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The Testimony of Simon


Hello, I was drawn to write you my testimony, so long as it might be I think you will find it very rewarding for your purposes in its content and instruction. here it is;

I was born into an atheist family yet at the age of 13 I came to Christ through the help of 2 rebels, well those whom the world would have seen as rebels yet were rebels for god defying the new order of things, defying the new way and breaking the “norm”.

Within one week of being brought into the light I was shown visions almost if not every night. The Visions were all of things I had never heard of, read about, seen, believed or ever thought of before. These were of a blood moon, fire raining down from heaven, a bright star falling to earth and by myriads of flying saucers bringing our false salvation, the greatest earthquake the world has ever known and the sky receding like a scroll with winds that shook upon the face of the earth.
During all of these vision I somehow knew these beings were not “right” and that they were “wrong” because I had gods love within me and I felt that they sought to destroy me and all men, whilst pretending to save them in order to destroy them even faster (what a perfect plan).

Now being shaken by this idea, this prophecy, the pain, the power and suffering I witnessed I was forever changed and knew a truth that would never leave me, a truth that would guide me away from deception and would serve me well. Within days of learning truths of the age we live in and of the desires of angels and men working for Satan I warned all those I knew of about a coming deception that the sci idea of aliens which all my young friends found to be a wonderful idea were not aliens, they were the demons of old and that they would deceive man and destroy gods people, and that they need to know this and that they need to turn to god and trust him. Every single person (bar 2 – the 2 rebels) all laughed and said that this idea was the most stupid thing they had ever heard and that aliens are “real” that aliens are not demons and that they would save us not destroy us.

So It seemed that before I had ever heard of this idea, god gave it to me, I preached this idea to this day and have convinced some but most still rather the alternative idea, the one without god.

Now as for my many experiences in which I stopped their menace, within days of telling all I knew of these ideas I was woken from my sleep and saw a darkness hovering above the end of my bed, it was not space and was within, within, within darkness, it was like a black hole, a vortex or a portal. I then felt a power so menacing that I was confused and troubled. I felt it was alive and real and the moment I was aware of its presence it pushed me into my bed.

I was wide awake I assure you as I heard the springs of the bed being pressed in and my eyes could move so I looked to my side and I was pushed deep into my bed and the bulk of the pressure was upon my throat, being new to god I did not think to call upon him but I screamed for my father but all that came out was air, my voice box would not work only air would pass through it and my lungs lost more capacity with every attempt. Soon after when I thought all was lost and that death was here, my heart pled with god for help, then I heard a voice, a great and terrible voice, it said, MICHEAL (slightly confused in authoritative tone), MICHEAL!!!! (In anger) and then the way I felt,,, I felt, that the being who made me feel that way now felt that way in regards to this greater voice.

To this day I am certain that one of Satan’s advocates was sent to stop me because I was never seen in his plans because of my upbringing, It was a gift from god that I was saved and shown many secrets and Satan was not pleased especially that I did not fear to speak of god of Christ or of the deception.

Over the years I have had many experiences with Satan’s Angels / Saturn’s Aliens (LOL). I have found that in the earlier times the name of Christ being called upon whilst living a fulfilled life or at least trying to live a fulfilled life the demons/aliens as most men now think of them would leave or would stop and be gone.

I do have one thing to say also in regards to this, Christ, God or other angels are all helpers, yet I have met things which even with the name of Christ would not leave, those things are allowed to be here under contract with Satan and with god, as they still speak and makes deals, until the day he is cast to earth. Now since being saved I have become corrupted, not of mind or soul but of flesh, the desires of the flesh have destroyed me and since this has occurred I cannot receive help from god when they come, it is entirely up to god if he chooses to give help, he might give me a millionth chance or he might say no, you have made you bed sleep in it.

All in all CHRIST is not a magic word, nor is God, Gabriel or any other name above the other names, what will save you is being saved and living a saved life, then if you are attacked which you will be, you have gods blessing, gods armor and gods power. I have been attacked while saved and had POWER OVER these beings but when corrupted I have NO POWER over these beings, which tells me one thing, ALL POWER COMES FROM GOD, GOD IS POWER AND WITHOUT GOD WITHIN YOU, YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER THESE THINGS.

Blessings to you all and please pray for my soul, for I am lost. Be blessed and live a saved life so that you may not be destroyed or deceived by these powers.

If you decide to use this on your web page or for any other use, I Simon grant CE4 Research web page and organization full use of this testimonial and to quote my email name or any other details required as a means to educate others of gods power over this evil.




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