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Testimony – 107


The Testimony of Ian

Hi Joe
I have just watched one of your presentations and feel the need to contact you and provide you with my testimony regarding Sleep Paralysis.
You have my permission to do with this information what you wish and I hope it may benefit someone in the long run.
I hail from Melbourne, Australia I am 48 years old and have had a history of what you may call strange visitations at night since as a young child.
I do not now and have not ever belonged to any religious group although I have always had leanings to Christianity and like some of the ideas
behind Buddhist teachings, cause and effect and the role karma play’s in that.
My earliest memory of childhood was having a imaginary friend who I remember looking different to us and my memory is that it used to hover over me.
I had an accident when I fell down the back steps at home and suffered a hairline fracture of the skull at about 31/2 years old.
That day was important in many ways as according to my parents, from that point on I began to suffer night terrors and was extremely afraid of the dark
and had to sleep with a light on, this fear of the dark lasted right into my twenties and only in my late twenties did I begin to sleep with the light out.
As far as my memories serve I was in my early teens when I began to experience vibrations in my legs as I drift off to sleep and a sense of falling that
sometimes woke me and other times I would go back to sleep. I sometimes in the night heard horses clip clopping yet I lived in the suburbs and no one else
heard what I heard. I would also have these strange night terrors where I would feel nauseas and all I could see is this grey ooze, it generally would wake
me from my sleep and naturally I would be panicking and seek comfort from my parents.
For some reason around 1990 the sleep paralysis got worse, I was having nightly visitations and after working all day I would struggle to keep my eyes open
after getting home, I had one encounter where I fell asleep watching TV and the rest of the family had gone out to dinner I was awoken with a start and
on TV was a strange face staring back at me and behind him was a empty grave, this being began to choke itself in front of me. I thought it was TV and tried
to change the station but it was on every station. I began to panic and thought I had actually died. I started to pray to God and apologize for anything I may
have done wrong and gradually I got my senses back and looked at the TV and it wasn’t even turned on.
The sleep paralysis continued and my younger sister who was about 23 and was a closet wiccan (young girls in 1990 LOL) thought she could stop the sleep
paralysis by asking it to leave me alone and come to her instead. She would never do that again as that is exactly what happened and I got a good night sleep.
She told me how she couldn’t move or talk and felt a pressure on top of her with a terrible smell in its breath.
This is what I endured most nights, years later I would read about the old hag syndrome or incubus/succubus but it wasn’t always like that. Other times it
would be a strange little white being with red eyes and a bloody mouth sometimes it was a rotting corpse either way I am sure I was being attacked by demons.
In my mid to late twenties my mother decided to contact her cousin who was a catholic nun, within weeks these attacks stopped and didn’t begin until in my mid
thirties after my mothers cousin had passed away.
I had begun working night shift and was having these strange attacks during the day from time to time, I would get a sign of what was to come I would hear
a horn like sound in my left ear and I would struggle to stay awake, try as I might I would fall asleep and experience the leg vibrations, the feel of falling and
then there it was pressure on  my chest, paralysis and the feel of something in the room with me.
It was around this time I began to meditate and found that asking the angels and God for guidance and protection these incidents became few and far between.
In about 2005 I had a slight breakdown, I couldn’t bring myself to go into work on night shift and started crying uncontrollably, I drove out of the car-park and drove
about 150 km’s. Where I stopped and rang my wife and told what had happened, she said come home and we went and saw a doctor the next day.
I was diagnosed with depression and put on anti-depressants Efexor XR, I wasn’t allowed to work for six months and began seeing a Psychologist.
I began meditating a gain and combined with the meds started having some very strange insights and much lucid dreaming.
In one of the dreams I met the white creature with the red eyes and mouth and asked it what it wanted, it said it’s name was Pookah and upon research I found it
to exist in Irish folklore, I actually beat it up in a dream and it hasn’t been back since.
During these meditations I actually contacted my higher self who calls himself Ezekiel, but not the one from the bible just happens to share the same name.
This higher self during meditations told me to pray to God and ask for protection whenever sleep paralysis would ensue and it has worked.
He also said that he lost contact with me when I had the concussion when I was young and only with the help of the medication and meditation was he able to get
back in touch.
He has told me that organized religion is wrong and being controlled by evil forces but the ten commandments are true and to have faith in Jesus but not necessarily
organized religion which has been corrupted for a very long time.
Also the bible is in essence many stories put together, not necessarily the true word of God.
Many of the stories left out have as much relevance, and that the body of work as a whole is mightier than the bible itself.
Everything my higher self has told me has worked in my favor in more ways than I choose to go into now.
He has also told me that the Aliens and the demons that have plagued me are one and the same and use the persons fear against them.
They are parasitical and drain the victim of life force or energy.
This explains why I never had much energy after an attack.
I agree it is interesting that they are fearful of God, I think there is more to the biblical teachings than meets the eye.
Possible they are fallen angels and prey upon humanity, it just happens that Alien attacks are the modern version of the old hag syndrome.
Two years ago I had a dream where I was taken into a spaceship and was put on a metal table. Again I couldn’t’t move or speak and the grey implanted something
into my left foot.
For months I felt there was something in my foot, at times it caused pain, other times it was just uncomfortable. About four months after the dream I had another
dream where a human looking alien had landed his ship and walked towards me.
I remember this being had a brown beard and appeared Caucasian but  his face seemed to be scarred by acne or something.
He said there is nothing to fear and I must admit I was panicking, he fired a beam at me and all around me seemed to be like a small tornado and I could feel tears coming
out of my eyes, this all stopped and said now you are fine.
I don’t remember much more only to wake up and for the first time in many months my foot felt fine, no discomfort and no pain.
I still have many lucid dreams and many dreams where I myself am actually flying without any mechanical help. What that means I am not sure.
I will just finish with a dream of two nights ago.
I am in the street and looking up and see a black pyramid shaped craft hovering, it has an almost marble texture it and the marbling is light and seems to be moved all
I wave at it and it begins to move away but at the same time I am being lifted towards it. I am then immersed in what I would call a beautiful golden light and i feel absolute
joy at this and amazement at what I am seeing.
I then find myself in the craft and see many other dumbfounded people all asking the same thing what are we doing here.
At that point a middle aged man walks up towards us and says welcome and tell’s us to be calm and that everything is OK.
He then begins to tell us that we have been deceived by the government of this world and that he is offering us a chance to have our spiritual DNA repaired as it has been
changed in such a way that we can never leave the reincarnation process and that we cannot remember passed lives and experience because of this. He went on to say that
we have been unfairly imprisoned and that they were there to help.
He said that with  the dna adjusted you will remember past lives and live until at least 1000 years old.
In order to do this we must be willing to leave our loved ones behind, at that point I looked down a corridor to the left and could see soldiers marching. these soldiers were dressed
like roman centurions from the movies only all in black. He noticed that I had seen this and told me not to look as I was not ready for this yet.
I was then asked what I wanted to do and I said I have a young family and they need my support, I then woke up. Would I have woken up if I agreed?
Vivid dream yes, also very weird. Something strange is a foot and I do believe these aliens are mostly demonic by nature and that there is a war going on for our souls and they
are doing anything they can to get them. It seems their favorite mode is while we sleep through our dreams.
I hope some of this is interesting to you and that it can in some way help others.
For me the Journey is far more important than the destination, it’s more important how you choose to get there than how far you may go.
I believe all answers reside in ourselves there is too much disinformation and lies around us, the truth lies in ourselves and God.
Kind Regards


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