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Black Suits, Grey Skin, Sleep Paralysis Attacks – By Faith in Jesus I Was Unharmed


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Testimony – 94


The Testimony of Chaz

On the night of January 4th, 2011 after a heavy weekend of drinking, I went to sleep. As usual I found myself commentating on my dream as it played out. Eventually I had ended up in a coffee shop holding hands with my ex-girlfriend, and she told me too look up how awesome the view was. As I looked up, I seen as if it were the entire universe, or possibly just our galaxy. Oddly, I immediately said within myself, this is a New Age thing, she is into the New Age, and that this is non sense. Then I started drifting through a desert, and seeing all sorts of stars and heavenly things, and my ex-girlfriend was talking about Navajo indians. Suddenly out of nowhere, the dream implodes in on itself, and in this same moment I hear my sister who is asleep on the couch in the living room cry out to me as I felt myself waking up: \”They\’re coming!\” And I seen my bedroom door slam shut, I could even hear it. Then like a bomb going off I am slammed with an overwhelming sense of fear and invasion like never before. Accompanied with that haunting sound, vibrating, pulsing, a high pitch echo, it is near impossible to describe it at all. I couldn\’t see anything, it was pitch black, yet somehow at the same time, I could. The only way I can describe this, is like perhaps how a bat sees, but not with sound, but with light bouncing off things. I could sense and feel the boxes on my bed, the sheets beneath me, the smell of the air in my bedroom, everything was, as it was prior to going to sleep, I am convinced even now that I was awake in my bedroom. Now I began to levitate off my bed about an inch, and I began to tremble and failed to breathe. To my right we\’re two beings, in black suits, grey skin, your typical \”Aliens\”, and 2 on my right, and 1 to my front left near the T.V. One on my left of the two had his hand towards my thigh, and I could not feel him touching me, it was as though he was not touching me but it appeared that way, like down to the microscopic level, so close, yet he had not connected or came into contact with me.

Immediately upon realizing what was taking place my fight or flight senses began to choose what to do. I had this overwhelming notion inside myself that they we\’re going to take me out through my window behind my head. Then my response came, I chose to fight, because if I didn\’t they were going to take me. I remember saying within myself at that point, \”Christ is with me.\” Then at that moment what I can only rationalize as the bravery of Joshua and without moving, as though in spirit, I turn to the one upon my left, and I felt my hand reach up and touch him on the chest, but I felt as though it was not me doing this, and a feeling of command entered into me, I suddenly felt courage, and strength take grip of me, and I said to the being: \”You have no power here.\” And I believe I quoted scripture when I said further: \”Greater is he who is in me than he who is in you, now go and seek those who have no authority.\” And just like that, as if a bomb went off, I suddenly woke up! Like a silver bullet and this is the stranger thing, I felt myself hit the bed, as if I had actually been floating in mid air. I felt the boxes jump up as I hit the bed. Startled as I was, I was crying, snot coming out my nose, and I sat up, hurled to the side and vomited. My sister came in terrified and asked me what had happened. I explained to her what took place, another sleep paralysis attack, and I told her that she cried out about them coming and the door slamming shut, and she swore to me she did nothing and had been asleep the entire time. Looking back on this experience, I have tried to rationalized what happened. I am personally convinced of the following conclusions:

1. This was spiritual in nature.
2. This was a planned event.
3. This event was an assault upon my person, with the intention of kidnapping me, and committing me to various other conspiratorial intentions.
4. They all had this cautious nature about them, and sense of doubt about what they were doing. Almost a \”We\’re going to get caught any second.\”
5. That because of point 4, this was a \”last ditch\” effort on their behalf.
6. That the Holy Spirit was present in that room, and was responsible for the outcome entirely, as well as directing what I did in my fight reaction. I have no other way to explain the sudden onset of courage and a commanding presence.
7. That by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I was unharmed by these spiritual entities.

I feel that God allowed what happened to take place to further edify me of these spiritual entities, their nature, and their agenda and that He, and He alone saves, and none else. I have come to know 2 fears in my life now. I once had lightning strike about a few hundred feet from my open window and wake me up out of a dead sleep. I feel this is what the Prophets felt when they fell to the ground in fear before messengers, the Holy Ones, God. This sense of \”tiny and unmindful\”, that what stands before you, could speak and end you, trembling, unworthiness, distance, yet awesomeness, power, might, holiness and truth. The fear of God is what I call that. The fear I felt in this experience was entirely opposite of this. It was an invasion, a gun pointed at your head, the overwhelming feeling of coercion, assault and battery, as one feels fighting off an attacker. These beings seemed so un sure of what they were doing, they said nothing, offered me no assurances, or false stories. It was like a wild attempt to club me over the head and take me before I could say anything; about the whole encounter. Like they knew who I was, yet possibly through my depression back then and resorting to heavy drinking that week, I perhaps left a spiritual door open? Perhaps that is what provoked their attempt.

This is my experience that night and I hope it helps others, I finally got around to sharing this. You have my permission to display and share this testimony with others. Thank you, and God Bless you guys in Christ Jesus.



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