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Hilde’s Testimony   

Dear Sir,

I am a born-again Christian from Belgium.

Many years ago the lord showed me things about what I call:  DEMONAUTS. Step by step I found how things how are linked by alien manifestation.

Its too much to say, but I found many similar symptoms in other strange things that happened in the world, that also happened in occultism and UFO’s, ghost manifestations and witchcraft. The same symptoms like in the Bermuda triangle. In all these situations you see how electromagnetism influences people and electronics.

There is good an a bad magnetism, from the two sides of the invisible world and there is a natural magnetism.

Also the existing of a timeless situation, how people disappear on a mountain way in Kenya, the devils triangle, witchcraft etc. In Kenya people came back after giving gifts to the gods of the mountain by locale people.

The Indians in Mexico how disappear into a cave and never came back, because there was made  a doorway to the invisible immortal world, where they never could came back, because it was a one way ticket even as in the Bermuda triangle. This was all made and set up for centuries an many thousands of years ago by Nephilim and or giants who disappear by this way and come out of the hole when they want. There will be a time that they all will come back out of the hole from the invisible hell world, when the hole will be opened by the lord and all demons {aliens in all kind of faces ) and they will come with miljards to terrorize mankind and the people of the world will search for death, but will not find it!! They will have the body of insects like the book revelation speak about .But Christian will be taken up before this all happened!!

I am so happy that I found out that there are Christians in this world like you who come together and do something against aliens, to set up to warning people. I thought it doesn’t exist, because it is a difficult case even for Christians to talk about and do things because they are afraid.

I will tell you that this is not without risks to do something and bring out in the public, tell the true about the terrible demonauts.

I remember the years when that prophet, you now him, RAEL, the man who saw the ELOHIMS? in France, how they promised to come  and visit the world when there is a world peace. [A false world peace as in revelation told.!]

I  asked the lord to give me confirmation about the worst case scenario I thought to see about this man and the true meaning of this aliens. Then there  was an article in the national press how shocked me so badly that I was even afraid to say loudly in prayer in my house to the lord, what I saw as a confirmation, because I now that this demons are also listening to what I say. And I was right, indeed they where listening.

What happened?

Well, I read an article that the alien said to Rael that when they come to earth, the will make their embassy IN ISRAEL JERUSALEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT WHEN  ISRAEL DIDN’T WANT THIS, THEY WILL BE PUNISHED that country VERY HARD. They will force them !!!

On that moment when I was reading this, I was quietly saying, ooh my god, ooh Jesus, ooh god, now I new it, this will be the beast and the antichrist and his false prophet and they will forcing people when they don’t went to kneel for the the beast. This is really not an animal or a human but a beast. The black eyes of that hybrids and demons, isn’t animal or human. And that this horrible thing will sit at the place where he should not to sit; and this is in the temple. The place to bring offering to the lord!! [spiritually and physically]

People from any religion will believe, even the atheists  that god does not exist, but that we are out of them and that they will make us as we meant to be, more better then the weakness of the body we have now.

They will do miracles and control of the mind and will of people in the whole world.

He [they] will sit on the place where Jesus has to sit as a messiah.


Then they where gone.!!

I will never forget this, frightened moment, but I know for very sure, that hey wanted to frighten me because I found out the true, and this was for me a double confirmation.

I didn’t tell many Christians, just one or two who know me very good and are spiritually adult and sensitive, which you don’t find many in this country.

So I found more things when I became internet capable about 1.5 years ago.

I want to write a book or a document, with the many proofs, and witness I found, and the clearly links about occultism and what the Bible say about it. But I don’t even try to ask people who are victims of aliens to help them when they are tortured by alien demons who come trough windows and walls, and I now there are this kind of people.

I wanted that other Christians should know that these horrible problems really exist.But I don’t try to pray alone and to break down this things, when it happened with people because that is very dangerous. I have to do this with other strong spiritually adult Christians.

Then I maybe will do a call for some possible victims in Holland or Belgium to show themselves to get help. But there is very little help or not for people how are possessed and need pastoral time here in Belgium. It is terrible that this is the situation here now. And it can not stand like this, this is unacceptable.

So I am happy that you doing something and even going to the places where the demonauts came in the past. I have to read more about your work, when you went to give more information or a newsletter, you may do; When you have a suggestion tell me. Now its time for me to go sleep because it is 3:30 in the morning, while its in America the hour in the afternoon I suppose?

I will be grateful when you can give any reaction on my mail letter, knowing very good, that your government sometimes controls the mails now going out of America and doing things to peoples computer.

With Christian greetings…from 

Miss Hilde

Sorry my English is not perfect, I am a Dutch.


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