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I grew up unChurched till I was About 25 years old but  I did accepted JESUS  into my life when I was between 4 and 6 years old My Grandfather planted the seeds then It was the last time I seen him alive He also wanted me to reach my father so he could be saved also, But I wanted to play with their cat instead
In the early 1970s It was late and I forgot to feed the family dog ,Mad because I had to go out in the middle of winter in the cold, So I give the dog some food and I look Up Into the clear night Sky to look at the stars And I see A Triangle reddish orange In color The wide part to the east and the point to the west Not moving at all  SO far no big deal, And A voice asked me (Come with ME ) I said no I love my mom and dad ! to it .And the thing took off at the Speed of Light

In late 1976 early 1977 I wanted to do A science project about UFOs The back lash from other Kids as Well as the School said that I’m crazy (I said I seen a UFO) This gave Me a trip to the doctors Where they put wires on my head, then the paint cards with plenty of questions ECT ECT Just to find out that I was A normal kid with an Choleric “Lets do it my way” Personality to boot
In 5-31-1977 I was on a lawn tractor with a blade on the front  pushing dirt around a fire pit 15′ x 15′ for a BBQ that night around 7 pm lined up for a straight shot at the pit  the transmission broke ( it worked later)
The tractor goes in I go to get off slip and get pinned under the rear tire The tractor stops on top of me (The tractor is the type to move by its self ) the next thing I know I’m over a bottomless type of pit And I’m bent over backwards Kissing the Brimstone. A lot of smoke was there also ,I look up and I see A Cherubim coming Right at me through the smoke ,And pulls me out of there .The next thing I know like a blue Expanse And gold color in front of me (Purged?) Then I see A great Assembly Like GOD (JESUS) in the center and every one was Happy Cheering And throwing Frisbee (Crowns ) to his feet The next thing I know My dad is there trying to get me Out ,I told  him I seen Heaven I want to go back !!! But Pain has a voice also And I assisted my dad to get out of there . In the hospital I tell then I want to see A priest/pastor The next day someone did come in I cannot remember what I said But his reply was (He does not have a home Church And does not belong to a church I cannot do anything for him) Left and never came back
1978 or 1979 A friend and I play Dungeons and Dragons Thinking its Just A game We made our own rules Had the 7 books and dice Other kids also played D+D in school But they Always seem to let me out So I caught one of the Kids alone one day And I asked him What’s the deal He asked me do I believe in GOD, I said I do ,He said I need to renounce JESUS, stupid me says ok I  did , He asked me If I Believe in GOD And I told him the Bible Says there is A GOD ( I was stupid I did not know what Renounce meant THANKFULLY )He cursed me and christians and could not get away fast enough Looking back ALSO  My friend Tricked me In the game Pray that A demi god for help .WHEN you pray IN the Game  what going to keep A real Fallen angel and demons  from coming !!!!!!! Thus started What I call the shadow wars.
1981 My pet cat got hit by a car Hurt bad His head was. Asked my parents to take him to the vets ,They said they did not have the money ( they had money) And i would have to sell my car I had for years until I could drive when I turn 18 Hard choice For me Then I had to shoot my cat Because of the pain he was in Guilt covered me And I Prayed ( the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that I can take the soul of my Cat and put in Me And before I was finish An Angel of the lord was behind me and said (Give it to me for you know not what you are doing )I gave it to the Angel My eyes were full of tears I could not see the angel .
A day or so After that guilt came over me again A Shadow Told it could go into my CAR
1982 I started to drive, at first voices then Shadow attacks While driving All as I could do was cry out and ask GOD (JESUS) make it go away please make it go away Shortly after they would leave So I get the Idea I will jam my brain To block things Back then I tried to read the bible but I did not under stand what the words meant I WAS STUPID did get good at video games But my effort was not the answer the only answer was The name of Jesus If only I knew then what I know now I would have saved my self a lot trouble 1982 tried to live out of a car Not good
5-31-1984 I was helping friends to change a motor in there car, I had to leave to be at work in 30 min-That’s go home change ,clean up plus travel 20 miles So on my way  I was praying about how my friends meant well but lied to me that this girl liked me and she did not going about 100mph the road was 35 mph old back road THE shadows Started attacking When I said I want Nothing but the truth (john 14-6)Everything broke loose .My car goes across the road and almost hits a tree then back across the road and I almost hit a sign then back across going about70mph flips on its side Drivers side down heading for an interstate bridge pillar I give it gas to try to pull it out I was in deep trouble 40 feet away Still going fast All as I could think of now was a scripture that I had twisted to try to move things in the past Mountain be cast into the sea Like a little kid I say Go Go my car now is going back across heading for the 3 pillars on the other side Then the Next thing Every thing cloudy and I see 7 pair of EYEs looking at me to my left I take my right hand off the floor shifter and point over my left shoulder to the last pair of EYEs and say I know you ,Then there’s a light coming From behind me up and to my right The roof of my car shielded me from that light I look forward  my right hand I wanted to put back on the shifter and to see if I going to hit the pillars While I started to put my hand on the Shifter I notice I’m Glowing (Shekinah glory?) And I say Out loud where is this light coming from  And everything in front of me was bright as the sun I felt Like it was GODs (Father,Son and Holy Ghost ) Throne Then I see A being with an chain On its back in a form of an X taken forward and to my Right away from where I was at And down The light goes off All as I could make out Was cloudy and a 6 sided Hole up and to my left I think I went through But my Eyes still hurt from the bright light Now I’m in my car Going between the first 2 pillars Still going like a jet I hear the tires squeal 3 times before I  stopped inches away from the top part under the bridge I allowed the car to slide back down the ramp run back to my friends house where I just left They ask me why haven’t I left yet I told them i rolled my car and needed help So the 4 of us head to get my car When we get there My best friend say Why did you leave the Light on stupid ,we see the damage path the car took , One place in the road that was newly paved There was a groove 2 inches wide x 2 inches deep x 24 inches long now at my car My other best friend says I do not see any damage ,the 2 of them say you was lucky we do not see any damage anywhere my best friend says You better get down on your knee and thank GOD!! this is a Miracle The 4 of us pick up on the back of the car and lift it to get it unstuck Start it up everything perfect No damage at all I did go Slower the rest of that night and Praised Jesus on the way
6-14-1984 I’m at the car auction to get a second car So I thought ,I pick a car like mine Small car and a big motor !! I’m there and I ask the guy to sell me the car for 1000 dollars that’s all I had he said no the car runs through the line 3 The next thing I say to myself OK GOD you want me to get rid of my car I pick that one When did GOD tell me to get rid of my Car? the car goes for 1750 dollars  But no sale the guy needed the money because his wife was going to have a baby He finds me and sells me the car for 1000 dollars All Praise to Jesus A car like this one Is very Rare !!!!
1988 I start to go to Church And I ask for Wisdom to understand His WORD It took me years to get into the shape I was In And all the prayers I said and felt GOD was far away ALL the prayers was answered and the Clean up of my life Started .I started to here about People like JESUS, Daniel, Moses, Jonah, ect stories others knew for me it was new And to have JESUS AS LORD of my life Was Great
All the attacks Stopped for Good !!!! the voices, shadows ECT..
1988 My dad had a heart attack I asked GOD to add 15 years to his life so he could get saved I had just heard about a dude in the BIBLE  That God added 15 years to his life ,if you can do it for them can you do it for my dad 1994 my dad accepted Jesus into his life, A gift ,free all as he did was accepted it on 6-11-1994 he was water baptized My dad went to be with JESUS 11-26-2003
10-18-1990 music was another thing ,all secular music had to go I could not handle it Psalms 150 helped HAD to be a praise, hymn or spiritual song I had all types 158 tapes and cds  From country, rock ,metal even just Music Been blessed ever since
7-11-1991 My parents said they did not love me anymore and want me out of the house they knew my problem 1000 dollars income and 800 dollars in bills I was paying on an lot at that time had to be out in 20 days I prayed FOR GOD to give me A wife who he wants me to be with and a place to stay Can you let this start to happen in 20 days On 20 days later I get a phone call 835 pm come meet this girl been together ever since 5 months later we were married 2 Houses,2 lots 12 cars By turn of events All paid for ALL GLORY TO JESUS !!!!!!!!!!! WE did not earn it she had no family no job and the house she lived in was 75 years old falling apart THE house that GOD wanted for us Was a rancher 2 car garage attach and 3 car garage beside all new ALSO not only a place to stay BUT FURNITURE FOR INSIDE Living room ,kitchen ,bed room, ECT ECT ALL GLORY TO JESUS !!!
3-10-2003 I had a disk go out of my back in the hospital I prayed for Healing AND I was healed the next day back at work praise to JESUS !!!
The company I work for I Told them to Keep my raise 5 of them over 5 years they told me to shut up we put it on your check anyway $5.00 worth Let alone the bonuses they gave also !!!!
 2007 I have had VISIONS ,Dreams From the LORD For me I’m able to trust The LORD The last time I had A Vision AT 130am I just wanted to go back to sleep But I prayed Instead That day the Back Wheel of the box truck I drive Blew out At 70 mph On A 4 lane highway US 95 near DC GOD protected me to get the truck off the road while we were changing the tire the jack broke also (THE VISION) and no one was hurt
5-1-2008 and 5-2-2008 My daughter had Visions And told me, The visions kept me safe !!!! on those 2 days 
(FAMILY)ALL Praise to JESUS !!!!  
Accept JESUS while you can I was Blessed To Have many many Chances !!!!! to have JESUS AS SAVIOUR AND  LORD I wish I could have done it sooner

Thanks AND GOD LOVES YOU !!!!!!!!



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