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Testimony of Frederick

I started reading “The Facade” recently and have become obsessed with this stuff for a few weeks after I saw a video on Youtube that unlocked some memories I had. It was about demons and the nwo and it talked about demons posing as aliens. I was calling around to friends and family asking them if they remember me talking about such events (of the memory) at the time and they confirmed I was recalling things correctly. My view has changed on those events and now I am a strong supporter of your ministry.

I have been a christian for several years. After I became a christian I tried to forget my past. I was not a druggy or violent thug or nothing like that. I was involved in the occult. I was raised in church but as I got older I was drawn into the occult. I never stopped believing in Jesus but I was convinced that he did not want me because of the abuse I suffered in church and school. Anyways the memory is something I want to share because the video I saw made this memory click in my head. It touched on the subject that calling out for Jesus can stop alien abductions.

I never believed in aliens but I did believe in demons and angels and God and that sort of thing. I do wish to share the memory I had. I was asleep one night and was woke up to a bright light in the room. There was three beings in the room with me and they spoke to me not with lips but through telepathy. I felt like I was being suffocated. I was paralyzed and terrified! I thought they were angels of death coming to take me to hell. I thought I was dying. I cried out “Jesus please save me!” or some other way of phrasing it but I did say “Jesus” and “save me.” I can’t remember how I phrased it. The beings were black and I could see them clearly because of the bright white light. They spoke to me but I cannot remember what they said exactly but they were talking about taking me and that I did not have much time left.

I should have died back in 2006 or 07. The Lord Jesus chose to spare me. For that I am eternally thankful. I was visited multiple times. Many of the times I do believe were demons. Some of the times I believe they were angels. The angels were not near as frightening to me as the demons. However they were still very scary. I know for a fact that at least 1 visit had to be an angel. I did not see the angel like the time Jesus stopped my abduction. I could feel the angel and hear the angel very clearly in my head. It told me I had only a short time left before I was thrown into the lake of fire. I would die if I did not get off the psych meds and get right with God. I was told that I needed to get off of the meds and leave the occult to cleave to Jesus. (Not an exact quote but basically what was said.) The angel told me that if I got off the meds it would take about 1 year to detox and that it would take about 1 year too come back into my mind. In December of 2005 I got off the meds and left the occult. I struggled greatly that first year.

Then in October of 2006 I found the path to Jesus and got on it. I have been trying to walk it as straight as I could ever since then. I came back into my mind and pushed a lot of stuff out of my memory. In December of 2006 I was ordained by a local church and went to work for them. I ended up leaving there a year later because FEMA came in and was wanting us to preach their doctrine instead of the truth. Politically correct lies. I did a blogging ministry for a while and was still struggling with my weight. The biggest I got to was 450 lbs. I lost my grandparents in 2008. After losing them I set out on a mission to lose the weight. I moved 2000 miles away have lost 150 lbs so far. Slow and steady! I even got married and now have a son on the way. My wife has been very active about speaking out against the aliens/demons for a year or so and I have to say she has helped me get to this place too. We both have helped each other.

I wanted to share my story with y’all and thank you for having a wonderful ministry. Thank you so much for your time and your ministry it is a real blessing!


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“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

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