don’t mind you using any of my information because I believe it is for the Glory of God that I tell these things. You have no idea how it feels to not be the only one who has had these dreams. My brother told my mom about his separately and I told my mom hours after it happened, so she put the two together and said we had similar dreams. We even started to be skeptical that it was GHOST! I didn’t read any of the testimonies yet so that you may know my experiences are genuinely my own. I will read them after this email.

First I would like to tell my brothers. Briefly he told my mom that he was asleep and he had a dream that the covers were snatched from his bed leaving him vulnerable I guess or visible so to speak. Then he heard growling in his ear and he couldn’t speak nor move. Then he managed to say Jesus and woke up. After that night he switched rooms and never had the dream again. He assumes it was a ghost only in that room. When the dream occurred to me, I wasn’t aware of what happened to him. Only my mother and they had never spoken to me about it. Well 4 years ago we lived in another house and I had that exact dream. I never talked about it because it only happened once. Well this time it happened again and it changed my life

I was practicing Buddhism trying my best to find God. Raised as a Christian so I never stoped believing in Jesus, I just wanted to be more spiritual. Then I stumbled across and Internet site that spoke about a book on different religions. “TheTrueLight” I found out that chakras are actually against the works that Jesus Christ does. They by pass asking for forgiveness and does away with Jesus Christ authority. Then I found out that Satanism uses chakras as well. I read about Satanism and his supposing to be the Real God and Bringer of Knowledge. Like he was trying to free us but I knew in my heart it was all lies. So at this point I was more confused on which path to take. Continue with Buddhism or go back to Christianity. God knows I was trying my damn hardest to find him, but instead he came to me.

I had a dream I was standing outside the Gates of Heaven. There were two young boys crying so I walked over to them. I asked, “What was wrong?” They said that someone was taunting or haunting them. I then said as a being walked next to me, “Here is my friend, he will protect you! Just call on him when and if they return”. This was the (HOLY SPIRIT) He had no face but he had a physical presence. He wasn’t neither light nor dark….but he was there. They immediately wiped there eyes and started to walk away. I had a feeling like I passed the test or I did what I was suppose to.The “being” then put his hand on my shoulder and told me to come walk with him. We turned around and walked into what I think is the Kingdom of Heaven. There were Angels everywhere, & people. There were also some who couldn’t walk so they were carried by two different beings. The being then walked over and sat in a chair. There were three chairs. He sat to the right. Next to him, without a doubt, was Jesus Christ. Next to Jesus was a third man who didn’t look my way. I asked the being (Holy Spirit) If I could speak to him (Jesus). He said yes, if he will hear you.

So I walked over and the third man remained looking in another direction. So I turned forward to the middle chair and sat Indian style in front of Jesus. I KID YOU NOT he leaned forward directly in front of my face and smiled. I saw him as clear as day and felt his presence/comfort and stability. I was SAFE! I asked him if I was allowed to ask him questions. He said to me, “You may ask me anything.” I asked did he see what I was doing? He said I see all things on Earth. I even see your Earrings and they are beautiful. The I asked how is the Kingdom of Heaven and he said, “It is Good”. At this time I was comfortable and I started looking around at all the surroundings. The Angels and the people. I heard voices…I then asked while not looking at him but at the others, “Can I ask another questions?” He said. “yes if time permits… but be Hasty.” Then I heard growling…like a beast of something coming from the distance. I knew the devil was near or what I thought it was. Jesus then reached out and touched my arm, I looked directly into his face and he gave me a name like Charisma. It sounded like Charisma but I know that’s not what it was. I still cannot figure out what he actually said but he tried to tell me before I woke up, or when I appeared to be awaken. After he spoke I woke up in my room. Exactly how I went to sleep, the room was just the way I remembered it before, but I wasn’t awake. Even though I thought I was because it seemed so real. I was instantly paralyzed in the bed and when I tried to speak I would mumbled every word. Then they came. It was more than one, maybe two or three. They played with my covers around my feet and legs and then blew wind in my face. Then they growled in my ear very loudly and yet I never saw them. Then something crazier happened that never happened before. The took both of my arms and twisted them completely around with my palms touching both sides of the wall. Then they took my head and turned it completely around and my entire body was distorted. I still mumbled and couldn’t say what I would normally say, “Satan I Rebuke you in the Name of JESUS CHRIST!” Then my sister came in the room and screamed. At that moment I spoke, “Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ!” I woke up, heart beating, scared, affraid and crying. I went to my mom and she said it was amazing my brother and I had the same dream. I know for a fact I met Jesus that night and he showed me his realness and being so to speak. & now after watching the video like an hour ago I’m astonished and amazed that others are experiencing the same things. I believe even more now than ever. I thank you and God for doing this for me. I know I have a special relationship with God and the fallen are either trying to scare me or they are trying to know why am I selected by Christ! THis is an Amazing night. I apologize for all the grammar errors but I wrote it all out in one take. Again you can use any information and I hope this helps. Thanks again for allowing God to use you and brink comfort and knowledge to my life!



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“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

– Joe Jordan, President CE4 Research Group, 1997 Florida Today article


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