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Testimony – 14


Hello: My name is Wade Jones. What I have to say here is stressful and has caused me much mental anguish. This testimony is about how telling the truth is not always the easy way to go. I was a UFO researcher with 30 plus years of experience studying the UFO phenomenon. I grew up with a close family member (like my second father to me) who was and still is very active in UFO research. My uncle is the director and co founder of the local UFO organization The Round Town UFO Society He is a State section Director for MUFON in Southern Ohio actively researching since 1959. This gives me what you might call an insider’s view of organizations that research UFO events. I can remember in the 1970s as a child going upstairs at my uncle’s house and seeing his research room. There was a big poster map of Pickaway County up with dozens of push pins in it. Each push pin represented a UFO sighting and had a corresponding date. The room was decorated with UFO pictures and a couple of air inflated alien blow up toys (probably jokes from his buddies).  

       My mind was primed and ready for an encounter at a very early age. I did not have a long wait. When I was 7 I saw A UFO with a cross on it. At you may see my report just as it is presented here.

Occurred : 6/5/1970 00:50 (Entered as : 06/05/70 24:50) 
Reported: 3/4/1999 02:29 
Posted: 2/5/2003 
Location: Cleveland (Lakewood), OH 
Shape: Disk 
I was asleep with my mom and little brother when for some weird feeling I opened my eyes .I was facing a window and looked outside to see a glowing ball in the sky. I was scared stiff and tried to awake my mother but I could not speak I screamed in my head but nothing came out. I guess by motherly instinct she got up and saw me looking outside. 
My family was in Cleveland for a wedding, staying at my aunt’s house in Lakewood. I was sleeping in a bedroom with my mom and little 4 year old brother. While sleeping I got a weird feeling and opened my eyes, facing the window I looked out and saw a glowing ball in the distance. It was a bright white light, like no light I have seen since. Scared stiff I tried to call to my mother but nothing came out I screamed mom, mom in my head but my ears did not hear me say it. Then after 1 minute of so she got up by motherly instinct I guess. Mother looked outside and saw it coming closer by now we could see it was a disc shape. My mom than got my two aunts up and my little brother. She tried to wake up my uncle but could not. We all went out on the back porch to get a better look, now the disc was getting real close and we were all scared yet we just stood there watching the disc. The disc was bright white light and in the middle there was reflections all the way across and right in the center it looked like a plus font [+]or a cross maybe, it was real hard to focus. The disc stopped about 20 to 30 feet above the ground right over a tree and just hovered there size was 40 feet across. No sound no tree leaves moving total silence. Now please understand the whole time I should have been wide awake yet it was all I could do to stay awake. My aunt walked under the tree and threw a stick up and that’s all I remember .The next thing I recall is standing outside and the disc is gone. My mom called my uncle in Circleville Ohio during this event. He remembers the call. What’s funny is after all these years we are just now starting to talk about it again.

    This event left me with bits and pieces of abduction memories. I am not going to get into all the details of that encounter let’s just say that they are not pleasant to recall. That encounter launched me into the realm of UFO research. From that day forward a yearning to understand was implanted into my life. I wanted to know more about what happened to me and why. It was like a secret obsession that had to be fulfilled. After 30 plus years of searching for the truth of that night God intervened and began to allow me to see things in a different light in late 2006. 

      I began to read the Holy Bible and look for alien encounters in it. My motivation for Bible reading was to pick it apart and use it to prove aliens did exist. This action enraged my wife (my wife was born and raised a southern Baptist). Usually a gentle and loving woman she yelled at me “what the hell are you doing this is blasphemy and if you do not stop I will divorce you and take the kids and leave you”. This made me furious with anger. My wife said that even though I looked at her like I was possessed God rose up a fireball in her soul and told her to throw a bible at me. So……Bang straight across my face I got her dad’s big old heavy King James Bible. Man did it hurt! But most of all it got my attention. The Bible landed on my lap and opened up. It felt weird. It felt warm. Instead of throwing it back at her I just sit there and looked down at it. Right where it had opened up was some writing on paper it was a bible study on II Thessalonians that her Dad had done years before (my wife’s father died in a car accident years before I had the honor of meeting him). The Bible was on my lap opened up to a page, the beginning of II Thessalonians. This chapter of the Holy Bible foretells of an End Time Strong Delusion that will fall upon man in the last generation. This Strong Delusion will be a big lie presented to man by the working of the powers of the devil. It says that these powers will present lying signs and wonders. Like a sudden revelation I realized the truth. No one can read the Holy Bible and not be touched by its truth. I began to read the Bible in a different way from that day forward. 

       I got into bible prophecy and realized how this whole UFO thing fits right into the prophecy as The End Time Delusion. I began to see connections between local UFO events and church events coinciding. One small example is a famous UFO sighting in Circleville Ohio the Bruce Stevenson case and the fact that it occurred the same time as the new local Ohio Christian University opened its doors to receive students. I saw many connections between local church revivals and local UFO events. Even between local church openings and local UFO events. After further study these connections where found to be happening in other communities as well. Then on a larger scale the connection between Jewish prophetic events (like the formation of Israel 1948, Jerusalem reclaimed 1967) and UFO sighting spikes coincided. It seemed that the whole UFO phenomenon coincided with religious events like something was trying to counter the efforts of the Christian Community and prophecy being fulfilled. 

        I began emailing these connections and GODs truth on this subject to fellow UFO researchers like MUFON members and the local club members. As a member of the round town UFO Society I approached my uncle with this information with eagerness to present the connections at the next meeting of the club. I was told NO! They did not like it at all. In fact the response was hostile. WHY? Later on that night, I started having health problems this went on for days. Chest pains, diarrhea, headaches, gums bleeding, nightmares, could not focus or concentrate, work was tough because of my lack of concentration, people around me acting overly aggressive, I even had thoughts of killing myself. I felt as though I was under attack by something. It felt like hell had descended upon my head. One morning I woke up and went out my front door to find a rat with its neck slit from ear to ear ( the suspected parties for this will remain unnamed). There was a satanic symbol drew in the street in front of my house. My wife saw these things and it worried her. I felt horrible fear, I prayed….. And prayed….. I went to my brother’s church a few times before all this went down. Seeing the people of that church and there kindness gave me a safe haven. Sunday morning of the next day I was in church and under attack again. This time it felt like a panic attack my heart was racing out of control and I felt intense fear. I got up and ran to the alter 10 minutes into (interrupted) the service. I begged Jesus to stop my mental anguish and torment I told him that I loved him and to please forgive me for worshiping UFOs and not him. I asked for his forgiveness and thanked him for giving his life for my sins. I spoke out loud and said “in the name of Jesus satan leave me alone !” INSTANTLY THE TORRMENT STOPPED. Instantly I felt incredible peace and joy. I accepted GOD into my heart. At that moment I felt total peace and all the searching and yearning was replaced with a feeling of warmth and fullness. 

         In the bible there is no reference to the creation of life anywhere but on earth, this creation of life includes only angels, and us. UFOs can only be one of the aforementioned. Feel special and very much loved because God did create all this just for you. How wonderful to be loved that much by God it does feel good! Just like there are good and bad people (because we have free will) the same goes for angels. There are evil fallen angels who are pawns of satan. These evil fallen angels are pretending to be aliens. Their plan and agenda is deception and misdirection. Only the future will tell what they are up to but many highly suspect it is to make a cover for the rapture of believers in Christ and unite (under a anti-christ) the world under one leader to protect ourselves and preserve or survival against an alien threat. Within a few days of my salvation I preformed an internet search on words from II Thessalonians that my wife’s father had highlighted many years before(remember he died in a auto accident years before I could have the honor of meeting him). The search resulted in hundreds of hits but at the top was a bible study done by a man named Glen Hamer. Glen told it in a way like no other and completely explained what the bible has to say about the UFO phenomenon. I am inserting this in my testimony now because of its importance and ease at telling us the biblical truth.




by Glen Hamer

Text: I Thessalonians 2:9-12

Unexplained things:

There are many things on this earth (megaliths, pyramids, the heads on Easter Island, perfectly round stones some bigger than man is tall, iron poles that never rust, the drawing at Nazacas in Peru, etc.) And off this earth (Alleged Moon structures, Mars face and city) that are unusual and unexplainable by our normal way of thinking. Yet, these things demand an answer that fits very well into what the Bible records. Always remember that there is much we don’t understand and most probably never will be able to explain with all certainty. However, as a Christian, I feel a need to explain to the best of my ability with help from God’s Word what these unusual things are. For my own faith and belief I need to be able to place such unusual unexplained things on earth as well as in space with some logic into the order of God’s things. To simply say, “I don’t believe such things exist is foolish.” Because some thing is there, These things are real physical objects, we can often see them, feel them, and even see their remains. And the world tries to explain these things in ways that leaves God completely out of it, which is unacceptable.

The question is “what?” To say , “Such things are from hundreds of millions of years ago ” blows the Word of God away. The Bible records only about 6,000 years since Adam and Eve were created. I believe that God’s Word, if it is to be believed, must allow some kind of explanation.

The question is “when?” To say, “I don’t understand” and leave it at that is to close one’s mind to new ways of glorifying God.

The question is “how?” God never intended for us to stop thinking, but to think with a view towards faith and with a spiritual end in mind.

The “what’s”, “when’s“, and “how’s” can be answered if we will look into God’s Word with a new openness. And through it all our faith will not be shaken, but fortified and made ready to endure the never ending questions of an unbelieving world. 

Satan’s great civilization of angels: 

Satan’s original name was Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12) which means “O shining star, son of morning “. We know that Lucifer was the most beautiful and greatest angel that God ever created. He “sealed the measure” of perfection and beauty of all creation (Ezekiel 28:12). His nature reflected the glory of God, thus his name “shining“.

The actual Hebrew words “O shining star” mean “bright, clear sounding or shining” and “boastful and pride“. And the Hebrew words “son of morning” means “son of dawning, or earliest, of first“. So the correct interpretation of Lucifer is “O clear sounding, boasting son from the beginning“. Or what we all understand Lucifer and Satan to be – the boasting angel. This portrays a much clearer picture of this rebellious angel whose realm was destroyed by God.

Jeremiah’s (4:23-26) description must be of the world before Adam. He looked into the ages before Adam and described the destruction of the earth and heavens. “There were no men, (descendants of Adam), yet there were cities which had been obliterated.” The inhabitants of these cities were in fact the angelic host and their leader was Satan, before this rebellion. Could remnants (Ruins) of these cities still remain within our solar system or even on other planetary bodies? 

Present fallen angel activity:

Satan and his fallen angels still have dominion over the earth and the planet areas. Satan is called: Lord of the High Places, Lord of those who quickly fly (in high places), Prince of the Powers of the Air, and obviously Prince of the Powers behind flying phenomenon in the high places. The Bible explains where Satan currently resides and connects him with forces in the atmosphere. Paul tells us “we wrestle with wicked spirits in high places“, literally “in the heavens” or “in the aerial regions” (Ephesians 6:12). He is also called “the prince of the power of the air” which literally means “the prince of the aerial host“. The Satanic confederation has its seat in the atmosphere heaven in the spaces above around our world.

Many of the strange things that happen are caused by these fallen angelic intelligents. The creation of crop circle, the UFO sighting, alleged alien abductions, etc. 

Satan’s deception and lie:

After the rapture God will permit a huge deception (lie) to come upon the world. All people everywhere will believe this deception with all their hearts. There will be a manifestation of the powers of darkness on this earth as Satan, the fallen angels, and the demons perform “signs and lying wonders (miracles)” with the goal of deceiving mankind. Will they guise themselves as extraterrestrials? (Revelations chap 16: 13-14)

Satan and his host of fallen angels are subverting creation by twisting the truth in their attempt “to be like the Most High“. Which has always been Satan’s goal (Isaiah 14:12-14). There will be open contact with extra-dimensional beings (fallen angels and demons). The revelation that such ancient civilizations, like the discovered Mars face, will prove that intelligent life, other than man, really do exists in the universe.

They will make many godless claims and have the false miracles and technology to back them up. It will be claimed that these extraterrestrials and other advanced beings (aliens) evolved long ago. They (not God) are the ones that created us through genetic engineering (manipulation). They are the ones responsible not only for our design (seeded earth with life), but also have guided our species through history by giving us our great religious leaders (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed). That in fact, they are the god of the Bible! They will tell us that we are now ready for the next evolutionary leap to become equal with them and to be as gods. To attain a higher plane of existence, a higher level of consciousness.

There will be all kinds of evidence to proof their claim. Proof of some kind that there is life in space. With the so-called discovery of Martian life in the form of alleged three billion year old microbes the ground work has been laid. It is only a very small logical leap from those that subscribe to the theory of evolution that three billion years would be plenty of time for intelligence to evolve from these germs and plenty of time for them to be far past us on the evolutionary scale.

The world has been setup to receive this lie of UFO’s and beings from other worlds:

1. The academic world has already removed God from the scene with it’s many theories on evolution.

2. Television and movies have popularized space themes and contact with other races for years (Star Wars, Star Trek etc).

3. The unceasing reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions.

4. Erik Von Danicken’s many books concerning alien gods (Chariots of the gods, etc.).

5. The occultists (psychics, mediums, etc.) Frequently speaking about our friendly space brothers who wish to help mankind with their superior knowledge and technology.

6. The spiritism (channeling) of ancient spirits.

7. The supposed discovery of microscopic bacteria (life) on a rock from Mars.

8. The discovery of ice on the moon and mars and the possibility of life on one of Jupiter’s moons.

9. The supposed discoveries of other planet systems in far away galaxies.

The whole idea of the existence of extra-terrestrial life has been steadily gaining credence. Recent polls report that as many as half the population of the United States believe there to be other intelligent life out in space. In the 2007 polls 14 percent of American citizens admitted seeing a UFO! That’s 14 percent! In the same survey 6,000,000 million Americans admitted being abducted by alleged aliens!   U.S. News & World Report

What will not be understood is that these extraterrestrials (extra-dimensional) and the rebellious sons of God (fallen angels) are one and the same. They are not creators of the human race, but perverts of God’s creations. This coming deception will literally be doctrines of devils openly presented to the world. Such miracles and lies will bring the anti-christ to power. But the power that brings him to light will be the power of Satan and hell.

The lie will work and mankind will be totally deceived (II Thessalonians 2:11). Please understand that Satan will not deny the existence of other “gods“. He will admit they exist (he can’t deny the truth that God does exist), but he will declare himself the greatest among them all.

As in Noah’s days:

Satan’s influence was so great that one-third of the created angels sided with him in the rebellion (Revelation 12:4). Many years after Satan’s kingdoms were devastated, during the days of Noah, many of these same rebellious angels co-inhabited with women to try and pollute the human race and stop the Messiah from coming (Genesis 6:4). “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man” (Luke 17:26). According to Genesis (6:2) the “sons of God ” or fallen angels took wives of the daughter of men” and gave birth to “giants” or Nephilim (Genesis 6:4). Naphal (to fall) or the fallen ones was rendered “earth-born” in the Greek Septuagint. Jesus told us that “angels don’t marry in heaven” (Matthew 22:30), but apparently fallen angels are capable of much mischief with earthlings. Take the time and search for the book of Enoch. Enoch tells us that fallen angels came down in the days of Noah and began physically messing with women. That sounds like the Alien Abduction phenomenon of today! Evil can become physical! The bible gives us examples of this like when satan manifested in the garden of Eden as a snake, when Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days, Job tells us that satan was walking upon the earth, the antichrist will be a physical manifestation of evil etc..

This effort to co-inhabit with humans was part of Satan’s strategy to corrupt the line of Adam in order to prevent the fulfillment of the Messianic redemption. Noah was apparently unique in that his genealogy was still uncorrupted. This act by the fallen angels was so terrible that God consigned them (those involved) to the pit of darkness in the unseen world (Tartarus) bound and held in chains until the day God will gather them for judgment (II Peter 2:4 and Jude 6-7). Other factions of the rebellious angels continue to exist with the ability to traveling in the atmosphere (UFO’s) of the earth and among the terrestrial planets.

God’s prophecy:

The increased sightings of UFO’s and aliens speak of an increase in demonic involvement with mankind and a precursor to the end-times? The Holy Spirit is presently withholding the revealing of the man of sin and is holding back the evil in this world. With the rapture the church will be removed and the working of the Holy Spirit through the church will also be removed. The restraining influence of the Spirit filled, praying, interceding Church will not longer be here. The Restrainer (Holy Spirit) may be restraining far more than we have any suspicion of (II Thessalonians 2:7-8).

Along with all the deceptions and satanic miracles, God will send a strong delusion so that the lost will believe the lie. The purpose of the great delusion that will come upon the world will be to allow the lost to be deceived and perish. Since the lost have rejected the truth they will be given a lie to believe with all their hearts.

This is only a possible scenario. I don’t claim any special knowledge, wisdom, or anything. But given the current attitudes and trends in society as a whole, right now this seems to make the best sense. Look up and be prepared – Jesus is coming soon 


     The real truth is being covered up about the UFO phenomenon. This is because evil forces are keeping the truth subdued. A cover up within a cover up exists because UFO researchers have been deceived by the greatest deceiver of all time. This deceiver then keeps the truth out of the light by using harassment (fear) and attacks to keep it under wraps. What can we do? Look at all sides of the UFO phenomena always showing love and empathy for others no matter what they believe. Accept God into your heart. He will fill you with love, peace, and wisdom he will also protect you.

Please be alert to this deception God says it will be a strong one.

So if you hear talk of aliens in the Bible, or aliens created us, or aliens are responsible for miracles in the Bible, or Jesus was a alien, or the Bible is a history book about aliens. KEEP YOUR FAITH because you are under attack from the father of lies.

The truth is not out there, the truth is still where it has always been.

 If you feel the need to explore more into this area of the truth you may visit this web site 

May God bless you and your family with divine wisdom,

Wade Jones



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