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What To Do When My Child Is Having Nightmares?


The CE4 Research Group

Testimony – 18


Jake’s Story 

Hi there, my son (who’s seven) really wanted to share a story with you. We’ve talked about how to deal with these situations so he would know what to do and here’s what happened.

I use to have nightmares and it was like saying Jesus’ name inside of my dream. I had to say it ten times and I kept having nightmares every night. After a whole bunch of days when I became six it stopped happening because I was praying. (why don’t you try this). I also started praying every night to Jesus and still do just in case the nightmares come back.


Story Continues:

Hi there, Jake wanted to add another dream he had, had wanted to send this last time but we were out of time…..

I was walking over dangerous places and if I looked into the dark I would start falling, and when I looked into the light I would start floating in the air toward the light. There were eyes in the dark and they made me really scared, more scared than when I saw the light. The light was Jesus, I think and an angel, I saw two figures standing in the light and felt less scared. That dream was just a dream and I think that helped me in not being scared anymore. I think that I might have this dream again if I’m scared and having nightmares.

Jake:.1. I go to websites that have lots! of games. favorite stuffed toy is Hobbes (e is silent). 
3.i like tracing. (Jake’s own typing)

This is mom here…both my husband and I grew up in a legalistic Christian church and were baptized and accepted Jesus. However, I accepted Jesus into my heart about 4 years ago. See, the church we grew up in dealt heavily in the old testament, kept Jewish holidays including day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles etc. and Jesus was really not fully explained: thus for a long time we did not fully understand the grace part of God. I was in constant fear that I would not make it to the kingdom not understanding that by believing upon Jesus I was already in the kingdom. Now I understand fully the grace and intercession Jesus makes for us and am trying to help my husband understand as well.

J*** (his real name, he likes to be called Jake after a favorite TV. character) is our first born son and when I was pregnant my husband had a vivid dream that we had a son who looks as he does now and his name was at the top of the dream in bold bright letters. I was a full month pregnant but did not know at the time of the dream. Shortly afterwards I discovered that I was pregnant with Jake and we decided to go with the name in the dream. We had never heard of the name but discovered it’s a rare Czechoslovakian name meaning new beginnings and January (which was when he was conceived of all things). I knew then that God was giving a special gift to us and that Jake is important for my husband for some reason.

Before having Jake I had a keen interest in aliens and books about aliens. It was short lived because I found and quickly got rid of all the alien books and stopped being interested in aliens. As Jake grew up I’ve been diligent in reading the bible, praying with him and teaching him God’s ways. We often talk about God as we come across things that are difficult in life or receive blessings. One of the things I always stressed was that if he was ever scared or saw things that were really scary to him to call upon Jesus name and pray for help. In the last year (while he was six) he had quite a round of really bad dreams and we would pray almost every night for God’s protection, I would also leave a bible open with Jesus words showing. Jake’s bad dreams were always on nights that we forgot to pray and so we got into a habit of making sure to pray every night. As he’s gotten older I’ve encouraged him to talk with God directly so that if I’m not around he still knows how to go to God directly. I should also include that Jake chose to accept Jesus into his heart at the age of 4, it was his idea and I made sure he understood what that meant.

Because we had a babysitter who was very interested in aliens and talked very favorably about them to Jake, I revisited this site with him and read some of the testimonies. I wanted him to understand what these things really are and how the name of Jesus has power and authority over these scary beings. We also showed the babysitter this site and while she doesn’t believe the stories we figure she at least has knowledge of how to deal with these things if they happen to invade into her life. As we were reading the stories Jake all of the sudden remembered these dreams he had and felt that the stories in some ways were similar to his dreams. He really wanted to share his story so that’s why you received our e-mail. So, many thanks for your time and dedication in providing the knowledge of Jesus Christ for the deliverance from aliens and knowledge about the truth of what they really are!


Jake’s Mom

*Note – Names changed to protect privacy.



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