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The Testimony of Leslie

Hello Joe, I have just read ur home page and decided to contact & inform you that I too had had a bizzare experience years ago. My experience ended safely, Thank God! 
I had awoken to discover an eerie face looking back at me. I was directly face to face with an entity. My intitial reaction was to scream. To my shock, horror & amazement I COULD NOT SCREAM OUT ANY NOISE AT ALL! Nothing came out! About this time I also discovered neither could I move despite my attempts. It was like I was paralized. Or like I was being held down or something. My limbs did not respond to my brain messages to move. It was the scariest event to experience. I have never forgotten it. Neither have I forgotten even one element of that event. The creature is still vivid in my memory. The consuming fear undeniable, unforgetable. I was able to move, to scream only after MENTALLY SCREAMING (CALLING) UPON THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Instantly I was able to move – & DID – & HOW!!! I sat up with lights on for the rest of the night! – For weeks!!! I now know it was an evil demon. It was a CLOSE encounter! THANK GOD IT FLED & I WAS SET FREE! I have since met 3 other people who have experienced this (basicly identical) experience.
Just wanted to share this info in case it helps. God bless u and keep u safe!


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The CE4 Research Group has to date worked with over 400 so called cases of the Alien Abduction Experience. The CE4 Research Group has been the Investigative arm of, a clearing house website covering the Biblical view on the UFO phenomenon. Seeing that there seemed to be a spiritual nature to the Alien Abduction experience, they posed the question, “Are Christians being abducted by Aliens”? Read more on their research and findings at

“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

– Joe Jordan, President CE4 Research Group, 1997 Florida Today article

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

New Release: July 7, 2020
By Joseph Jordan and
Jason Dezember

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
Stop and Can be Terminated as a Life Pattern
in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

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